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World Cerebral Palsy Day
Wiki Write-athon Competition
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CP Wiki Write-athon
There’s a brand new wiki that is all about cerebral palsy. Share what YOU know about cerebral
palsy in June and July and you could win a $500 prize!
The world needs to know about CP and there is no better person than you to do it. People with CP,
parents, family, friends or professionals – you’re all experts.
Write about … CP in your country, services, sports, technology, people, travel, health, education,
employment, films, books and real-life stories … any CP-related topic.
Sign up and start writing! Or share your photos and stories in our campfire forum.
Prizes for:
Best topic pages
Best organization pages
Best personal story in the campfire forum
Best original photo
Best ‘helpful hand’ – tidying up pages
Most number of new pages
Most content added
Most number of images added
Most number of edits
Competition closes midnight Friday July 31, 2015
New to the Wiki World?
As you're browsing the wiki, remember that it's fine to add or edit wherever you want. Anything
you change or do will show up on the wiki for others to pick up and expand on -- and as the site
grows you'll see that happening more and more!
In the wiki world we say "Be bold!" because anything you do is valuable. Even if you ‘break’
something, a fix is always just a few clicks away -- and somebody will come around to fixing it
sooner rather than later. So don't be afraid to give it a try!
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