General Recycling
Allied Waste/BFI/Republic Services
400 Probandt Street
Items Recycled: office paper, aluminum cans, recyclable
plastics (#1, #2), newspaper
Texas Disposal System
11601 Starcrest
Items Recycled: all recyclables
E-Waste & Miscellaneous
Technology Recycling
5801 Rittiman
Items Recycled: scrap computers
Interstate Batteries
Items Recycled: all sealed lead-acid, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium
Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries; scheduled pickups
SARS Recycling
200 Seguin St.
Items Recycled: any electrical item that plugs into an outlet,
cell phones, computers, metal, televisions, e-waste
Home Depot (All Locations)
Customers can drop off rechargeable batteries and expired,
unbroken fluorescent light bulbs at the return counter
Corona Vision
1902 Shipman Dr.
Items Recycled: all electronics (Fee: depends on item)
Lowe’s (All Locations)
Items Recycled: plastic bags, CFLs and rechargeable
batteries for recycling. For their appliance customers,
Lowe’s will haul away and recycle old appliances at no
Vance Recycling
601 Roland
Items Recycled: aluminum, copper, brass, car batteries,
Longhorn Recycling
5785 E. Houston
Items Recycled: copper, appliances, lead, steel, radiators
Ashley Salvage Co.
4918 Roosevelt Ave.
Items Recycled: aluminum cans, scrap metal, iron, steel,
tin, copper
Toucan Recycling
1415 Poplar
Items Recycled: all non-ferrous metals including aluminum,
brass, copper, tubing, radiators
River City Steel & Recycling
5326 Roosevelt Ave.
Items Recycled: all metals - car parts, radiators, water
Monterrey Iron & Metal
2300 Frio City Road
Items Recycled: iron, copper, brass, aluminum cans,
stainless steel, tin, zinc, and container services
Great Northwest Recycling
7386 Grissom Road
Items Recycled: metal only - refrigerators, stoves, car parts,
copper, brass
ABC Recycling
267 Old US Hwy 90 W
Items Recycled: aluminum cans, brass, copper, stainless
steel, radiators
Plastic Bag Recycling
HEB, jcpenney, Target, Walgreens, Lowe’s, & Walmart
Items Recycled: plastic grocery bags
Auto Supplies
Paper Recycling
Paper Retriever Recycling
5008 Space Center Dr.
Items Recycled: paper, newspapers, mail, magazines, and
A G Pickard Pecans
117 Nogalitos
Items Recycled: non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, and
Items Recycled: boxes (good condition); will pick up from a
person’s home (depending on miles away) if there are over
30 good-condition boxes.
This list is provided as a convenience to out residents. Inclusion
is not an endorsement from the city. Please contact the business
directly to confirm operating hours and materials accepted.
AutoZone (All Locations)
Items Recycled: used motor oil and car batteries
Advance Auto Parts (Mosts Locations)
Items Recycled: motor oil, car batteries
Firestone Tires & Service Centers (Various Locations)
Items Recycled: tires (fees apply)
Items Recycled: tires (fees apply)
O’Reilly Auto Parts (Various Locations)
Items Recycled: motor oil, car batteries (call local store for
details and restrictions)
! 3-1-1 •
SW-R02003 • 03-2012
Greenstar Company
3003 Aniol Street
Items Recycled: cardboard, paper, cans, recyclable (1-7)
plastic containers
Metal Recycling
Place these items in your blue recycling container
Items should be loose - not bagged.
Recyclable, but please do NOT place in your blue cart
Office paper - envelopes, construction paper, etc.
Food packages - cereal, pasta, rice, and beer/soda cartons
Paper bags, paperback books
Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and advertisements
Telephone directories
Wrapping paper
Drink cartons - milk and juice cartons
Plastic (numbers 1 - 7)
Plastic bottles - beverage bottles and caps, medicine containers, shampoo and lotion bottles
Food containers - condiment bottles and clean food trays
(call 3-1-1 for information on other seasonal locations)
Beverage bottles - soda and beer bottles
Condiment jars - sauce jars and condiment containers (jelly, mustard); metal lids are recyclable (please remove
before placing in cart)
Plastic bags - return to the store
Packaging material - bubble wrap and packaging peanuts; check with your post office or shipping center
Wire hangers - return to participating dry cleaners
Shoes in good condition - check with your local donation center or Athlete’s Foot store
Clothing, toys, and appliances (gently used) - check with your local donation center
Auto parts - see reverse side of this flyer for a list of recycling centers
Electronic waste - see reverse side for list of recycling centers
Brush - take to City of San Antonio Bitters Brush Site: 1800 Bitters Rd.
Household Hazardous Waste - take to City of San Antonio HHW Drop-Off Center: 7030 Culebra Rd.
Not Acceptable These items are not recyclable. Place in your brown bin.
Aluminum cans
Aerosol cans - empty, please remove nozzle
Steel and tin cans - soup, fruit, dog food, etc
Soft paper - tissue, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, and coffee filters
Plastic utensils
Wax-coated paper - paper cups and paper plates
Wrappers - candy and snack wrappers are not recyclable
Aluminum foil
Ceramics - mugs, plates, and dishes
Garden hoses
Power cords, rope, and wires
Metallic gift wrap
SW-R02003 • 03-2012
Please do not place these items in your recycling cart.
! 3-1-1 •
T ip:
Plastic, glass, and metal containers should be rinsed out before placing in your blue bin. Pizza boxes are recyclable as long as they
contain no food residue or oil. If the bottom of the box is dirty, cut off and recycle only the top. Please call 311 for more information.