Profile - Envicon India

ENVICON is Consulting and service providing company in the area of Noise and Vibration Engineering. Our
core competence is providing solutions in Measurement, Analysis and Control of Noise and Vibration. Envicon is
backed by professionals having experience of more than two decades in Noise and Vibration Engineering.
Envicon offers its services and consultancy in the following domains
Noise and Vibration Engineering
Noise and vibration measurement and analysis
Acceptance Testing of Machines
Diagnostics and Trouble shooting of machinery
Rotating & Reciprocating Machinery Analysis
On-site dynamic balancing of rotors, fans, blowers, machine tool spindles etc.,
Ground Vibration Study
Condition Monitoring of machines
Structural Dynamics
Product Benchmarking
Vibration isolation solutions
Industrial Acoustics: Sound power measurements and Sound Intensity mapping.
Environmental Noise Assessment
Compressor and Piping Vibration measurement, analysis and rectification
Quality Control :
Using Noise and vibrations of the products as a means of quality control tool and . evolve various
means of assessing the product defects during the manufacturing process. Noise and vibrations are
objectively assessed and criteria for acceptance is evolved. Many such tools have been successfully
implemented in the production lines and test rigs for automatic detection have been developed. This
will help segregating the defective parts and avoid these parts reaching the customer.
Application Development :
Development of test rigs and application (software) for Noise and Vibration TestingEnvicon develops
applications for automated testing of components and systems for selection/rejection based on their
noise/vibration characteristics. These applications process the noise and vibration data acquired by the
data acquisition systems during the performance testing of the products (after assembly) and
accept/reject based on the result. Decision making is made by the application objectively without the
need for subjective assessment.
Envicon undertake turnkey projects (selection of Data acquisition System, Application development,
integrating them in the performance test rig and proving) for customer specific application.
Envicon is offering training programs to cater to the needs of the industries in skill and knowledge upgradation
of the engineers. In-house training programs have been conducted to address the specific training needs of the
industry. The following training programs are now being offered
Basics of Noise and Vibrations
Vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance (condition monitoring)
Structural analysis, modal analysis
Machine tool Noise and vibrations
Noise testing including sound intensity and sound power measurement
These training programs are designed in such a way to make the participants understand the basic concepts of
noise and vibrations with practical approach. Classroom sessions are designed with practical approach in mind
with more emphasis on the physical concept rather than theoretical approach with complex equations Case
studies will be presented to give the participants an idea about the approach adopted to find solution to a
particular problem.
Envicon is equipped with state of the art measurement and analysis systems and accessories required for
providing quality services. These Include
Multi Channel dynamic signal Analysers with software for FFT, 1/n octave (1/1 to 1/24 octave) band
analysis, Order analysis and tracking, time data recording and play back and other post processing tools. Sound
Intensity Analysis software etc.
Accelerometers single axis and tri-axial, microphones, sound level meter, field balancing equipment,
Impact hammer, accelerometer and sound level calibrators, Sound intensity probe set etc.,