Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program

Taiwan Nature Treasure Map Program
Make Your Taiwan Experience Wild!
An internship program working with local rangers, learning hands-on experiences, and exploring the
beauty of Taiwan
International students: Native English speakers from Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia with
age between 20-30.
Taiwanese students: Taiwan citizens proficient in English with age between 20-30.
Prefer to have natural sciences or recreation/tourism background.
Program structure
One month internship in the selected natural area from five internship sites
Working with local rangers: Including review English documentation, interpretation, natural/cultural
resources investigation and so forth (less than 3 hours per day).
Weekly observation record: Recording (text, image or video clip) your Taiwan natural or cultural
experiences weekly; publishing on your FB (or Twitter), program website and program FB.
Taiwan Nature Treasure Map: Creating a treasure map of the internship site in the end of program.
NTD 10,000 (around USD 330)
For the details, please check website: twtreasuremap.weebly.com
Contact Dr. Chia-Pin (Simon) Yu [email protected]