Technical Essay Writing Competition

Technical Essay Writing
> For decades, there has been a huge debate amongst academics and industries
regarding the pros and cons of fossil fuels and renewables, which resemble a
never-ending tug-of-war.
> It is time to pick a side to determine which one will benefit the current global
condition economically, socially and environmentally.
> To allow participants to understand in depth fossil fuels and renewables in terms
of societal and economical.
> To train participants to portray their academic writing skills in a chemical
engineering point of view.
> The submitted essay should reflect the participant’s opinion and analysis of both
fossil fuels and renewables from an economical and societal stand point.
> To provide insight for both sides to improve societally and economically.
> Critical analysis and arguments, supported with relevant details would be an extra
> The participants are also encouraged to think critically on this issue and present
the essay in a clear and innovative way.
> The THREE(3) best essays will be selected as the winning essays:
- 1st Prize : RM 400.00, certificate & trophy
- 2nd Prize : RM 300.00, certificate & trophy
- 3rd Prize : RM 200.00, certificate & trophy
> All participating parties will be given a certificate of participation.
The winners of this competition will be announced during NACES 2015 closing
Tug of War: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewables
> Participants must be full-time undergraduate students in a Chemical Engineering
Program run by one of the participating universities/institutions.
> The participants must submit an attested copy of student identity card (ID) along
with the entry form.
The group can consist of students from any year of study.
> A copy of the marking criteria will be attached to this rules and regulations.
> The judges/ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
> Each participating university/institution is allowed to submit up to TWO (2) entries.
> The essays must be original and if plagiarism is detected, participation will be
> The essays must be INDIVIDUAL work.
> The host will hold the right to publish the submitted essays in future publications
without prior notice to the participants.
> Abstract of top 10 entries be published in the NACES 2015 program book.
> Essays which violate these terms will automatically be disqualified.
> Language : English
> Length : Should be about 1000 - 1500 words in length EXCLUDING the abstract,
appendices, endnotes and footnotes.
> Title : Specific essay title should be included on top of the abstract of the
participating entry.
Abstract : A 300 words summary of the essay should be included.
> References : All essays should have a reference list with complete citations. All
reference should be in APA format which include : author(s), year, title, journal title,
volume (session), page number.
> All submissions must follow the following format :
- Font type: Times New Roman
- Size: 12
- Spacing: 1.5
- Margin: (Left to Right: 2.54 cm) and (Top to Bottom: 2.54 cm)
- The text must be justified, while the title must be centered and in bold.
- Page numbers should be centered and in bold and placed at the base of
each page; except on the cover page where it should be omitted.
- Softcopies of the essays MUST BE submitted in a PDF file and should
adhere to the Submission Guidelines.
Tug of War: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewables
> Cover page of the essay should consist of :
- Name and IC number of the participant
- Name of the participant’s university/institute
- Year of study and specific course
- Specific essay title
- Contact number and email address of the participant
> Essay must consist of :
- Specific Essay Title
- Abstract
- Essay (with relevant citation if any)
- Brief Acknowledgement or Disclaimers (if any)
> Reference list should consist of :
- Source of Information
- Referred Journal
> Appendixes should consist of :
- Tables and/or Figures (if any)
- Related Pictures (if any)
Entry Form Submission
> Participants are required to fill up the ENTRY FORM provided in order to confirm
their participation. The entry form should be submitted to the host latest by 15th
July 2015 via email : [email protected]
> Entry form of all competitions for each university/institution should be submitted
collectively, together with the list of participants. It should be sent via email before
the dateline.
> Any changes of the participants must be informed 2 WEEKS earlier before the
day of the event.
Essay Submission
> Essay Submission dateline : 15th July 2015
> All entries must be submitted in form of soft copy (via email) before the
submission dateline.
> All successful submissions will be notified via the email.
> Any inquiries please contact us
Via Facebook:
Via email : [email protected]
P/S : The title of the emailing subject:
PROCESS PLANT DESIGN COMPETITION (Name of university/institution)
Tug of War: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewables
**These guidelines need to be closely followed. The host has all the rights to
eliminate/annul/disqualify any parties that violate the guidelines as stated above. Such
actions may be taken by the host without any prior notice to the respective parties.
**The judges' decisions are final and any challenges or appeals to the decisions will not be
entertained any prior notice the respective parties.
Tug of War: Fossil Fuels vs. Renewables