PDF - englishaudioexercises

Sentences with THIS and THAT and adjectives.
1. First, repeat the sentences.
2. Now do not repeat the first sentence but try to say the second sentence
which follows and check. You have to change it.
For example “This is a big house.“ changes to “That‘s a small house.“
So THIS - THAT and the opposite adjective BIG - SMALL.
Try it and if you need more time, pause it.
This is a big house.
That’s a small house.
This is an empty glass.
That’s a full glass.
This is a cheap book.
That’s an expensive book.
This is a good hotel.
That’s a bad hotel.
This is a white sofa.
That’s a black sofa.
This is a poor woman.
That’s a rich woman.
This is a bad man.
That’s a good man.
This is a fast computer.
That’s a slow computer.
This is a long dress.
That’s a short dress.
This is a safe sport.
That’s a dangerous sport.
This is a clean window.
That’s a dirty window.
This is an interesting game. That’s a boring game.
This is a fast train.
That’s a slow train.
This is a small village.
That’s a big village.
This is a modern watch.
That’s an old watch.
This is a tall man.
That’s a short man.
This is an expensive dictionary. That’s a cheap dictionary.
This is a good movie.
That’s a bad movie.