Registration Form

2015 Calgary U of S Engineers’ Alumni Golf Tournament and Social
Registration Form (for up to 4 golfers)
Golfer #1
1. Name: ___________________________ Company: ________
Phone: ____________________
Golfer #2
2. Name: ___________________________ Company: ____
Phone: _____________________
Golfer #3
3. Name: ____________________________ Company: ___
Phone: _____________________
Golfer #4
4. Name: ____________________________ Company: __
Phone: _____________________
Golfer #2
GOLF (Incl. social + cart)
# of Golfers
GOLF (’14 & ’15 grads & current students)
# of Golfers
# of Guests
@ $125 each =
@ $100 each =
@ $35 each =
(Note: Social guests are eligible to win door prizes!)
Payment (circle please): CHEQUE
Please make cheques payable to “Calgary U of S Engineers.”)
If paying by credit card, you will receive an electronic PayPal invoice, payable online.
MAIL this completed form (and cheque if applicable) to Calgary U of S Engineers,
207 Canterville Dr. SW, Calgary, AB, T2W 3X9
• Each team member must use at least 3 drives.
• Each team member hits the first shot and the BEST BALL is selected by the Team Captain. The
other players move their ball to that position WITHIN ONE CLUB LENGTH.
• A marked TEAM BALL will be issued to each team. The use of this ball should be alternated
between team members and must be played on every hole. A prize draw will be made from the
teams that turn in the TEAM BALL at the end of the round.
• The winning team will be the team with Low Net Score. Handicap will be calculated from 6 holes,
randomly selected by the Golf Club. The net score is the gross score, less double the strokes taken
on the 6 handicap holes.
• Committee decisions will be FINAL. All complaints will be accepted as offers to volunteer on next
year’s committee!