In partnership with the Isenberg School of Management, the

In partnership with the Isenberg School of Management, the Graduate School is now accepting
applications for the second Business Foundations Series for Scientists and Engineers. Launched last
summer, this series supplements traditional technical training with foundational skills and knowledge in
specific business areas, such as accounting, marketing, finance, operations management, leadership,
business analytics, strategy, negotiation, and entrepreneurship. These skills will help graduate students
navigate the challenges of managing and leading teams, communicate effectively with the business-side
of the industrial setting, formulate strategic business goals and make informed business decisions. Last
summer, 49 students participated in this program and 96 % reported that they would recommend this
program to their peers.
This non-credit summer program is supported by President’s Enhancement Funding and will be offered
free of charge to current graduate students each Tuesday (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) from June 2nd – July
28th. Students who attend all sessions will earn a Certificate of Completion issued by the Isenberg
School of Management. Class size will be limited to 50 to facilitate simulations, case studies, and group
work. To be considered, graduate students must seek advisor approval and complete the on-line
application by May 17th.
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