Liberate your Domino data

Liberate your Domino data
Who are we?
Ben Poole
Julian Woodward
Mark Myers
Matt White
We’re all Domino developers. We’ve been in this
community for around 15 - 20 years each.
What’s the problem?
- Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a change in what
our clients are doing.
- Two paths being taken:
- Sunsetting Domino
- What to do with the data?
- Increasing investment in Domino
- Reinstating maintenance contracts
- Popular apps can have performance issues
We can help
- We can help both types of Domino customer
- LDC Via can act as a “live archive” to speed up your
Domino applications
- LDC Via can be used to migrate entire databases and
retain document level security
- LDC Via can be used to create new, or extend,
existing applications
What is LDC Via?
- A utility that will migrate Domino data with very high
- Rich text
- File attachments
- Response hierarchies
- Document level security
What is LDC Via?
- A web interface to query and view your data
- Admin interface
- Standard application templates
- A rich API that allows you to write applications that
use your data
- The API implements document level security
How does it work?
A demo speaks a thousand words
Migration options
Two paths can be taken:
- Migrate to the cloud
- Using either our online utility
- Or desktop utility
- Migrate to on premises
- We can install an on premises appliance to give
you the full LDC Via package inside the firewall
Migrate to the cloud
Our website has a migration utility for
you to use.
- Your Domino server must be internet
facing with Domino Data Service
If you don’t have this then we have our
desktop migration utility that can run
from any workstation with the Notes
client installed
Migrate to the cloud
Once your data is in the cloud you can use our portal to
administer it
- Document Security
- User Management
- Audit Trails
- Account Management
Standard templates
When you migrate Domino data, we can identify some of
the most popular Domino database templates:
- Mail (read only)
- Discussion
- Teamroom
- Document Library
- More to come
- What would you like to see?
Template Framework
- We can also create custom templates
- We use leading web technologies such as AngularJS
and Bootstrap to create our templates.
- Working closely with Teamstudio to use their
XComponents framework, allows us to quickly and
simply create new applications
- But you can choose to use whatever technologies
you prefer
All of our standard templates are developed using our
REST API, so whatever we can do, you can do (probably
We’ve got demos of applications using our API in:
- jQuery
- AngularJS
- XPages
But anything that can make network calls will work
We’ve spent a long time on documentation at http://api.
On-premises options
In the near future we will be making a virtual appliance
available that will allow you to run the full LDC Via stack
inside your firewall.
Let us know if you’re interested in this as we will be
looking for people to help define our beta programme.
- Sign up and
- Use the coupon code “engage15” for a 50% discount
for six months
- Follow the blog:
- We’re on Twitter too: @ldcvia
- Our Github page: