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Boat Lifts, Docks, Canopies & Accessories
Vertical Lifts
Marine Master specializes in vertical lifts.
We put a lot into our lifts.
Like you, we understand the importance of keeping
your watercraft clean, secure and ready to go
whenever you need it. Marine Master lifts and
accessories are built to provide ultimate protection,
convenience and style for your lake experience.
Taking a break from the water? Relax knowing that
your craft is safe and secure out of the elements,
above the water and under the canopy, for as long as
it needs to be.
Make your boat lift a Marine Master.
7000 Ver
Vertical Lifts Models and Specs
5000 Vertical
4000 Vertical
3000 Vertical
CapacityOutside Inside Lift Weight
(lbs.) Width WidthHeight (lbs.)
71” 71” 71” 495
The 5000 Vertical and 4000 vertical models are also available with
bunks for pontoon boats
Manufactured with heavy duty, marine grade aluminum
Yellow Wheel
Cantilever Lifts
PWC-X Lift
Personal Watercraft
Lift (PWC)
• Cantilever lift
• 3.25 inch acetal wheels (pulleys)
with stainless steel housing
• Adjustable legs with 2-feet of
vertical adjustment
• Stainless steel cable
2500 Cantilever
Cantilever Lifts Models and Specs
CapacityOutside Inside
Manufactured with heavy duty, marine grade aluminum
WidthHeight (lbs.)
2500 Cantilever
1500 Cantilever
2500 105”
1500 82”
40” 34” 30” 390
Lift Parts & Accessories
Winch Wheel
• Steel construction
• Powder coated
• Aluminum spindle
knob for ease of
Electric Winches
Bunks on
all Lifts
• Carpeted
• Will fit all boats
• Strong design
• Drive has worm reducer and
roller chains
• 110 volt comes with 1.5 hp motor
• 12 volt comes with 2.5 hp motor
• 12 volt battery is solar charged
• In case of loss of power, there is a
back-up feature using a cordless
drill to raise and lower lift
• Winch is completely enclosed
• Remote control available
Boat Guides
Easy to set up...
• Fully adjustable carpet
• Will accept small and
large boats
• Keeps boat straight in lift
• Prevents boat from
bumping into lift
(model shown without)
1. Attach chain to raise
the bunks and the
boat lift pivots on the
two wheels
2. Roll lift into the water
3. Lower the bunk and
loosen chain
4. Wheels can either be
left on or taken off
while lift is in the water
• Available in all sizes, 1000-7000 lbs.
• Roller chain/sprockets includes a
standard brake mechanism
• Aluminum housing
• Heavy-duty maintenance free
• 1-year guarantee
4000 Vertical
Acetal Wheels
• Environmentally
• Don’t absorb water
• Never wear out
• Will not rust
• Maintenance free
Wheel Kit
• Heavy duty 26 inch
polyethylene tires
• Ease your boat lift in
and out of the water
• Can be left on year round
Optional float guide system
for placement and removal
• Float system to help guide lift easily for
installation and end of season removal.
Marine Master is the first manufacturer in Canada
to provide a ‘Hatchback’ canopy to accommodate
large boats with ski/wakeboard towers.
Protection all season long.
No need to continually cover your boat to protect it from the
elements (sun, rain, wind). Just drive it onto your Marine Master
lift and winch it up so that it fits nicely under the canopy.
Marine Master makes canopies that fit Vertical Lifts (5000, 4000
and 3000 models). Also Cantilever Lifts (2500 and 1500 models).
Two canopy styles are available for each of the boat lift models.
• rounded with 3 foot arch in the centre
• square appearance, with 2 foot elevation in centre
Marine Master canopies are
made with high quality acrylic
coated polyester marine fabric.
It is available in four colours.
Features include:
Surf Blue
• exceptional abrasion
• long lasting colour
• superior strength
• minimal stretch or shrinkage,
assuring continuous fit
• highly water repellent
• easy to wash (use soft brush,
warm water and mild soap
• resistant to mildew and
ultraviolet rays
• 5 year limited manufacturer’s
Marine Master customers
can also choose from a wide
selection of Sunbrella material,
available in numerous colours
and stripe patterns. Ask one
of our sales representatives to
look at availability and cost.
Extend your lake experience!
As well as providing a safe, secure platform
to head out on the water, our docks
become an extension of your outdoor
lake experience. Our docks are sturdy,
durable and eye-catching. With many
styles and unlimited configurations,
we can provide the ultimate dock
for your situation and shore type.
Dock Accessories Include:
- wheel kits
- corner gussets
- dock bumpers
- dock benches and tables
- deep water braces
- deep and shallow water jacks
- flag poleswith heavy duty, marine grade aluminum
General Information
• manufactured with strong 2”x 6” aluminum frame
• comes with the beauty of cedar decking, in short
sections for easy installation and removal
• available in 4, 5 and 6-foot wide sections, and
lengths of 16 or 8 feet
• corner gussets add more dock into area
• roll into water easily with strong 26 inch
polyethylene tires
• wheels fill with water to add stability
and strength to dock
• all wheel kits on docks are fully
adjustable from the top allowing
you to make adjustments without
entering the water
• will custom build docks any size to
suit your needs up to 8 foot wide
and up to 20 foot long sections
Dont’ let other dock
designs tie up more
than just your boat!
Spend more time enjoying
your dock and less time
maintaining it with a
Marine Master system!
Dock Parts & Accessories
Dock Bumpers
• Polyethylene construction
• 3 feet of adjustable height
• available in vertical or
horizontal design
• available in white or black
• easy to fasten to side frame
on dock
Flag Poles
Dock Benches
• Aluminum construction
• Cedar planks to
match dock
• Adjusts easily where you
want it on your dock
• Aluminum frame
• Solar light capabilities
• Strong design
Deep Water Jacks and
Shallow Water Jacks
Dock Ladders
Standard Fixed Leg dock
Floating Docks
• Marine Master will
manufacture floating docks for the
customer who prefers this style to the
standard fixed leg style.
• Easily adjust dock height
without getting into water
• Aluminum construction
• Sold in pairs
• Available in three,
four or five steps
Dock Tables
• Pivots up
• Adjustable height
• Accommodates an
• Typical situations where floating docks • The molded black outer shell is seamless,
made of polyethylene resin with UV ray
are preferable include:
inhibitors; all floats are injected with the
- lakes/rivers with fluctuating water
highest quality low water absorption EPS
- shorelines where water depth
drops off quickly
• Floats are available in a variety of sizes
- swimming platforms
and depths to accomodate any size or
configuration of dock.
• The floats used on our docks are the highest
quality on the market; they are backed by
the industry’s only 15 year warranty and they
exceed the standards set by the United States
Army Corps of Engineers
Manufactured with heavy duty, marine grade aluminum.
Extend your docking capabilities
Marine Master will custom design and build your marina
to suit your particular situation. Marinas can be large or
small and can be fixed leg or floating. We construct 20 foot
long docks which are ideal for boat slips to accommodate
pontoon boats and other large water craft.
If you are planning to develop a marina, be sure to check
with Marine Master.
Marine Master Boat Lifts and Docks offer a 15-year conditional warranty —protecting
against defects in the material and workmanship under normal use—on all aluminum
and aluminum welds, purchased by the original owner. Warranty is void if the damage is
the direct result of misuse or neglect. Marine Master is not responsible when cables are
damaged due to coming off the pulleys. Therefore the cables must
be periodically inspected to ensure that they are in the grooves
of the pulleys. Marine Master will, at its option, repair or replace
without charge if the defect is covered under warranty. This
warranty does not cover damage caused by overloading,
alterations, improper installation, or damage caused by ice,
snow, flooding, or other natural occurrences. All warranty
must be accompanied by the original bill of sale.
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