Unit Bearing PDF

Whether you rely on
your vehicle for work or
leisure, you cannot afford
to be sitting still due to an
unfortunate Unit bearing
failure. OEM Unit Bearings
are designed to make the
assembly easy and cheap
saving the OEM time and
time IS money. But as most
have found out faster does
not always equal better.
EnduroCo™ have designed
a New innovative Shorter
Unit Bearing with No wheel
Overhang. The new EnduroCo™
hub incorporates an innovative
fully sealed ABS system which
utilises the existing OEM Sensor.
This innovative sealing system
will withstand the toughest
EnduroCo™ Unit Bearings
are made from Steel
Forgings not castings.
Forged material compacts
the molecular structure
giving a uniform
longitudinal grain flow
that increases the Tensile
strength. This makes the
EnduroCo™ Hubs and
Spindles the most superior
on the market today.
EnduroCo™ Unit
Bearing replacements
are manufactured
using world’s best
practice, state of the
Art Manufacturing
and technology
systems. These
systems incorporate
Multi Axis C.N.C
controlled machining
processes giving you a
guarantee of Quality
and Finish.
Factory assembled
and tested to
guarantee Quality
and reduce the
overall Install cost.
Available to suit the
following Models:
Dodge Single Wheel 2000-2013
Dodge Dual Wheel 2000-2013
Ford Single Wheel 1999-2008
All EnduroCo™ Unit Bearings
are assembled with premium
Quality off the shelf Bearings
and Seals and contain
Induction hardened 35
spline 4340 Axle Shafts and
Manual Locking Hubs for
improved Fuel Economy and
reduced Tyre wear.
EnduroCo™ Unit Bearing have
a high Performance Three
stage Mil Spec Trivalent plating
process making them the most
corrosion resistant Hub and
Spindle on the market.
T: +61 1300 493 493 www.EnduroCo.com
A: Unit 2/152 Woodlands Drive Braeside VIC Australia 3195 E: [email protected]