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FA Update
March 2015
Team Training
It’s time to ensure that all our active universities, particularly our new teams whom we are
delighted to welcome into Enactus, start working towards having strong teams and projects
so that all can compete this year.
Regional Coordinators have advised of upcoming training times and I would encourage as
many as possible of our FAs and team members to attend.
We will be going through the revised judging criterion which will be used for the competition,
as well as many other topics which will assist you in developing your projects and preparing
for NCC.
Full details on all aspects of team operations are provided in the Team Handbook for 20142015 which is available on our website under Universities/Operational Information.
Team Recruitment Competition
We are currently conducting a recruitment campaign competition for teams who most
effectively use the Updated Campus Recruitment Material. Details are available on Facebook
and our website under Universities/Setting up a Team. It’s easy to enter and there’s prize
money for this one, so I’d encourage you to take a look.
Brambles/CHEP Sponsored Project – Food Waste Challenge
CHEP are offering grants and prizes for projects addressing Food Waste issues which could
win a team up to $7,500!
Details are readily available again on Facebook and on the website under
Universities/Projects. This is a real chance to showcase your team’s entrepreneurial action to
transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.
Applications for the first $1,000 instalment of the grant are required by 5 June 2015, so get
started now! There are plenty of guidelines and recommended resources available to you.
National Conference and Competition
Plans are well underway for the NCC to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne from
7 – 9 July.
Initial information is available on the website under Conference and Events, and further
details on the program as well as some international changes to team registration processes
will be provided in the April Update.
In the meantime a very safe and happy Easter to all.
A copy of this Update can be found on the website under Universities/Operational
If you have any queries please feel free to email or ring.
Judy Howard
CEO/Country Leader
Enactus Australia
Phone 0404 829 413
[email protected]
Enactus Update March 2015
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