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SINTEF Certification
Valid until: 01.07.2020
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SINTEF Building and Infrastructure confirms that
Baumit StarSystem VENT
has been found to be fit for use in Norway and to meet the provisions regarding product documentation given in the regulation relating
to the marketing of products for construction works (DOK) and regulations on technical requirements for building works (TEK), with the
properties, fields of application and conditions for use as stated in this document
1. Holder of the approval
w&p Baustoffe GmbH
Baumit-Straße 1
9020 Klagenfurt
2. Manufacturer
w&p Baustoffe GmbH
Baumit- Straße 1
9020 Klagenfurt
3. Product description
Baumit StarSystem ventilated cladding is a battened,
ventilated facade system for seamless, plastered facades.
The system consists of BluClad boards, fixed to a lath
system of wood, see Fig. 1. The plaster is applied to the
BlueClad boards in two layers, one ground layer
reinforced with a fibre mesh reinforcement and one final
coloured layer. The approval does not cover the wall
construction behind the ventilated cladding (laths, wind
barrier, insulation etc.).
The Approval comprises the following products:
- BluClad boards facade boards
- Alternative ground layers(layer-thickness of 3-5mm):
- Baumit StarContact
- Baumit StarContact Forte
- Baumit StarContact Winter
-Baumit StarTex, fibre mesh reinforcement
-Baumit Uniprimer
-Alternative final layers (layer-thickness of 1.5-3mm):
- Baumit SilikonTop
- Baumit NanoporTop
BluClad facade board
Bluclad facade board 10mm thick boards based on
inorganic potassium. The boards have a with and length of
790 x 1200 mm or 1200 x 2400 mm. Nominal weight is
11,8 kg/m². The plaster has to be applied to the rough side
of the board.
Fig. 1
Baumit StarSystem
Baumit StarContact, Baumit StarContact Forte and
Baumit StarContact Winter ground layers are cement
based plasters delivered in 25 kg bags. The plasters have to
be applied in one single layer of 3-5 mm thickness with a
float or a sprinkler according to the manufacturers
instructions. Consumption for these cement based plasters
is 5-8 kg/m², depending on thickness (3-5mm).
Baumit StarTex fibre mesh is used to reinforce the ground
plaster layer. The net is made of alkali fiberglass with a
mesh width of 4 mm x 4.5 mm and a minimum weight of
145 g/m². The fibre mesh is delivered on rolls of 1 m
Baumit UniPrimer has to be applied to the ground layer by
a brush or roller, except in case of base coat StarContact
Winter- there is no Baumit UniPrimer applied.
SINTEF is the Norwegian member of European Organisation for Technical Approvals, EOTA, and European Union of Agrément, UEAtc
Reference: Appr. 102007606 Contr. 102007606-1
Subject:Ventilated cladding
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SINTEF Technical Approval - No.
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Baumit SilikonTop or Baumit NanoporTop are applied as
final layer. SilikonTop is based on silicone resin and acryl
dispersion. Baumit NanoporTop is based on sodium
The plasters are delivered in 25kg pails which are blended,
but have to be stirred before use. The plasters have to be
applied in minimum thickness of 1,5 mm, but the thickness
of the final layer depends on the grain size in the plaster.
The following accessories can be delivered:
- Baumit KantenSchutz corner profile
- Baumit FensteranslussProfil door and window profile
with glue
- Baumit TopfkantenProfil door and window profile with
drop nose.
- Baumit FugendichtBand joint seal tape with glue
- Baumit DachbelüftungsProfil ventilating profile for use
top of the system (at the roof)
- Baumit BlechanschlussProfil finishing profile with a
groove for sheet metal
- Baumit DehnfugenProfil expansion joint profile
- Profile VWS 6010/6015 base profile for Bluclad
- Profile VWS 6011 click profile for mounting on top or
on sides.
- Profile VWS 6012 click profile with drop nose for
mounting at ground
- Profile K-UNI ASPP01 drop nose profile for BluClad
All profiles are made of reinforced PVC
4. Fields of application
Baumit StarSystem can be used on all walls and building
types, both for new buildings and rehabilitation and
insulation of existing walls.
5. Properties
The facade system has satisfactory strength and rigidity in
relation to all relevant wind loads when the capacity is
controlled and the boards are fitted as specified in
section 7.
Mean measured pull through resistance for 4,2 x 45 SQD
screws in BluClad facade boards is 0,91 kN/screw.
Characteristic pull through resistance is 0,75 kN. Pull out
capacity, when used a safety factor of 2,5 is
0,30 kN/screw.
Strength and rigidity for BluClad facade boards are given
in Table 1.
Table 1
Product properties for BluClad
Bending strength in dry condition (EN 12467)
20 N/mm²
E-modulus (EN 12467)
10 N/mm²
Change in length 0 - 100 % RH
1,2 mm/m
Thermal expansion koeffisient
6,5 x 10 m/mK
Properties related to fire
Baumit ventilated cladding of 10 mm thick BluClad façade
boards coated with plastering as described in chap. 7, has
fire class B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501-1. BluClad
render board has class A2-s1, d0, with maximum 3 mm
gap in the joints and minimum 20/40 mm cavity behind the
The durability against climate exposure for the system is
evaluated based on artificial ageing in 28 days (large scale
test specimen) and 17 weeks (small scale specimens) in
climate carousel according to NT Build 495:2000. The
durability for the system is in both cases considered to be
6. Environmental aspects
Substances hazardous to health and environment
The product contains no hazardous substances with
priority in quantities that pose any increased risk for
human health and environment. Chemicals with priority
include CMR, PBT or vPvB substances.
Effect on soil, surface water and ground water
The leaching properties of the product are evaluated to
have no negative effects on soil or ground water.
Waste treatment/recycling
The product shall be sorted as residual waste on the
demolition site. The product shall be delivered to an
authorized waste treatment plant for disposal.
Not hardened plaster is defined as hazardous waste
(according to the Norwegian regulations on waste
treatment (Avfallsforskriften)). The product has to be
sorted as hazardous waste on the building site and must be
delivered to an authorized waste treatment plant for
hazardous waste.
Environmental declaration
No environmental declaration (EPD) has been worked out
for the product.
7. Special conditions for use and installation
Design considerations
The facade system has to be installed on vertical battens in
a stretcher bond pattern ensuring aeration and drainage.
Lath spacing should generally be max. c / c 600 mm. The
air gap should be minimum 21 mm wide, but is depending
of the height of the building. Timber battens should be
impregnated (wood quality minimum C18). Thermal
insulation inside the facade system must be protected by a
wind barrier.
BluClad boards have to be installed with maximum 3 mm
gap between the boards. The boards are fixed to the
battens with SQD screws. Distance from center screw head
to the board edge should be at least 50 mm in the
transversal- and 15 mm in the longitudinal direction.
SINTEF Technical Approval - No.
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Number of fastening points should be verified and
dimensioned in relation to the actual wind load, the screw
capacity, capacity of the substrate and pull through
resistance for the BluClad boards.
Special construction details
Baumit StarSystem shall be performed according to
construction details developed by w&p Baustoffe GmbH
and which is adapted to the individual building project. For
details of window insertion, see Building Research Design
Sheets 523.701.
8. Factory production control
Baumit StarSystem is subjected to supervisory factory
production and product control according to contract
between SINTEF Building and Infrastructure and w&p
Baustoffe GmbH concerning Technical Approval No.
Forschungsanstalt der Stadt Wien. Test report MA 39 VFA 2003-0688.02, dated 07.08.2003
Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt der Stadt Wien,
classification report MA 39 - VFA 2003-0688.01,
dated 06.08.2003
Warrington Fire. Classification report 12047C, dated
10. Marking
The bags and pails are CE-marked in accordance with
ETA-05/0060 and ETA-05/0062. Blulad facade boards are
CE-merked in accordance with EN 12467. The bags and
pails are marked with the name of manufacturer, product
name and manufacturing date. BluClad facade boards are
marked with product name and manufacturing date.
The ventilated cladding system can also be marked with
the approval mark for SINTEF Technical Approval No.
w&p Baustoffe GmbH has a quality system based on EN
ISO 9001 for plants producing SilikonTop, StyleTop, and
StellaporTop, certificate No. 20 100112006356 00778/2
and a correlated quality hand book for plants producing
StarContact, StarContact Forte and StarContact Winter.
Wopfigner Baustoffe GmbH has a quality system based on
EN ISO 9001 for plants producing NanoporTop, certificate
No 00778/2. All plants are audited by MA39 from
Austrian certification-department in Vienna.
9. Basis for the approval
The approval is based on system assessment and product
properties documented in the following reports:
- SINTEF. Artificial climate aging of Baumit StarSystem
ventilated cladding with BluClad plate as substrate Mid-term evaluation. Test report 102007606, dated
- SINTEF. Gjennomtrekking av Ivarsson SQD skrue
4,2x45 I 10 mm BluClad plater. Report 102009141,
dated 12.12.2014
- Forschungsanstalt der Stadt Wien, test report MA 39 VFA 2003-1538.02, dated 15.10.2003.
- Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt der Stadt Wien,
classification report MA 39 - VFA 2003-1538.01,
dated 13.10.2003
TG 20430
Approval mark
11. Liability
The holder/manufacturer has sole product responsibility
according to existing law. Claims resulting from the use of
the product cannot be brought against SINTEF beyond the
provisions of Norwegian Standard NS 8402
12. Technical management
Project manager for this approval is Noralf Bakken,
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, dep. Trondheim
for SINTEF Building and Infrastructure
Hans Boye Skogstad
Approval Manager