hyderabad hearsay

hyderabad hearsay
At a recent dinner
hosted by the British
High Commission, it
was a delight to see
Governor E.S.L.
Narasimhan giving a
short but meaningful
speech. It’s so nice to
hear a crisp one, especially
when many other people
go on about nothing.
Looks like with her brother
gaining ground as
an actor, M feels that
she is entitled to throw her
own share of tantrums.
We suggest she ask her
brother for a few lessons
in humility before she
alienates the few friends that
she still has!
What was Sushmita Sen doing in Hyderabad last weekend?
The stunner was in town to attend Nithya Veeramachaneni
and Rahul Sakhamuri’s wedding. She was a delight to be
around due to her courteous, warm and friendly nature.
Why is Ms. X spending most of her time turning Mr. Y
against his wife? If sources are to be believed, she hopes to
break the marriage and end up living Mrs. Y’s luxurious life
overseas. Talk about the vicious ways of the world!
He may be extremely rich, but one man’s lady left
him for his best ‘friend’. Rumour has it that they got
close while the millionaire was away on business. It seems
money can’t buy happiness after all... or loyalty.
Ms. A was so intoxicated at a house party that she ended
up in a bedroom with her ex, having forgotten that she
came to the party with her boyfriend. Funnily enough, said
boyfriend was too busy networking to realise that his girl and
her ex were both mysteriously missing for so long!
A little birdie tells us
that Mr. B is being
denied access to
all five-star hotels
thanks to his penchant
for slyly slipping away
without paying his
bills. He sneaks off
under the pretence of
wanting a cigarette,
but he’s now been
blacklisted as he well
and truly deserves!
72 YOU & I march 23
There’s no harm in coordinating your attire, or so
we thought until we saw Mrs. T turning heads in a
rainbow dress with coloured beads around her neck
and a different colour of nail polish on each finger!
Someone teach her not to take things literally!
Some people can’t stop spreading social media messages
about positivity and how to keep your karma clean, but they seem to
take a very different road once they log off? The world would be a
nicer place if everyone just practiced what they preach!