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Cleaning System
The Eye of the Storm
At the heart of the Rainbow®
the technologically
advanced Separator uses unique
high-strength materials for
improved durability.
Dirt’s Undertow
Typical vacuum cleaners only pick up some
of the dirt and debris. Much of the surface
dirt that is not picked up falls deeper
into the carpet. The Rainbow®
has a Height
Adjustment designed to reach
the dirt other vacuums
leave behind, bringing surfaces
to new levels of clean.
Where is
the bag?
At Your Fingertips
Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the Rainbow®
puts you in control with this
handy Trigger Control. Great when responding
to phone calls or other interruptions.
The typical vacuum bag
Easy 2-Speed Switch
(or dry vacuum receptacle)
the flexibility of two power
settings. The low setting
is used to clean the air.
The high setting is used for
cleaning applications. With
the flip of a switch, you
get the power you
need for any job.
Steel Wand
is designed to contain the
dirt from the surrounding
environment and filter
“clean” air back into the area.
Which it does, for the first
Micro Filtration
While water filtration
captures 99.997%
(by weight) of typical
household dirt, the
is engineered with a Hepa
Neutralizer Filtration System
to take “clean” to the next level.
The Hepa Neutralizer Filtration
System ensures the
provides nearly 100%
clean, purified air.
15 minutes of its life.
Then, the dirt being cleaned
clogs the tiny holes in the
bag (and clogs dry vacuum
receptacle filters), inhibiting
the airflow and blowing dust
back into the room.
Instead of a vacuum
bag (or dry vacuum
Water World
Inside this amazing
Reservoir the churning
water works to filter the
dirt from the air and return
water-washed air into your
home environment.
receptacle), the Rainbow®
Cleaning System uses water
to trap dirt in its Water
After cleaning, the
lightweight Reservoir can be
The powerful Hurricane Motor
Utilizing new switched reluctance technology, the
provides more power for the toughest cleaning
jobs. The “brushless” motor boasts impressive power and
flexibility. The Hurricane Motor’s durability is unrivaled.
easily emptied and reused
for the life of the Rainbow®..
No more dust storms.
Floor Squeegee
Keep your hands dry
while cleaning tile
and linoleum floors.
Use with Rainbow®
Floor Cleaner
Aerofresh Bag
Clean and refresh
your cushions
and pillows.
With a simple
two-step process,
it’s a snap!
Floor Cleaner
Fragrance Pack
The Aroma Therapy
Collection and
Standard Pack
of fragrances will
make your home
as refreshing as a
spring garden. (sold in 4-packs)
Deodorizer –
Air Freshener
odors in your
home with a
small amount in
your Water Basin.
Use this
Solution on your
tile and linoleum
floors to clean with
superior results.
Deluxe Accessory Pack
• Aerofresh Bag
• Fragrance Pack
• Deodorizer-Air Freshener
• Rainbow® Sprayer
Rainbow Sprayer
The Rainbow Sprayer
• Four Quart Basin
Assembly attaches to your
• Floor Squeegee
Rainbow® Wand and can
• Floor Cleaner Concentrate
be used to mist your
valuable house plants.
Special Accessory Pack
Four Quart Basin
This large, detachable Basin
holds the water used in
Rainbow’s cleaning
process. It is designed for
heavy duty jobs and is
great for use with the
AquaMate® and wet pickup.
• Aerofresh Bag
• Fragrance Pack
• Deodorizer-Air Freshener
• Rainbow® Sprayer
Clean surfaces that
would otherwise be
impossible to reachincluding stairs,
upholstery and
car interiors.
Turns your
a personal carpet
cleaner. Use with the
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Use with the
AquaMate® to give
your floors a “like new”
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