Bovingdon Unique bricks for individual homes

Unique bricks for
individual homes
Bricks as unique and
individual as you.
For nearly 100 years we have had a tradition of making
attractive, high quality bricks with a great density of
colour to the same exacting standards, using the same
degree of craftsmanship and care.
Our unique bricks are produced to let you choose a colour
and texture for your property that allows you to feel you
have chosen the best. Their unique qualities are embedded
in the way we fire our bricks, giving them a rich vibrant
colour and a characteristic texture; the effort that we put into
sorting and blending our bricks to your wishes; as well as
the support we provide through the planning, selection and
building process. All of this will be individual to your project.
We understand that the bricks of any property are a highly
indicative guide to the quality of the building as a whole.
The appeal of any property when you come to sell it will
support its price, and our bricks provide a significant
contribution to that appeal.
We hope that you select Bovingdon bricks for your property,
and when you do you can be sure we will deliver the unique
qualities you require and expect.
David Ensell
Managing Director
History in the making
We at Bovingdon are the manufacturers of some of the most beautiful bricks
you can buy. For nearly 100 years we have been making them to the same
exacting standards, using the same degree of craftsmanship and care.
Whether specifying our handmades or machine made (Berry) bricks,
Bovingdon’s unique aesthetic gives an individual signature, markedly different
to ‘run of the mill’ bricks used by less discerning developers on thousands of
homes each year.
Our high quality, handmade bricks are individually hand thrown by our
craftsmen, using tools and techniques that have changed little in 100 years.
This gives us the flexibility to produce non-standard shapes and sizes to suit
your requirements. The beauty of our handmades is clear to see, giving any
build an immediate and obvious impact, whilst adding only a small premium
on the overall cost of a project.
As Hertfordshire’s sole surviving brick maker, Bovingdon is proud to be
keeping the art of brick-making alive. Situated in the Chiltern area of
outstanding natural beauty we place great importance on the use of local
materials, and encourage the use of these resources whenever possible.
With the demise of small regional brickworks, our textures and colours
complement traditional buildings and houses across the country.
The following pages give you an insight into the beauty of Bovingdon bricks,
and the varied range available, to suit whatever the project.
Handmade bricks
Bovingdon Brickworks is renowned for its superb range of
genuine handmade facing bricks. They have a highly desirable
charm and character making completed brickwork charismatic
and totally unique to each project.
Bovingdon genuine bench moulded handmade bricks are thrown by
local craftsmen using the traditional methods that give each brick
an individual beauty and character of its own.
Bovingdon handmades are renowned for their attractive multi colours
and texture, together with the ability to achieve an instant maturity
that blends with the old, making them ideal for restoration work as
well as creating stunningly beautiful effects in the new.
This, coupled with a specials capability that is admired throughout
the industry, means Bovingdon facing bricks are a natural choice for
building work requiring that extra aesthetic dimension.
Handmade brick range
Bovingdon handmade bricks are
available in the following sizes:
215 x 103 x 65mm
215 x 103 x 50mm
Imperial: 9” x 4 5⁄16” x 2 5⁄8”
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 65mm
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 50mm
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 60mm
Other sizes are available, subject to
size requirements and colour range.
Restoration and Extension
At Bovingdon, our skills extend beyond just brick making, into
the art of brick matching. Whether it be matching an extension
to an original building, or undertaking a restoration project –
we can advise, sort and blend your bricks to match.
•Consideration of brick type early in the project will result in a
carefully maintained appearance – and enhanced value.
• Our standard range can be adjusted to suit your property, with
standard or non-standard specials to match.
• Our handmade brick ranges are available in both standard and
non-standard Imperial sizes.
• Our team of regional advisors can undertake a site visit to ensure
an accurate match. Alternatively, you can send us your photos for
assessing, prices and sampling.
Sizes and Bonding
The size of brick and the type of bond you choose for
laying your bricks can noticeably change the appearance
of a building.
Bovingdon handmade bricks are available in the following sizes:
Traditional brick sizes and bond patterns are often used in extension
and refurbishment projects to help match old to new seamlessly;
however traditional bonding patterns are also being utilised more
frequently in new build developments as a simple technique to
add interest. Consideration should also be given to the joint profile
and cement or lime based mortar used as this can have a subtle
influence on the appearance of the completed brickwork.
Imperial: 9” x 4 5⁄16” x 2 5⁄8”
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 65mm
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 50mm
9” x 4 5⁄16” x 60mm
Other sizes are available,
subject to size requirements
and colour range.
215 x 103 x 65mm
215 x 103 x 50mm
Machine made (Berry) bricks
Our celebrated Berry machine made bricks are made on an Aberson
machine, allowing us to produce high volume matched by high brick
quality – retaining the traditional nature of the brick.
They are produced by the ‘stock’ or ‘soft mud’ process with a characterful
and uneven arris combined with a sanded texture giving them a pleasing,
mellow and irregular appearance. Choose from one of our standard range
of colours or we can adjust a colour range and hand sort the bricks to suit
your requirements. Just select the mix of colours that you want and we can
blend them to your specification before delivering them to site.
The first step might be to come to our works at Bovingdon to view our range,
or request some sample bricks so that you get a real feeling for the colours
and texture our machine-made bricks achieve.
Machine made (Berry) brick range
All our machine made bricks
are available in standard metric
215 x 103 x 65mm.
Blending the best
One of the aspects that sets us apart from other brickmakers is our ability
to be flexible with our colour ranges.
Most products from other brickworks are supplied ‘off the shelf’, and whilst
we feel our range of standard colours gives our customers plenty of choice
and variety to select from, bespoke products are a speciality for us.
Being a smaller brickworks, we are interested in the end finish you are trying
to achieve, and have the time to discuss your requirements on an individual
project basis.
We appreciate that when undertaking an extension or restoration the ability
to tweak the range to try to match as close as possible to your property is a
valuable one. If you are selecting a product for your new build, the flexibility
to vary the range to suit your taste, or the colour palette of the associated
materials you have chosen, can be of great benefit to attain an individual finish.
We have a packing team skilled at sorting and blending our bricks to your
requirements, and can undertake this with both our handmade and machine
made facings.
When craftsmanship meets technology
Arches have been used for hundreds of years both as a practical
way to form openings and as an embellishment; and can add beauty,
individualism and value to your home.
Whether over a window or over the gateway to your garden or to mark
the entrance to your garage they can present an opportunity for providing
a pleasing architectural feature.
With our on-site facilities we can manufacture three different types of arches:
The loose arch, for which bricks are cut into individual pieces or ‘voussoirs’
from a template, and supplied loose on a board for laying in the traditional
manner by a professional bricklayer.
The lightweight arch, where our bricks are cut to a template and bonded
on to a lightweight backing as a pre-formed unit, ready for installation onto
a cavity lintel, to be pointed on-site.
The solid arch, where our bricks are cut to a template and bonded onto a
steel or concrete backing as a pre-formed unit, to be pointed on-site. The
benefit of this option is that a deeper soffit is possible, allowing your windows
to be set back deeper into the wall envelope.
Each of these Bovingdon arches has the full benefit that our beautiful bricks
with their vibrant colours and characteristic texture, made by craftsmen,
bring to any building.
Build something special
Special shaped bricks add a whole new range of design
opportunities to your project.
Handmade in our full range of colours to contrast or blend in
seamlessly or with our facing bricks, we produce the British Standard
range of specials and more.
Whether you require them for a detail such as a bay window or to
cap off a wall, or would like them simply as a feature to help enhance
your home and give it a further stamp of individuality, we can help you.
We are happy to discuss your requirements in advance, and help
you with the identification or selection of the types you need.
We keep a good range of the most popular specials available
at any time, but recommend enquiring ahead of time to ensure
we have the right quantity and types in the colour you need.
We can also produce non-standard specials for a new build or
restoration project.
Aside of this we have an on-site cutting and bonding facility for when
time prevents us making the specials you need – whether they be half
bats, angles, arches or other shapes, and can cut other products when
our range is not suitable for your project.
Delivered to customer requirements
This project helps to illustrate how Bovingdon Bricks can help you
achieve the individual finish you want, and produce a property
that will stand out from the rest. This project, in a sensitive area of
Hertfordshire, was completed in 2013.
Our clients took a personal approach to selection of materials, in
particular the colour choice of the facing brick, in order to ensure
harmony with roof tiles and joinery. The project architect, to satisfy
local planning requirements, directed them to us. After initial
conversations, our Handmade on the Red-side was favoured, our
clients then visited our works and after a selection process, agreed
with us a bespoke blend for the project.
The combination of design and materials, including the use of special
shaped bricks around the plinth and chimney, as well as subtle brick
detailing to the entrance area executed by a quality local contractor,
has resulted in a exceptionally fine home.
Commercial projects
Paternoster Square, City of London
Paternoster Square is set in an ancient quarter of
the City of London under the shadow of St. Paul’s
Cathedral. In later medieval times the Paternoster
area was known for the sale of religious artifacts
and memorabilia; Paternoster itself derives from the
prayers of medieval monks singing the ‘Our Father’ or
pater noster, indicating the influence of the Cathedral
on the area. Today Paternoster is a mixed use
development of over 1 million sq ft which includes the
new home of the London Stock Exchange.
A variation on our handmade Multi on the Red-side
was used in tandem with stone to great effect in the
construction of Paternoster Lodge, with our handmade
Dark Multi being incorporated into freestanding walls
flanking the Lodge, amongst other more modern
buildings within the development.
Langley School, Norfolk
The use of our handmade bricks laid in a Flemish
Bond, with traditional details such as flat gauged
arches, stone quoins and rebated ashlar blocks,
blends well in its historical setting adjacent to the reerected Temple Bar, an ancient City gateway rebuilt
by Sir Christopher Wren between 1669 and 1672
which stood across Fleet Street.
The Temple Bar was removed in 1878 in order to
widen the road, relocated and eventually erected as
the gateway to Theobalds Park in Hertfordshire, but
fell into disrepair until it was re-sited by the Temple
Bar Trust and now stands as an entrance to Paternoster
Square between Juxon House and the striking
Pasternoster Lodge.
Built within the grounds of Langley Hall at Loddon, in
grounds created by Capability Brown, Langley School
incorporates bricks we supplied for both a new science
block, where the bricks were required to match the
original Hall, and more recently a new teaching block
in a more contemporary style designed to create a
link from old to new.
We get involved,
right from the start.
At Bovingdon we believe early involvement and personal contact
is paramount in delivering to your requirements.
We are happy to discuss your project plans and offer advice at any
stage of your planning and building process. Getting us involved
can help in identifying issues and finding solutions before they
become critical. Brick selection, brick matching, advice on specials
and product availability are all areas where we can try to ensure
your project runs as smoothly as possible.
We are committed to providing a flexible and prompt service to you.
We’d be delighted to arrange for you to visit Bovingdon Brick to show
you the production process and assist in brick selection in our on-site
showroom. Our expertise also allows us to advise on the suitability of
our bricks in construction and offer design guidance to ensure optimum
effect in relation to colour. We offer a 24 hour sample service and can
arrange submission to the local planning or conservation departments
on your behalf.
Additional information
Bespoke mixes
Please contact us at any stage of your project.
Contact can be made via our sales office at the
following address:
Bespoke mixes are available in all ranges to match with existing buildings or completely individualise
the new; adding your unique signature to the building. Very few, if any, modern works are able to offer
this individual service.
Our commitment to service
Bovingdon’s dedicated staff are committed to provide a flexible, prompt and courteous service via
telephone, fax or email. They would be delighted to arrange for you to visit the works, assisting in
selection, and show you the production process.
Technical and design advice
Our team of experienced representatives possess considerable empathy with bricks and brickwork.
They are able to advise on the suitability of our products in construction, and offer design guidance to
ensure optimum effect and best use of our products (e.g. choice of colour and strength of mortars).
We offer a 24 hour despatch on boxed brick samples. We can produce small, medium or large format
brick slip panels mortared with felt. We offer 60 bricks to site for final selection or as reference panels.
Duplicate panels are retained at the works, particularly for bespoke mixes. We will arrange submission
to local planning and/or conservation departments on your behalf.
Special shapes
British standard and purpose-made special shapes are available to match all our colour ranges in both
metric and imperial sizes. Many standard specials are held in stock but in addition a fast track availability
can be offered on your order even in times of high demand and extended delivery.
We relish challenges and will produce specials that other manufacturers are unable to undertake.
Bovingdon Bricks are proud to run an ISO 14001 registered Environmental Management System.
Please contact us for further details.
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