April 2015 - École JE Lapointe School

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To empower students to
reach their potential
through quality learning
ÉJELS is a school community that honours a strong
pedagogical foundation
and that fosters an empathetic and productive
learning environment
through innovation and
I can no other answer make, but,
thanks, and thanks.
- William Shakespeare
The staff of École J.E. Lapointe
School would like to extend our
huge and heartfelt thank you to the
School Council and the many other
volunteers who treated us like royalty during the week of March 16 –
20. We were served hot and cold
beverages, breakfast and lunch
delights, delectable treats, and
amazing home-made containers
filled with sweets. Oh my goodness! The entire week was filled
with surprises and warm wishes
from our parent community and we
are so very grateful for that support!
I was disappointed to miss much of
these grand delights as, during that
week, I was attending the ULead
Conference with most of my colleague Principals in Black Gold
Regional Schools. I found it a
privilege to be at what has become
a truly international conference
where we heard from extremely
knowledgeable and thoughtful
educators from Canada, Finland,
Australia, China, and Singapore.
The rich wealth of knowledge that
exists within the educational community is astounding! It was interesting to note that no matter which
country we live and work in, our
hopes and dreams for our students
remain the same: we want our
students to be safe and cared for at
school and in the world, and to
develop the skills, attitudes, and
knowledge necessary to help them
be all that they can be now and in
their futures. I am currently reading a book about the educational
system in Finland, and while the
world is big, it is also oh, so small!
You will be aware that we have a
new school website that aligns with
the format of the new Black Gold
website. We are very excited to
have a platform that we are certain will be much more userfriendly for our students and families, and anyone else interested in
our school. We will continue to
work on updating information and
tweaking things as we learn, and I
am sure that you will notice some
changes as we grow in this area
next year as well! Feel free to
visit us at http://ejels.blackgold.ca
2015/16 Registration Packages
We are in the process of looking
at our registration numbers for
next year. Registration packages were sent home with students on Monday, April 13,
2015. Please complete and sign
forms where required and return
to homeroom teachers by Friday, April 17, 2015. If your
child is not returning to École
J.E. Lapointe school in the fall
please indicate this on the Verification form or contact the office at 780-929-5977.
During the month of March students and staff were encouraged to try a variety of
fruits and veggies. Each week there was a different pattern required and participants
were entered into a draw for a booster juice gift card. Congratulations to the following gift card winners:
Carter Wiebe, Brooke Joinson, Adam Plooy, Nathan Rotisberger, Ariel Rice, Ivan
Drotsky, Cole Simmons, John Plooy, Hudson Welsh, Camryn Munchrath and Sarah
Munchrath. As well as the following staff: Mrs. Plooy, Mrs. Kuppe, Mrs. Gervais
and Mrs. Buzak. Great job and enjoy your booster juice!
There were also several students/staff that were able to complete their entire bingo
card. They will be treated to a healthy lunch later this month. Great work!
Adam Plooy, Jenna Kerekes, Justin Van Wellegham, Hannah Rasmussen, Sarah Munchrath, Ariel Rice, Jordyn
Matson, Mattea Krug, Annya Wiley, Brooke Vidicek, Tiara, Pihrag, John Plooy, Lily Gramlich, Jonah Rasmussen, Sam Hokanson, Seth Larson, Jillian Claerhout, Brooke Joinson and Meirwyn Aubrey - Hebert
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The CAP Team is very excited to be partnering with the J.E. grade 8 SWAT students,
FCSS, and other Black Gold professionals to bring a fun filled afternoon to all of the
grade 7 classes on Friday May 8, 2015. We are thrilled to be planning a Mental Wellness Afternoon where every grade 7 student will choose their top 3 choices out of 7
sessions that each deliver hands on learning about mental health and how to keep our
minds healthy! All of us have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Mental health is more than the absence of mental illness. It is a state of well-being. Mental
Health Week (May 4-10th ) is an annual national event that encourages people from all
walks of life to learn, talk, reflect and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health. We are very excited to
be part of this day with J.E. Lapointe’s students and staff! After all, your mental health is the CAP team’s priority! We
are delighted to be offering the following sessions on J.E. Lapointe’s Mental Wellness Afternoon: drumming, drama, art,
imagination stations, team building, yoga, and dance. The sessions are designed for the participants to learn how to relieve stress, maintain a balanced life, and have fun. See you in May, and remember mental health matters!
At our assembly each month, family day passes are drawn for the Beaumont Aqua-Fit Center. Students can be
eligible for the draw by dropping off their wristband that they were given when they entered the Aqua-Fit Center
or the Leduc Recreational Center. There is a Wristband Challenge drop box in the office. At our March assembly
Delaney Lynn (6E)), Joelle Klassen (7A), Abdullah Shahid (7C), Reagan Deatherage (7C) and Dylan Zak (7C) had
their names drawn. Each received a family day pass to the Aqua-Fit Center. Congratulations.
Several students will be representing our school for the Speech Arts portion of the Leduc Music Festival, Monday, April
13th and Tuesday April 14th. Students were given a letter mid-March to take home indicating location, date and time of
their performance.
Parents are reminded that they must contact the office in order to report their child's absence for the Speech Arts competition and are responsible to transport their child to and from their performance venue.
What happened in March!
The winner of the Freedom to Read word search was David Shute. He took home an autographed book! Congratulations!
Our March Madness Tournament of Books is entering the final week. The Final Four books are:
The Long Haul, The Fault in Our Stars, The Maze Runner and The Giver!
Which two books are going head to head in the Championship? Stay Tuned!
Coming up in April!
April is National Poetry Month! To celebrate, the students are invited to create their own Blackout poetry to be
displayed in the library all month!
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Congratulations to the following students for achieving an honours level during this reporting period.
Grade 6
continued Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Calista Adams
Cole Anderson
Noah Andrews
Meirwyn Aubrey-Hébert
Micah Beasley
Jacob Cammock
Ava Carson
Corson Ceulemans
Carson Chapman
Sydney Clarke
Jace Coulombe
Emma Danylyshen
Jocelyn Duhaime
Paige Engelman
Kyle Francis
Jacob Gerhardt
Tyler Goudreau
Lily Gramlich
Lauren Hawtin
Emma Hurd
Macy Kadatz
Mattea Krug
Juliana Lindsay
Rachel Lozinski
Delaney Lynn
Peter McCrackin
Kaynyah Mukiri
Audrey Negonde
Braden Onyschuk
Adam Paplawski
Spencer Paplawski
John Plooy
Aubreanna Quintal
Cadence Regier
Conner Reinhardt
Brandee Robertson-Grafton
Nadia Ross
Nathan Rotlisberger
Cole Simon
Keely Smith
Courtney Vaughan
Cassandra Webster
Hudson Welsh
Alaina Wile
Aidan Winter
Victoria Winter
Ava Arnold
Joshua Bell
Erik Berner
Alexis Bernier
Kaden Biederman
Danica Blanchette
Kennedy Delwisch
Ivan Drotsky
Jorja Garchinski
Robert Giorgini
Jordan Grant
Natalie Horvat
Aidan Hughes
Jada Johanson
Arianna Klar
Joelle Klassen
Emma Kornel
John Krieger
Jocelyn Kublik
Emma Lacquement
Kaden Lakusta
Danielle L’Heureux
Stuart MacLellan
Josh MacCallion
Akash Nijjar
Tyler Scott - Nordstrom
Mason Reiser
Nathan Royer
Justin Russell
Carson Schultz
Josh Shihinski
Dane Squire
Taryn Terpsma
Jordan Tomkins
Michelle Worobec
Evan Amyotte
Claire de Aguayo
Rohan Dhaliwal
Emily Fry
Carter Gylander
Samantha Healy
Roen Helgren
Myenna Jorgensen
Jenna Kerekes
Ben Lisowski
Kyla Lopez
Josh MacIntyre
Jade Matson
Monique Mattia
Eric McEown
Deleila Olczak
Ritika Patel
Amy Persaud
Stephanie Peterson
Adam Plooy
Ceara Prokopiw
Hannah Rasmussen
Brooke Roswell
Dobrila Skendzic
Jordan Vanier
Hannah Walter
Liam Weber
Matthew Wile
Jack Yurko
Congratulations to the following students for
achieving Honours With Distinction level during
this reporting period.
Grade 6
Paul Belland
Jillian Claerhout
Jordyn Matson
Camryn Munchrath
Audrey Rodrigue
Anmol Sandhu
Khari Weber
Grade 7
Ian Bendig
Brooke Joinson
Magnus McCrackin
Kaeli Wright
Grade 8
Jenifer Angell
Eric Brisson
Megan Kick
Mathew Lisowski
Sophie McCart
Kiana Row
Sam Villetard
Kale Wolen
Aydin Yasa
Page 4
Leduc Music Festival
The EJELS school bands and choir will be performing at the Leduc Music Festival April 15 – 17th. Please see schedule below for
times and dates, along with who is performing when. Parents are needed to transport instruments, as well as supervise on the bus, so
please email [email protected] if you are able to help.
Wednesday, April 15th
Choir (Leduc Alliance Church)
*Bus leaves EJELS @ 10am
*Bus leaves church @ 12 for lunch
11:26 am
*Return to EJELS by 1:30pm
Thursday, April 16th
Grade 7 Band (MacLab Theatre, Leduc Comp)
*Bus leaves EJELS @ 8:15 am
*Students perform, and then listen to the other bands
Grade 6 Band &
Instrumental Solos (MacLab Theatre, Leduc Comp)
9:36 am
10:50 am
*Bus leaves EJELS @ 9:30 am
*Students perform, and then listen to soloists
Hailey Navas-Tersigni
Madison Power
Carter Elder
Shayla Cymbaluk
Madison Schlase
Arianna Klar
Camryn Bauer
Ava Arnold
*Students return to EJELS by 12:30
(Please note: students playing in the afternoon stay with Mrs. Baron at the high school and either provide
their own lunch, or bring money to buy own lunch at Nitza Pizza/McDonalds/Macs)
Instrumental Solos/Duets/Trios
David Shute
Kaeli Wright
Drew Wellar
Mackenzie Cowan
Jace Coulombe/Kim Ward
Natasha Maxwell/Kaeli Wright
1:00 pm
Page 5
Instrumental Solos/Duets/Trios
Alexis Bernier/Arianna Klar/Ava Arnold
2:36 pm
Nicole Elder/Isabella Grande/Deleila Olzcak
Calista Adams/Camryn Munchrath/Keely Smith
Joshua Bell
Holly Aherne
Nicole Elder
Deleila Olzcak
Nick Gilmour
Friday, April 17th
Jazz Band (MacLab Theatre, Leduc Comp)
*Bus leaves EJELS @ 8 am
*Students perform, and then listen to the other bands
9:21 am
Grade 8 Band (MacLab Theatre, Leduc Comp)
10:51 am
*Bus leaves EJELS @ 8 am
*Students perform and then listen to other bands
*Students return to EJELS by 12:30
(Please note: students playing in the afternoon stay with Mrs. Baron at the high school and either provide
their own lunch, or bring money to buy own lunch at Nitza Pizza/McDonalds/Macs)
Instrumental Solos/Duets
Emma Cooper/Emma Kornel
Paige Engelman/Mattea Krug
Tori Klapstein/Tiara Pihrag
Alyssa Kamaleddine/Callie Peterson
Nadia Ross/John Plooy
Preston Hain/Morgan Kuss
Rachel Lozinski/Delaney Lynn
Michelle Worobec/Jenifer Angell
Kéa Chamberlain/Monique Mattia
Isabelle Grande/Deleila Olzcak
Hudson Welsh
1:00 pm
2:35 pm
Junior High Band Performance Tour
Members of the ÉJELS Jr. High Grade 7 & 8 bands will be heading to the Festival of Bands in Red Deer, AB
on May 11th to participate in a provincial band festival. A big thank you to the parent volunteers who are
coming along!
Year End Band & Choir Concert
Thursday June 11th @ 7pm ÉJELS Gym
*Please mark this important date on your calendar, so your child doesn’t miss out on this final concert of the year
*The Grade 6 Band, Grade 7 Band, Grade 8 Band, Jazz Band and the Choir will be performing!
Page 7
Premier Girls Basketball
Premier Boys Basketball
The premier girls basketball team had a terrific season. The team
competed in a 12 team tournament in Sherwood Park at the end of
January, handily winning the B Final. Great work! In league play
they finished with a record of 5 wins and 3 loses. The team
played hard in playoffs and lost a very close game for the bronze
medal. Great work this year and I look forward to seeing you on
the court again in the future.
The Premier Boys Basketball Team has had a great season. At the end
of January we competed in the F.R. Haythorne Invitational Tournament in Sherwood Park. We lost a close first game and went on to
win the B final. We completed our regular season with a 7-1 record,
which was good enough for second place. After beating Coloniale in
the semi finals, the boys went on to lose a tight gold medal game.
It has been a true pleasure to coach this group this year. The boys
showed outstanding effort and strong character in helping to make the
season a success!
Coach Deanne Dorash
District Boys Basketball
Coach Shane Slade
District Girls Basketball
Congratulations to the District Boys Basketball team for an
amazing 2015 season. Our boys played the game with integrity,
sportsmanship and heart and as a result we had a 12-0 undefeated
season; ranked first in our division winning the championship
game. Our boys had the opportunity to do something special, this
season, for their school and for themselves as we worked hard
towards our first ever District Boys Basketball banner! This was
a tremendous feat for these boys as they all have numerous other
commitments and still manage to work hard to accomplish their
goals! I am very proud to have had the opportunity to coach such
a dedicated, hardworking group of boys.
Coach Kathy Stewart and Coach Chris Mistol
Photo courtesy of Chantal Perron
This year's District Girls' basketball team was composed of ten bright,
motivated, and dedicated young ladies who came together to represent
J.E Lapointe in a very challenging season. These athletes demonstrated
strength, courage, and humility in the face of defeat and proved that team
spirit goes a long way. Good work girls!
Coach Vienna Malko-Monterrosa
Page 8
Congratulations to the following students that have made the 2015 J.E. Lapointe Badminton Team.
Intermediate Girls
Junior Girls
Intermediate Boys
Junior Boys
Jade Matson
Alexis Bernier
Adryon Thompson
Magnus McCrackin
Amber RobertsonGrafton
Erin Siermachesky
Reagan Deatherage
Brett Thompson
Josh McCallion
Natalie Horvat
Jayce Hawtin
Ben Crawley
Kiana Row
Jocelyn Kublik
Logan Klapstein
Nyasha Mubayiwa
Megan Kick
Taryn Terpsma
Roen Helgren
Percy Ashani
Emily Fry
Emma Lacquement
Carter Gylander
Liam Weber
Maya Keshavjee
Josh Crawley
Tori Klapstein
Liam Morris
Tournament dates:
April 11th @ F.R. Haythorne School in Sherwood Park
April 18th @ Devon (LDAA “North” Playdowns
April 16 th @ Dansereau Meadows
April 25 th @ Wetaskiwin (LDAA Finals)
Running Club is up and running! During the months of February and March, students competed and had great success in the
Running Room Indoor Games at the Butterdome. One of our Boys’ Elementary teams made it to the Quarter-Finals, placing
25thout of over 200 schools in Edmonton and the surrounding area.
Spencer Paplawski
Adam Paplawski
Jake Gerhardt
Jacob Cammock
Carson Chapman
Alex Belzile,
Sam Hokanson
Tyler Goudreau
One of our Junior High teams also made it to the Semi-Finals and were three tenths of a second off from making it to the Finals.
Congratulations to:
Jorja Garchinski
Natalie Horvat
Jade Matson
Sydney Sloan
Reagan Deatherage
Kieran Sloan
Liam Morris
Ethan Stang
Brett Thompson
Gabriel deRuiter
Also, congratulations to Reagan Deatherage for qualifying for the 200m Individual Race Quarter-Finals!
Amazing job, everybody!
Anyone who is interested in running after school, please come and meet at the front of the school every Tuesday once the Break
is over.
By: Marlenie Arana – Your Travelling Trainer
If you’ve had kids you know the routine of pulling one off of the other, drying tears, and forcing apologies after a play fight with too much energy.
Instead of pulling your hair out, try channeling that energy into a disciplined sport like wrestling.
Wrestling is a great sport for youth and adults alike, and has been growing in popularity, especially among girls, in the past decade.
During adolescence, kids shape, size, and weight change. Wrestling accommodates all body types and skill levels, with different weight and gender
classes in each league. While other sports may only offer success for certain physiques and abilities, nobody is too big or too small to wrestle, and
skills are developed with practice.
In addition to being accessible, wrestling builds discipline, self-empowerment, and camaraderie, improving success in all aspects of life.
Though highly competitive (challenging teammates and rivals), wrestling is also a strong team sport, where you are only as good as the team you
practice with. This encourages each individual to be their best, while supporting teammates to get better. This system teaches to be accountable for
their own training and discipline, empowering each individual to take pride, and put the effort, into their practice.
There can be risks to wrestling, but with a good coach these can be learned and avoided. Unlike soccer, baseball, or football, not every parent is
familiar with wrestling, and finding a coach with the experience and patience to nurture development is important.
Wrestling is also an affordable sport, with little personal equipment required. There are great spaces, and coaches, at the University of Alberta to get
you or your teen training. This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend the 2015 Alberta Open Wrestling Championships in Cochrane. Over 300
kids participated and some of our local athletes received medals in their division. A big congratulations goes to Sam and Linnea Hokanson for
winning gold and bronze in their age and weight category .
If you think you may be interested in learning more about wresting: join me and some of the University of Alberta (Nationally Ranked) coaches;
on Wednesday April 22. There will be a FREE one hour wrestling information session and conditioning clinic so you can learn more about the
sport. Everyone is welcome, all ages, boys and girls, men and women. Just email me if your interested and I will be dividing you into groups and 3
different time slots. It will be a great workout!
Free Wrestling Clinic with Marlenie Arana and Tyree McCrackin, Cory Horsborgh and Owen Dawkins
Ecole Coloniale Estates School – Multipurpose Room
Beaumont, AB
April 22, 2015 at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm
Email [email protected] to RSVP!
April 09 - Domino’s Pizza
May 07 - Boston Pizza
April 16 - Booster Juice
May 14 - Booster Jucie
April 23 - Subway
May 21 - Maina’s Donair
April 30 - Booster Juice