2015 iHEAL Community Research Associate Job Description

Community Research Associate - Job Description
The eHealth Strategy Office within the Faculty of Medicine at UBC is seeking a parttime Community Research Associate. The position is specific to a communitybased research project with Surrey’s South Asian population. The successful
candidate will receive mentorship and training in community outreach, data collection
and analysis, and other key skills required. Integrated as a project team member, the
candidate will contribute to and support project activities that will lead to successful
research and outreach with the community.
This position is equivalent to a 0.5 FTE position, completing 20 hours of work per
week. The position is to start immediately, and has the possibility of continuing until
August 2016.
The candidate is expected to work from the eHealth Strategy Office at 855 West 10th
Avenue in Vancouver, though some activities may be performed off site. Some shifts
will take place during evening and weekends for community outreach activities.
Although the project team will support training and mentorship for specific skills, the
candidate should bring dedication, enthusiasm, flexibility, resourcefulness and
drive to the team. The candidate should also demonstrate an interest in developing
research skills, willingness to support project administration, and passion for community
Community Research Associate Responsibilities and Activities
• Support scheduling of meetings, events, outreach activities and other team or
community activities
• Develop agendas for meetings
• Record minutes for meetings and circulate to participants
• Participate in, contribute to and potentially lead project team working groups
• Contribute to the planning, development and creation of research methods,
process and tools throughout the project
• Review and provide input, feedback, and context to discussions, documents, in
meetings, and other places where appropriate
• Provide insight, guidance and advice regarding culturally appropriate way of
undertaking tasks, activities, conversations
• Co-develop data collection tools (e.g., interview and focus group protocols)
• Facilitate data collection events
• Train, oversee and otherwise support project volunteers
• Enter, clean and analyse data
• Co-develop reports
• Contribute to the planning, development and community engagement activities
• Prepare recruitment materials
Recruit participants
Engage community members
Engage community media and participate in outreach and communications
Recruit and train volunteers
Liaise with vendors, translators, interpreters, and others external to the project
Support the set up, hosting and clean up at community events
Work with the Community Liaison and other team members
Attend focus group, workshop and other project events
Provide project and research support as required
All interested candidates are invited to submit a resume and cover letter to Elizabeth
Stacy by email at [email protected] by May 24th 2015. Only successful candidates
will be contacted for interviews.