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MSU Summer Coaches’ School
Outline of Sessions - June 18-20, 2015
Sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports and the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan
State University. Please note that speakers and presentation slot-times are subject to change. Costs:
$200 (shared room) to $230 (single room) per person for an all-inclusive package, which includes
overnight lodging in newly renovated Brody residential complex, and meals during the duration of the
event. The dormitory, cafeteria, and conference site are all part of the Brody residential complex, leaving
a short walk between venues. Free parking is available one-block from the Brody complex. Conference
fee only (meals and lodging NOT INCLUDED) is $100 per person. Registration and credit card payment
can be done on our website: summercoach.msu.edu. Questions? Contact Andy Driska (event
coordinator) at [email protected] or 517-432-8399.
Wednesday, June 17 – Evening check-in will be available
Thursday June 18
Breakfast at Brody Square & Check-In
Opening Session
Dr. Dan Gould – How coaches can be the change in sport
Dr. Andy Driska – How to get the most out of the Summer Coaches’ School
Breakout Sessions
Session 1A - Concussion Management
Jessica Wallace, ATC, Michigan State University
What coaches and administrators need to know about concussions, understanding why
athletes do or don’t report their symptoms, strategies for coaches and admins to keep
athletes safe
Session 1B - Developing strong student-athlete leaders
Scott Pierce, Michigan State University
The principles of good student athlete leadership, and strategies for coaches to develop
leadership characteristics and behaviors in their athletes.
Lunch at Brody Square
Keynote - Developing Champions
Dr. Larry Lauer, Mental Skills Specialist, United States Tennis Association
Dr. Lauer will draw on his years of experience working with coaches and athletes to
provide skills and strategies to develop the habits of excellence in athletes at all ages
and levels
Breakout Sessions
Session 2A - Developing champions… and leaders… and people
Dr. Larry Lauer (USTA), Dr. Martin Camiré (Univ. of Ottawa), Scott Pierce (MSU)
This breakout session will follow from Dr. Lauer’s keynote talk, and will help coaches
to develop their own specific strategies for developing athletic skills, but also for
developing athletes as leaders and as people
Session 2B - Engaging Athletes in their Own Learning
Mary-Anne Reid, Vol. Ass’t Coach (MSU Field Hockey), Field Hockey Canada
Learn to facilitate the development of engaged, independent, problem-solving athletes
who can take responsibility for their own learning and performance.
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MSU Summer Coaches’ School
Outline of Sessions - June 18-20, 2015
Thursday, June 18 (continued)
Dinner at Brody Square
Guest Speaker (to be announced)
Friday, June 19
Breakfast at Brody Square
Breakout Sessions
Session 3A - Timing Nutrition for Adolescent Athletes
Jessica Watson, MS, RD, LDN Sports Dietitian, Michigan State University Athletics
Basics of nutrition for performance, strategies for getting athletes to eat healthier,
accessing school-based resources to supplement nutrition
Session 3B - Making parents part of your program
Dr. Ian Cowburn (Saginaw Valley State University)
Understanding the experiences and stresses faced by parents, strategies to integrate
parents into program structure and for easing coach-parent tensions
Youth Perceptions of Sport Panel
Four athletes (ages 10-23) will describe their unique perspectives on sport
participation: what it means to them, what they like about coaches, the biggest
challenges and pressures, what they most enjoy, what they want from the experience.
Panel facilitated by Dr. Dan Gould.
Lunch at Brody Square
Breakout Sessions
Session 4A - The ABC’s of handling pressure – techniques to help your team respond
the right way when it matters most
Eric Martin, Michigan State University
Basic behavioral techniques that coaches can teach athletes that will allow them to
manage emotions and think quickly and effectively under pressure
Session 4B - Integrated Sports Performance – Planning to maximize the effects of
training and recovery
RJ Gibbs & Drew Coker, Michigan State University & Spartan Performance
The integrated model of athletic performance: speed/strength/agility training, seasonal
periodization, warm-ups, recovery nutrition, athlete health and academic performance.
Finishes with a mock training session.
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MSU Summer Coaches’ School
Outline of Sessions - June 18-20, 2015
Friday, June 19 (continued)
Breakout Sessions
Session 5A - Building athlete and team self-confidence
Dr. Deb Feltz (MSU)
Understand the science behind building self-confidence from a renowned expert.
Session 5B - So you’re being sued… now what? Legal issues and risk management
Rick Atkinson, JD, Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Facilities & Event
Management (MSU)
Effective planning for coaches and administrators to manage risk and increase
awareness of legal liabilities.
Dinner at Brody Square
Panel - Life Journeys of Great Coaches
Four veteran coaches share their career pathways and lessons learned. Facilitated by Dr.
Dan Gould, with opportunities for questions from the audience.
Saturday, June 20
Breakfast at Brody Square
Breakout Sessions
Session 6A - Turnaround Leadership
Scott Westfall (MSU)
Learn the principles behind leading a team through a culture change.
Session 6B - Long-term (holistic) athlete development
Dr. Ian Cowburn (SVSU)
Learn more about the phases of athlete growth and development, and the best practices
to run for athletes based on their age.
Recruiting athletes to the collegiate level (panel session)
Three collegiate coaches share some of the ins and outs of the recruiting process.
Facilitated by Dr. Andy Driska.
Charting your course
Reflecting on what you have learned, and committing to what you will do
Finishing exercises will help participants set a course for action once they have returned
to their teams/programs
Lunch at Brody Square
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