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Edward Newsome
Jemca HPTO and CLO
Jemca redesigned thier brand and I was appointed to
create a HPTO and CLO to portray the rebrand and
meet the new guidelines set out by Jemca
Edward Newsome
SG Smith Audi HPTO
The SG Smith campaign was one of the highest performing HPTO in 2014.
With little information from the client, I decided to design the HPTO in a similar style to Audi’s current campaigns.
Edward Newsome
Carbase has been a customer of mine ever since I
started at AutoTrader.
With the amount of spend, and intricate designs Carbase use on Local Dealer Display, I was appointed to
manage the customer from start to finish with all design needs. The customer relationship has led to producing the highest performing banners ever for Local
Dealer Display and consistently a top performer.
This has encouraged the customer to increase their
spend with Local Dealer Display and try new ideas and
Carbase HPTO for Taunton
13/02/15 to 16/02/15
16,460 impressions
116 clicks
0.70% CTR
This is the latest campaign I have produced with Carbase, each CLO campaign is location and make specific and typically have 10 campaigns live at a time.
Edward Newsome
Other Display Examples
Edward Newsome
Local Dealer Display Website
Built and designed the Local Dealer Display’s website.
The Brief
• To build a website to inform internal and external customers about the products Local Dealer Display offer.
• The site needs to explain the design requirements needed to produce campaigns for these products.
• The site needs to be easily expandable and be maintained by a novice to intermediate user.
• The site needs to contain an interactive map to show areas where customers can book out campaigns.
• A fresh modern look that also has to coincide with the AutoTrader Brand guidelines.
The Solution
For this website I thought WordPress was the way to go as the Local Dealer Display team would like to make updates
and maintain the site themselves.
I then started to mock-up some designs for the team to choose from. Once the style was chosen I was able to liaise
with the system administrators to set up some server space and web address for the site.
For the design I started with a base theme and created the CSS to replicate the header of the AutoTrader website.
Next step was to work out what content needs to be on the site and where. Since this site is a showcase for Local
Dealer Display, it needed a Slider/Carousel on the home
page to help promote and engage the user with the site.
After the team had decided what content they wanted
to display in this area I proceeded with designing the
elements in Photoshop.
Where I can, I try to use code for text and gradients on
graphical elements such as this Slider because it reduces
the page load whilst still looking perfect (if not better) as
images can be a smaller file size and still look great.
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Edward Newsome
Local Dealer Display Website
Interactive Elements
There were many parts to the Local Dealer Display website that needed to be interactive.
An interactive map to show the areas customers can book their campaigns. Using the Google Maps API and a KMZ file of British postcode boundaries.
Added in functionality to the search box which auto completes places and areas Local Dealer Display would like customers to search.
Show the end user that heavily populated areas are sold in sections if selected and direct you to the page that shows what those sections are.
• A previewer for HPTOs that can be sorted by categories (including Location and type of campaign).
• show a preview link of the selected HPTO
• Add functionality that when displayed on a tablet or phone the preview link is changed to a larger image of the HPTO due to the flash capability on mobile devices.
Info For Agencies
• A page that holds a lot of information about how to produce banners and HPTOs for Local Dealer Display campaigns.
• This is an internal and external resource and is also the most viewed page on the site.
• The page is split up into sections that are initially shrunk so the page doesn’t feel overwhelming to the end user.
Edward Newsome
Dealer Websites Website
Built and designed the Dealer Websites website.
The Brief
• To build a website similar to the Local Dealer Display website in design to display information about Products
Dealer Websites have to offer for internal and external customers.
• The site needs to show examples of each type of website that is on offer.
• The site needs to also show add-ons and extras available to a customer.
• The site needs to be easily expandable and be maintained by a novice to intermediate user.
• A fresh modern look that also has to coincide with the AutoTrader Brand guidelines.
The Solution
The Product Marketing team liked the Local Dealer Display website so they asked me to create the Dealer Websites
website in a similar style as it is on brand with the rest of the AutoTrader branding.
Because I already had coded the Local Dealer Display website style, I applied this to the new address for the Dealer
Websites website. This website required some new features that the Local Dealer Display website didn’t have so it
needed considerably more coding to get it to work the way the marketing team needed.
For this new site I wrote a plugin for WordPress that made it easier to add Tabular tables and lists, so that a lot of
templates can be displayed on one page but with one
template at a time, making the page look better and easier
to use. With this plugin, it makes editing the site easier for
the marketing team, because all the HTML is handled for
(currently only available internally)
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Edward Newsome
Built and designed the brand and website.
The Brief
• To build the brand for SkillzandDrillz, an online Soccer tutorials company.
• To design the website and give coaching on how to operate and manage the back end of the website.
• To produce social media pages and artwork to advertise the company.
• To design and build motion graphic idents for the soccer tutorial YouTube videos.
• To set out a social media strategy to gain a larger audience.
The Solution
For the website I used WordPress as this was the easiest way to produce a video blog format site that could be easily
This company is based in California so all the work was done over skype calls including training on:
• Using social media to boost play counts on the tutorials.
• Google analytics and demographics to engage the right type of users this type of company appeals to.
• Video editing and filming techniques to make the videos as professional as possible.
• General knowledge share on how to progress the company in the YouTube monetisation world.
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Edward Newsome
Built, designed and deployed a SkillzandDrillz mobile app on android and iOS.
The Brief
• To design a Mobile app for SkillzandDrillz to show the tutorials they have to offer on a mobile device including extra features for soccer
• To make an app for both android and iOS.
• To engage users to gain more video views for the tutorials.
• The app must promote the company and provide a platform for the end user to share with friends through social media.
The Solution
At the time I didn’t have a mac to produce the app (iPhone apps require a mac to produce apps) so I started to research if there was any way
to write an iPhone app on a PC and I came across Flex by Adobe. This was a very new type of SDK that was cross platform from a PC, mac,
android and iPhone.
The code is predominately ActionScript 3 with some JavaScript too, which are codes I was already learning at the time and was written in
Flash Builder. As this was relatively new for iPhone deployments (no apps on the app store using this method) I researched a lot of forums
and documentation to help me write the app.
The app took a month to write and broke a lot of barriers with the Flex SDK as a lot of things I was trying to create had never been done
before. I would regularly post on Adobe forums with my new findings to help others out with this new code and in return got help with some
parts I was having issues with.
The app dynamically loads the content from a server when it notices a change or update to the data. This means that video tutorials and
coaching tips were always up to date with the latest releases from SkillzandDillz. This was something that had never been tried before with
this code and aided in the success of the app as the app didn’t need to be updated to get updated content, levels and coaching tips.
The app played YouTube Videos from the SkillzandDrillz YouTube Channel, this helped with gaining YouTube play counts for the channel and
making it more popular in searches. The App was also monetised on some of the menus with iAds and Google AdMob.
An Adobe Evangelist DevGirl got wind of the app, she helped develop the Flex SDK and promoted the app for me on several adobe sites
because up until now, only Adobe themselves had produced an app for the iPhone.
I was invited to California by SkillzandDrillz to launch the app. We had a meeting with a technician from apple to show the app and iron out
anything that might have stopped the app going live. All was ok and I was able to package the app and send it to Apple for approval.It went
live 2 weeks later and went to the top of the charts for sports tutorials on the App Store.
Once the iPhone app was deployed I was able to work on the Android version, changing the theme and functionality of some
sections so it was able to be deployed on the Play Store.
Available on the appstore
Edward Newsome
YouTube Vidoe idents
Edward Newsome
Futsal Kingz
Designed Futsal Kingz website (California)
The Brief
• To design a brand for the San Jose based company Futsal Kingz.
• Produce pitch side banners and flyers.
• Create and coach the company on Social network pages.
The Solution
I produced the logo and the brand colours for Futsal Kingz along with writing some code for elements of the website.
I also produced large scale advertising banners to be displayed at events and pitch side during matches. Along with
the banners I also created several visual elements for the website to advertise events and classes, this also included
I also coached the team at Futsal Kingz in how to best advertise their business on social sites to gain a wider
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Edward Newsome
3D Graphics
Edward Newsome
3D Graphics
Audi Sport dna
A Creative Solution for an advertising competition, working with Gary Barker Client Development Director to produce a concept for the Audi Sport Brand. I was appointed to help visualise
the ideas and bring it to life. Maya was used to create the DNA Strand.
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Edward Newsome