EduCo Coordinator, University of St. Thomas

University of St Thomas EduCo Coordinator
Director of International Admissions/VP, North America, EduCo International
University of St Thomas, St Paul Campus
Full Time
The overall purpose of the role is to lead and coordinate communication between the University of St
Thomas and the EduCo International Group in order to drive student applications through the admission
process and convert those applications to arrivals on campus.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Promotes the University of St Thomas to the EduCo Sales Network. (20% time fraction)
 Creates and sends a newsletter every two weeks.
 Organizes and delivers trainings with each overseas sales team monthly.
 Delivers testimonials and student success stories to the EduCo Sales Network weekly.
2. Coordinates communication between the University of St Thomas and EduCo. (30% time
 Responds to queries from the EduCo network within 24 hours.
 Participates in meetings with the University of St Thomas team and relays any pertinent
information to the EduCo team as needed.
 Updates and keeps current the University of St Thomas folder on the EduCo shared drop box.
 Participates in semi-weekly meetings with EduCo, VP North America.
 Contributing member to the St. Thomas international recruitment team, participates in oncampus admissions events as needed.
3. Moves prospective student applications through the admissions process to ensure applicants
arrive on campus. (30% time fraction)
 Runs reports and initiates follow-up actions to ensure students progress through the
admissions process.
 Contacts the EduCo Sales network to determine why students are not progressing and then
develops and implements a plan to move the student to the next stage of the admission
 Identifies students who have abandoned their application and takes the necessary actions to
remove the student from the admissions pipeline.
4. Coordinates communication between EduCo and ELS. (10% time fraction)
 Compiles completed ELS applications for students who require English study before
attending the University of St Thomas and works with ELS to receive the necessary
admission documents within 24 hours.
 Visits ELS on a monthly basis to meet with EduCo students who are studying English to
ensure the students are progressing.
 Answers questions from ELS regarding EduCo students.
5. Documents process and recommends improvements. (10% time fraction)
 Reviews information and process flow charts to ensure they are accurate and updates them if
 Communicates any changes to the EduCo Sales Network immediately.
1. Conversion rate from application to arrival
2. Conversion rate from ELS to University of St Thomas
3. Response time to queries from the EduCo Sales Network
4. Promotion events
5. Accurate and updated process and information in the folder
Relevant bachelor degree, preferably from the University of St Thomas. Experience in working with
international students and a familiarity with international admissions processes.
Personal abilities, aptitudes and skills
 Excellent written and oral communication skills.
 Excellent listening and problem-solving skills.
 Energetic, persistent, and confident when pursuing details.
 Well-organized.
 Enjoys working in a team.
 Strong customer service skills.
 Minimum of 2 years work experience in the international student industry.
 Highly proficient in the Microsoft Office package especially Excel, Word and Power Point.
 Experience using databases and customer relationship management software such as
is an advantage.
 Experience using Google productivity tools is an advantage.
 Familiarity with Gantt Charts is an advantage.
 Familiarity with Drop Box is an advantage.