Core Academic Skills Assessment CASA TEST FEE WAIVER or FEE

May 2015
Core Academic Skills Assessment
Please note that this information will be updated in August 2015 with any
changes that may occur for the 2015-2016 academic year to the CASA test
reimbursement policies of the following programs:
 21st Century Scholars Program
21st Century Scholars may be eligible for a CASA test fee waiver granted through the
School of Education. Contact the IUB 21st Century Scholars Office at 812-856-1910 or
[email protected] for more information, inclusive of eligibility requirements.
 Hudson & Holland Scholars Program
Contact the HHSP office at 812-855-7853 for approval of a CASA test fee reimbursement
prior to taking the CASA and for HHSP guidelines/timelines regarding when to take the
 Groups Scholars Program
If you do NOT qualify for Hudson & Holland Scholars funds, contact Ghangis D. Carter
regarding the School of Education (SoE) reimbursement of CASA test fees (see details
listed below).
 SCHOOL of EDUCATION Reimbursement
For underrepresented students who have completed no more than three semesters of
undergraduate coursework at IUB: Contact Ghangis D. Carter, School of Education
Director of Recruitment and Retention for Underrepresented Students, Room 4154, or
e-mail [email protected] Note: Your request for a fee reimbursement will be
considered after you have already paid for and taken the CASA test. Passing scores are
not required to qualify for reimbursement.