Guide to running a course: Administration Process

Guide to Running a Course
Admin Process/Check list:
To start the order process we will complete a booking form with you.
This contains details of the training required, when and where. Plus details of whom the
contractual agreement is with and invoicing details.
When the booking form is completed it will be passed to our Education Coordinators, they will
liaise with our trainer and get back to you directly with potential date/s for the study day/s. You
will then use these dates to book a venue.
Once the dates and venue have been confirmed we will send you our Third Party Agreement to
confirm the booking. This needs to be returned within two week as this is the length of time the
trainer can hold the dates for you.
On receipt of the signed Third Party Agreement we will send you the application forms (for
modules) or delegate list (for workshops) for you to distribute to potential students and collate.
Should you require we will also send you a bespoke flyer, showing the training date’s venue etc. to
help you promote the course and promote the courses on our website.
The application form/delegate list will be returned to us in bulk prior to the course starting, your
Education Coordinator will advise you of the timeline for this.
It will be your responsibility to inform the student of their places. For workshops you will also need
to inform the students of the venue and start time.
Additional information:
Student support:
We have a students support service available to our students via email and telephone – we will do all we
can to support students during their studies with us.
Education for Health work to ensure that our education and training is accessible to all. We have a number
of ways in which we can support any students who have additional needs. Potential and enrolled students
are encouraged to contact the student support service to discuss their requirements at any time prior to or
during their study with us. All such requests are treated in confidence.
Venue and Equipment requirements:
For workshops and study days you will need to provide a venue and Equipment. Please see the Venue
Details document for these details. It is important that you supply the correct room layout and equipment
in order for the date/s to run smoothly.