Cloud Computing and Privacy Toolkit

Cloud Computing
and Privacy
Tara Reimche, Sandra Dowie
School Technology Branch
Cloud Computing and Privacy Toolkit
• Purpose: to support effective governance and
decision making about cloud computing and
privacy related issues in K-12 school authorities
• Deliverables: cloud privacy toolkit with resources
and supports
What we heard
Status update
Key terms
Discuss scenarios re: existing use of cloud
Next steps
What we heard
• Cloud adopted already – now what?
–Lack of awareness/understanding
• How assess/manage risk?
• Who’s responsible and accountable?
• How do we develop/enforce policy?
• How do we teach digital citizenship?
• Critical issue – school authorities need and want
What we heard
• What are the desired outcomes?
For Students:
–Improved learning and outcomes
–Digital citizenship skills
–Student safety and protection of personal
For School Authorities:
–More collaborative approach
–Increased innovation
Status Update
• Working group
• Development of supports
Status Update
Key Term - Cloud Computing
• “Cloud computing is a model for on-demand
network access to shared resources, software and
information delivered as a service that computers
or mobile devices can access on demand. “
Roger Clark (
Key Terms - Information Privacy
The ability for individuals to “exercise a
substantial degree of control over
[personal] data and its use”
Roger Clark (
Now What?
Key areas:
• Review organizational practices
• Conduct inventory, screen for higher risk
Factors Contributing to Cloud Privacy Risks
• Sensitive personal information
• Essential to school operations
• Significant number of records
• Storage of information outside of Canada
• Significant reputational risks
Factors Contributing to Cloud Privacy Risks continued
• Lack of oversight
• Provider has a weak privacy reputation
• Service used by large number of people
• Service enables easy storage/distribution
• Lack of consent
Group Discussions
Description of Cloud Privacy Risk
Contact Information
Tara Reimche
Business Analyst
School Technology Branch
[email protected]
(780) 415-0820