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April 1, 2015
Georgetown (TX) Noon
Lions Club
Pancake Supper Chair Lion David Voelter
has some important final reminders.
First, sell tickets!!! Circle the “$5 Kids”
when you sell those. Lion JoAnn will need your
preliminary count by the April 8 meeting.
Where are you “serving” that night? If you
don’t know, or have preferences, call/email Lion
David [[email protected]; (512) 818-0574]
At our April 8 meeting, we will review the
different “stations” and what needs to be done,
thanks to extensive work by Lions JoAnn, David, and
Annette. Please join us.
To load supplies from the shed to the
trailer, please be at the shed at 4 p.m. Wednesday.
Here is the schedule for Thursday. Please be
at the community center at least 15 minutes before
your task needs to start:
1:00 p.m.
Unload Trailer
Set up tables
Set up grills; start boiling water
2:00 p.m.
Start Decorating Dining area
Set up displays, signs, sound
3:00 p.m.
Set up pancake station
Fire up grills
4:00 p.m.
Set up ticket station
Set up beverage stations
Set up/prepare syrups
Set up serving & take-out lines
4:30 p.m.
All stations ready for patrons
7:30 p.m.
Event ends. Each station will
clean area, inventory supplies/food, box/pack
supplies, etc. with their Station Captains.
Leftovers will be purchased through Lion
JoAnn. The trailer will be loaded and supplies
taken back to the shed that night.
Station Captains: Kitchen/Food Prep: Lion Annette
Food Serving: Lion JoAnn
Dining Area: Lion PDG Paul
Packing Trailer: Lion PDG Gary
For the APRIL 8 meeting only, we will be
having our lunch meeting at the Community
Resource Center, 805 W. University, at corner of
Scenic Drive. Likely the door to the room far left.
Look for red truck and Lions signage.
P. 2
P. 3
P. 4
P. 5
Lion Camp Work Day
KidSight screening
April 8 meeting events: Auction,
Elections, Vote for Top Awards
Attendance & Membership Link
Member Celebrations
Final Quiz
Club officers/location/information
Eyeglass Recycling Party April 2
Lion Jimmy Wilson shares: “I have been a member of the Georgetown Noon Lions Club for a year and have
been very active in Club events. On Saturday March 28th, I joined four other club members and made the trip to
the Texas Lions Camp for Special Needs Kids in Kerrville. The purpose of our trip was to participate in the
much needed painting of all the cabins as well as other maintenance activities that took place. 400 Lions from
every corner of Texas gathered together to make this project a reality.
“I must say that I came home tired and sore, yet extremely impressed by how incredibly organized and
efficient Lions are. When such a huge project needs to be completed, the Lions are there to pull it off. The
fellowship, camaraderie and friendship I experienced were heart-warming. The willingness of everyone to put in
their best efforts to get this project completed in a single day gives me, as a young Lion, a tremendous sense of
pride. I would like to encourage all Lions to give of their time the next time this opportunity arises. Now I have a
clear understanding of just how big an operation the summer camp really is and the commitment the counselors
and the Lions make to insure the summer camp is such a huge success year in and year out. Great job Lions!”
Lion Marquise Patton shares: “I was happy to participate at the work day for the Lions Club Camp. It was my
first visit there and I was in awe at how large a complex it is!! There were so many cabins, plus a Medical
cabin to house Doctors and nurses, a huge dining hall (that could easily hold 500+ diners), a stable, swimming
pool, and much more. To think that they can take 1400 children at one time is mind boggling. So beautiful
there. It was an eye opening experience for me; I am glad that I could contribute my time to help by painting.”
Left: Laying out all our supplies and preparing to paint. Center/Left: Front and Back of bunkhouse.
Photos to left of
Lions in action
Lion Marquise,
Lion Jimmy,
Lion JoAnn
PDG Paul
Georgetown Noon and Evening Lions below in insert: L-R Jimmy Wilson, Marquise Patton, Martha Woodley,
Club Chair Ben Powell, PDG Paul Steinfort, JoAnn Steinfort, Randy Woodley.
PDG Paul Steinfort shares: “Instead of leaving early Saturday with
carpools and caravans, those attending decided to head out Friday,
stay overnight, and start fresh. Good thing!! For a variety of reasons,
only half (5) of our original 10 were able to go, and we were asked to
paint the exterior of Bunkhouse 1. But with the addition of Randy
and Martha Woodley from Evening Lions Club, and some expertise
by our Lions (and great supervision by Lion Ben), we accomplished a
great deal, finishing the exterior, plus the large soffits on the front.
We were unable to finish all the trim, which the next work day crew
will finish. We enjoyed the fellowship of working together and eating
together Friday night, and again Saturday at the camp (great meals).”
By Lion Carol Hopper, Kidsight Chair
Members of the Georgetown KidSight Team
visited the Georgetown Public Library twice during
Spring Break to do vision screenings. We saw 109
people, and had 11 referrals. We had one child
show anisometropia, a precursor to amblyopia; and
one child showed anisocoria, which is unequal
pupils. Both were especially urged to follow up
with an eye doctor. The other results were myopia
and astigmatism, which were also referred. Parents were very interested in what we
were doing and very grateful. Thanks to Lions Annette Voelter, Jimmy Wilson, Paul and
JoAnn Steinfort for their participation with me in these events. Our next event will be on April 19, when we will
have a CATRAC trailer at our disposal to hold a vision screening at Quail Valley Park in Georgetown. The
Salvation Army and CATRAC are partnering with us to make this happen.
The great looking grilling
set pictured was donated to help raise
funds for our upcoming fundraiser.
It is a boxed stainless steel set (each
about 17-18” long) and comes with
free engraving from Aerie Awards &
Signs. Their retail value was over
$100. We are listing on our ad
records as perhaps $80. What are
YOU willing to spend??
Also at the April 8 meeting,
we will be auctioning 2 City Lights Theatre passes (for
ANY movie including 3D, valued at up to $10 or so.)
Or how about a meal coupon at Souper Salad
valued at about $10 each. Or coupons (or even a book of
coupons) for car washes at The Wash Tub?
Or a Wine Tasting for at Georgetown Winery
valued at $75. We have two of these. Bring your
checkbooks!!!! Be generous.
At the April 8 meeting, we will elect the 2015-16
officers. No Nominations were made from the floor at
the Nominations meeting, so here is your slate as
presented by the Nominations Committee:
PDG Paul Steinfort
Past President
Lion Annette Voelter
1st VP
Lion Marquise Patton
2nd VP
Lion Maureen Kinald
Lion JoAnn Steinfort
Lion Annette Voelter
Lion Tamer
PDG Frank Kinald
Tail Twister
PDG Frank Kinald
Membership Director Lion Ben Powell
2-year Directors: PDG Gary Cocanougher,
Lion Marcie Ramm,
Lion David Voelter
1-year Directors: Lion Carol Hopper
Lion Gene Chapman
LION OF THE YEAR is the top award for our
club. The Lions Club members vote for the individual
who they feel has contributed the most toward the
success of the club during this Lions year and has
shown the greatest commitment in support of the
club, its officers, and its purposes.
The board also voted to present another Jack Wiech
award (or maybe two depending on the voting). “The
Jack Wiech Fellowship was established in 1994 by
the Board of Directors of Texas Lions Camp as a way
to pay tribute to the founder of the Camp and to
provide the means for improvements to the camp
programs and facilities. Lions and other caring
individuals are urged to share in this exciting venue
through the Jack Wiech Fellowship. An individual,
Lions Club or District may honor an individual by
giving a donation of $1,000.” Upon submitting TLC
the name of the Lion(s) we wish to honor, a Jack
Wiech award is engraved by TLC, along with a pin for
the honoree, and sent to the club for presentation.
The Georgetown Noon Lions Club’s
donations to the Camp Endowment Fund over the past
few years have qualified us to present multiple Jack
Wiech Fellowships as we find worthy candidates. We
would like to honor 1 or 2 of our members this year
who have a noteworthy record of service to Lionism,
at least 5 years of dedicated service to the
Georgetown Noon Lions, and a demonstrated
support of our Texas Lions Camp.
PDG Mort Sheffloe became our club’s first
Jack Wiech Fellow in November. We will ask you to
vote for 1 or not more than 2 to receive this award this
--Lion JoAnn Steinfort,
Secretary/Awards Committee
Georgetown Noon LC LIONS ROAR
BY PDG Paul Steinfort, Membership Chr
Hopefully by now, you
have reviewed the criteria for
attendance awards presented by
Lion JoAnn after board approval
in March. At one time they were
called “Perfect Attendance,” but
have more recently been renamed
Awards,” to better reflect reality.
What is that reality?
First, people seem to be
involved in more things than ever
before. Lions Club is no longer
the “only game in town” for
some communities. Think of all
the events for our kids and grandkids that take our time.
commitment, but also an
ATTITUDE commitment. The
guidelines we adopted challenge
our members to give as much
time as they are able but also
make it possible to “make up”
missed meetings through a
variety of methods, which take an
effort and an attitude of
When we promote Lions
to prospects, and again when we
induct new members, we ask
them to commit themselves to
our meetings and activities “to
the best of their ability.” We tell
them that perfect attendance is
not a requirement, but there is an
award available to someone
whose attendance rises above the
norm. Our guidelines follow that
philosophy. NOT EVERYONE
will achieve 100% attendance,
but we do have realistic criteria.
And the large number of
members who currently are in the
running for the award speaks
volumes about the dedication and
activity of our members. Keep it
up! ROAR!
Birthdays: Lion Jimmy Wilson,
PDG Gary Cocanougher
Wedding Anniversary:
Lion Marcie/Howard Ramm
Anniversary of Joining Lions:
Lion Kerrie Martinez (13 yrs)
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Luncheon Meeting at Noon
Community Rm B at Lone Star
Circle of Care
2423 Williams Dr.
Georgetown, TX 78628
2014-15 OFFICERS
(Board of Directors)
Maureen Kinald and David
Voelter and Marquise Patton for
winning 1st and 2nd in the quiz for
March, respectively. There were
only 10 minutes separating their
answers. 3rd Place went to Lion
PDG Lance Balding in Colorado.
Yes, this newsletter goes all over.
This will be our last quiz of
this Lions year and answers are
in this issue. Thanks for playing.
There will be FOUR prizes to the
first 4 respondees with correct
1. What day and time will we
be loading the trailer with
supplies at the shed?
2. What was the original name
of the “100% Attendance
3. What’s the name of the place
we will be holding our April
8 regular meeting?
4. How many Georgetown
NOON Lions went to camp
work day?
5. How many were screened
with Spot during Spring
Break KidSight?
6. How many “usable pairs” of
glasses were boxed at our
recycling party?
7. At the Pancake Supper, who
is the “station captain” for
kitchen/food preparation?
Lion Annette Voelter
(512) 819-0067.
1st Vice President and
Membership Director
PDG Paul Steinfort
2nd Vice President
Lion David Voelter
Lion JoAnn Steinfort
Lion Nancy Rister
Immediate Past President
Lion Gearl Koonce
Tail Twister/Lion Tamer
PDG Gary Cocanougher
PDG Mort Sheffloe
Lion Gene Chapman
Lion Carol Hopper
Newsletter Editor,
Web & Facebook Chair:
PDG Paul Steinfort @
(808) 346-7980
[email protected]
LIKE us on Facebook:
Georgetown Noon
Lions Club
Visit our website: http:/eclubhouse.org/sites/georgetowntx
Visit our District Website:
Lions Clubs International:
On Facebook, LIKE
“Lions Club International”
By Lion JoAnn Steinfort, Recycling Chair
When Lion Pres. Annette sent me a photo of her living room Tuesday evening reflecting her and David’s
redecorating project, I began thinking of alternative locations to host the packing party. However, with the help of some
movers and family, the old furniture was carted off and new pieces were set in place. Lion Annette even made a batch of
candied apples as a pre-Pancake Supper sample. There was plenty of other delicious food, as usual with potlucks,
including purple marshmallow bunnies.
Above: Purple bunny salad and other salads & desserts.
Right: the full spread with the group anxious to start.
Jimmy Wilson photo.
After we cleared the tables, our collected used eyeglasses were sorted, re-bagged by 25’s and boxed up for
shipping to Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Midland. In less than an hour, we had boxed up a total of 1406
usable pairs. Fourteen pairs of readers with graded labels were set aside for a local mission to the homeless in
Georgetown. Then we resumed our great fellowship!!
Lions attending this event were President Annette & David Voelter, PDG Gary Cocanougher, Jim Greer, Jackie
Johannes, PDG Frank Kinald, Gearl & Betty Sue Koonce, Marquise Patton, Ben Powell, Jimmy Wilson, PDG Paul &
JoAnn Steinfort. Guests were spouse Kathy Greer, plus Joey Scardina of Starbucks (Williams Dr./Austin Ave.). And
thank you to Lions Carol Hopper, PDG Mort Sheffloe, and Ashley Faulkner who could not attend the party but had picked
up some glasses on their routes.
Just continuing to clarify: because of the concern with serious diseases that might be associated with used
eyeglasses and cases, we throw away cases and no longer take photos of everyone with their favorite “crazy glasses.”
Photo Left:Clockwise Lions Ben (white shirt end of table) Betty Sue and Gearl Koonce, Jim Greer, Marquise
Patton, Jimmy Wilson. Photos Right: Clockwise, PDG Gary Cocanougher (standing), Annette and David Voelter, JoAnn
Steinfort. PDG Frank gathered and boxed the bags, PDG Paul sealed and labeled and hauled them out