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The Lions Den
District 2-S3
“Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
District Governor Len Heimer
Editor Jim Newbold
E-mail: [email protected]
159 Paloma Dr.
Canyon Lake, TX 78133
E-mail: [email protected]
9297 Cinchona Trl.
Garden Ridge, TX 78266
Convention Recap & The Work Still To Do
The convention is in the history
books and I want to thank all who
attended. We Started on Friday with
the Cabinet meeting and wrapping
up with DGE Mike Smith’s Governor
Elect Banquet. There were a lot of
activities, good food, training and
fellowship. Special thanks to those
who made it happen:
District Convention
Steering Committees
 Coordinator – Lion Betty Schilling, New Braunfels Evening
 Host Club – New Braunfels
 Treasurer – Lion Forrest
 Registration – Buda Lions
 Signs – Georgetown Noon &
New Braunfels Breakfast
 Facilities Set-up - Convention
 Exhibit Coordination – New
Braunfels Breakfast
 Memorial Service – Garden
Ridge Lions
 Printing – Lion Jim Newbold,
Garden Ridge
 Food & Refreshments – Marion and Schertz-Cibolo Lions
 Door Prizes – District Lions
 Committee Members – PDG
Mike Smith, 2nd VDG John Lyon,
Lions Betty Schilling, John Creswell, Mike Smetanka, and Jim
 Color Guard – New Braunfels
High School Marine JROTC
 Caterers:
Friday Dinner –
New Braunfels Smokehouse
Saturday Lunch – Caterall Catering
Saturday Banquet – Six B’s Catering
And there was training
Zone Chair Orientation – PDG
Mike Smith, 2nd VDG John Lyon &
Lion John Pruett
Successful Membership Strategies – PDG Shirley Dillman
Successful Fundraising Projects & Grants – PCC Dennis
Social Media – Lion Jessica Rubio, President UT Campus Club
Club Officer Training – PCC
Dennis Heitkamp, PDGs Angie Nicholson, Shirley Dillman and Mike
We had a FANTASTIC International
Guest: PID Dr. Gary Anderson and his
wife Cheryl. They were a real pleasure.
They were personable, approachable
and just downright friendly people. Dr
Gary gave us a great feature presentation on his involvement with eye glass
recycling and a vision mission to Mexico
and as our guest speaker at lunch he
involved the crowd, making first timers,
new Lions and new club members feel
Then we had an election
District Governor Elect – PDG
Mike Smith, New Braunfels Breakfast
1st Vice District Governor Elect
– John Lyon, Wimberley
2nd Vice District Governor
Elect – John Pruett, Milano Even-
Lone Star Lions Eye Bank, Region 4 – Lion Mike Jackson, Buda
Lone Star Lions Eye Bank, Region 5 – Lion Ray Pitzen, Garden
Texas Lions Camp Director,
South - Lion Chelsea Elliott, West
We’re not finished
Membership Recap
Currently the District is at +92. Thank
you for your efforts in recruiting and
retention. Let’s keep it up and finish
the year with positive membership!
New Club – the charter for the Kyle
Local club has been submitted. We
have an excited energized group in Kyle
ready to get going!
Thank you for all your support,
we’re not done yet so let’s keep it
Remember: Together we
can achieve success!
Daly and DG Len Heimer
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Lions Club Centennial
Coming Soon
By PDG Mike Smith
The four major service themes are “Engaging our Youth”, “Sharing the Vision”,
“Relieving the Hunger” and “Protecting our Environment”. As the Club Secretary
every activity of the club needs to be reported. I have found as your secretary
that there are a large variety of service activities, under each of these four
themes. Our Club has qualified for three of the themes so far this year. Our efforts with the LEOS give us credit for engaging our Youth. Our early childhood
vision screening as well as our members that help screen the school kids gives us
credit for Sharing the Vision. Our kid Christmas credits the club with relieving the
Hunger. Our one time service project to clean up CIS building earned the Club
protects the environment theme. That is how easy it is to qualify for the Service
awards now through December 2017.
The club leadership can find out more about the Centennial programs on the LCI
index.php. Keeping good records of the people served can go far to helping the
club to be recognized by LCI and the District.
The Lions Den
May, 2015
Inside this issue:
Convention Recap - DG Len
Centennial Celebration
KidSight Vision Screening
District Convention Pictures
KidSight Vision Screening
New Lions & Membership
New Members - April
Great Texas Outdoor Expo
Centennial Resolution - Austin Founder
USA/Canada Forum
Garden Ridge Scholarships
Milano Eve - Earth Day
Lago Vista - Trash Off
Teacher & Student of the Month
NB White Cane Day
NB Noon - Donations
G-Town Noon - Pancake Supper
Dear Lions,
Austin Founder - Clay Shoot
Over the past year, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help kick off the Centennial Celebration. I’ve watched as Lions everywhere joined together in service
projects benefitting millions of people in our local communities and around the
Lago Vista - Lion Awards
Strengthen The Pride
Wimberley - Grants
Point Venture Club News
LEO Day—December 5th
Schertz-Cibolo Casino Night
We’ve launched the Centennial Celebration Membership Awards and Lions
around the world are inviting new members so they can earn special rewards
and strengthen their clubs.
Lions are working hard to improve our communities and to make sure that LCI’s
next 100 years are even better than the first. Great things happen when we work
together. Let’s show the world what the world’s largest service organization can
Garden Ridge Boys & Girls State 23
New Lago Vista Lion - New Ideas
New Braunfels Eve Lions Club
Together in service,
Joe Preston
Your International President
Georgetown Noon Fundraiser
Lago Vista Honors Lions
Texas State University Lions
Earn Your Centennial Celebration
Membership Award
Looking for a great way to build your membership
and earn rewards? The Centennial Celebration Membership Awards gives all Lions and Lions clubs
the opportunity to earn special limited edition
awards for inviting new members and helping to
organize new clubs. Learn more today!
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Club News
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Continued From Page 2
Promote Your Worldwide Week of Service Project Download a customizable press release and social media tools to help promote your Worldwide
Week of Service project. Be sure to use the hashtag #Lions100 in all your Centennial communications. We’ll share our favorite Worldwide Week of Service photos on the LCI Facebook page!
Get Your Club on the Centennial Service Ticker
When your club sponsors a Centennial service project, you’ll be featured on the front page of the LCI website! Just report your
Centennial service projects through MyLCI, and each week we’ll update the Centennial Service Ticker with clubs reporting
qualifying service activities. Don’t miss your chance to be recognized!
Centennial Reminders
Report your Centennial service activities on MyLCI by July 15, 2015 to earn your Centennial Banner Patch for 2014-15.
Visit the Centennial Toolbox for Centennial videos on the history of Lions.
Visit Lions100.org for more Centennial news and updates.
KidSight Vision Screening
Thursday, August 6th at Cedar Ridge High School, 2801 Gattis School Rd., Round Rock.
During Round Rock ISD's school supply distribution for 5,000+ a 'free' vision screening for six month - 12
grade youth will be sponsored by Round Rock and Austin area Lions plus many volunteers from 10 AM - 9
PM. Last year we screened 594 youth in 8 hours. This year we plan to exceed 700 youth. A professional van
by Essilor (eyeglass providers) will be on hand with 2 optometrists to provide professional eye exams and cut
lens for youth who were recommended by at least 4 SPOT units.
We need helpers to recruit parents to bring their youth to us, provide their first name and age, line them up,
translate for those not speaking English and escort them to the van to get professional exams and glasses.
Three shifts of 4 hours: 9:30 - 1:45; 1:30 - 5:45; 5:30 - 9:30 which includes taking down at least 2 canopies and storing all equipment.
RRISD's Parents In Education has provided breakfast items, coffee & water; lunch of sandwiches, chips and cookie; and I've no
idea about an evening meal as we've never experienced that hour.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
District 2-S3 Convention - 2015
Picture Parade
L to R: 1 st VDGE John Lyon, 1 st VDG Kurt Tessnow, Daly Heimer, DG Len Heimer, Past International Director
Dr. Gary Anderson, Lion Cheryl Anderson, Jackie Heitkamp, and PCC Dennis Heitkamp.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
District 2-S3 Convention - 2015
Picture Parade
PDG Frank Kinal, Tailtwister, and Lion Nancy Handrick
collecting green butterflies for charity; the Texas Lions Camp and Lone Star Lions Eye Bank.
The Memorial Service was conducted by the Garden
Ridge Lions Club and honored 39 Lions or past Lions
who have past during this Lion Year.
District Governor Elect
1st VDG Elect
2nd VDG Elect
LSLEB, Region IV
LSLEB, Region V
Texas Lion Camp, South
PDG Mike Smith, NB Breakfast
Lion John Lyon, Wimberley
Lion John Pruett, Milano Eve
Lion Mike Jackson, Buda
Lion Ray Pitzen, Garden Ridge
Lion Chelsea Elliott, West Austin
District 2-S3 Governor Len Heimer.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
District 2-S3 Convention - 2015
Presidential Certificate
of Appreciation
Centennial Service Challenge
The following clubs have achieved Lions International’s
Centennial Service Challenge goal and were presented
a banner patch: Canyon Lake, Schertz-Cibolo, Garden
Ridge, Wimberley, Lago Vista Round Rock Noon, Elgin
Evening and the University of Texas.
L-R: The following individuals received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation, L-R:
PDG JP Kirksey, Lion Nancy Handrick, PDG Mike
Smith, PDG Charles Handrick, and PCC Dennis
Heitkamp. Not shown, but also receiving the award
are Lions Chelsea Elliot, Jim Newbold, Betty Schilling,
and Mike Smetanka, and Sue Hasert.
Leadership Award
PDG Shirley Dillman
Presidential Award
Lion Maureen Kinald
The Taylor Noon
Lions Club received
the Leader Dogs for
the Blind TOP DOG
CLUB Award for
CWA MacCormack Award
Luling Lions Club
Presidential Zone Chair Award
2nd Quarter
2 nd VDGE John Pruett
Gold Spur Award
Lion Mike Beal, Lago Vista
Silver Spur Award
Lion Scott Dalglish, Lago Vista
Harry Reasonover Award
Lion Bob Adolph, Point Venture
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May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Central Texas Optometric Society
Supports KSVS with Exam Program
District 2-S3 KidSight Vision Screening and the Central Texas Optometric Society are
partnering to provide complete eye examinations to children whose families cannot
afford the cost of the examination. Each participating CTOS member, all of whom
are licensed optometrists in Texas, will provide a limited number of free eye exams
to children receiving a "Complete Eye Exam Recommended" report from a Lions
KSVS screening. Each optometrist has committed to providing 10 free eye exams in
a calendar year to children referred to their office through a KSVS screening.
This partnership is expected to grow in geographical coverage and in the number of
participating CTOS members offering services to families in need of assistance. KSVS Lions must be careful not to swamp the program with referrals. KSVS Lions must determine the family situation and
make a judgment call to send a family to the optometrist for this free service.
To find out how to refer a family to a participating optometrist, go the KSVS Resource Center menu item titled “Eye Exam” located at http://ksvs2s3.wix.com/ksvs-lions-2s3#!exam/c15ic. A list of the participating optometrists can be found
on this KSVS Resource Center web page.
Please do not hand the entire list to a family. Lions will need to first speak with the CTOS doctor and find out if
there are still free exams available for the calendar year. Only provide the name and contact information for the participating
optometrist after the KSVS Lion has contacted and established the possibility of an appointment with the doctor.
District 2-S3 KidSight Vision Screening Chairman Wayne Orlowski worked with the Central Texas Optometric Society’s Daniel J.
Brinchman, O.D., of Round Rock, to involve area optometrists in this important Lions initiative which improves the lives of children
in Central Texas. If you have questions after reviewing the KSCS Resource Center webpage at:
Or contact Wayne Orlowski at 512/243-5116 or E-mail at [email protected]
From Jan. 15 through April 20, Lions in District 2-S3 have screened 4,593 children. Of these, 688, or 14.98 percent, were
referred for a follow-up examination. “This demonstrates the importance of having optometrists who are willing to provide followup care to families with limited financial resources,” Orlowski said. “I encourage all clubs in the district with Spot cameras to proactively seek out opportunities to providing vision screening for pre-school-aged children. Finding vision problems early when they
can be corrected will change that child’s life and help him or her learn when they start school,” he added.
To reserve a Spot unit and tent for your activity, visit the district’s KidSight resource page at:
And, after your event, be sure to report the results; instructions are available on the resource page.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
NB Noon
New Member
Volume 12, Issue 11
New Wimberley Lion
First Vice President Mike Smetanka
extended the invitation and the Caterall
honcho said yes. Thus, on April 2nd,
Dora White became the newest New
Braunfels Noon Lion. After catering our
luncheons for all this long while, she’ll
now get to eat her own cooking, at
least twice a month. Like a lot of us,
Dora is not a native of our fair city, but
after 45 years a Neu Braunfelser, she
has earned her spurs. Welcome aboard,
The Wimberley Lions inducted a new member, Bobby Burris, at the April 7
meeting. Bobby is a Minister in Buda, where he resides with his wife and
four children. He loves serving the community and we are happy to have
him in our club! Shown from left are Lion Boss Russell, sponsor Lion Lee
Gibson, Lion Bobby Burris, and Membership Chair Lion Terri Baccus. Welcome to the club, Bobby!
May is Veteran’s Month
Lions Clubs International’s pilot program for waiving
charter or entrance fees for qualifying Veterans
ends June 30, 2015.
Eligible persons for the veteran program include
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard
personnel who are retired or were honorablydischarged from these services. National Guard and
Reserve personnel who were called to active duty
for other than training (persons may still be enlisted
in these services) and other personnel the U.S. services consider a veteran are also eligible.
The Involve a U.S. Veteran Program Certification
Form is downloadable from:
and is to be completed by the club secretary or
district governor.
From left to right: New Braunfels Noon President John Creswell, Lion Dora White and sponsoring Lion Mike Smetanka.
Submit the certification form to the Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services Department if
reporting new members online using MyLCI or send
with the Report of Charter Members for new clubs
or Monthly Membership Report for existing clubs.
The entrance fee waiver will be processed as a
credit on the Lions club billing statement upon receipt of the certification form.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
“Membership Growth”
New Members - April
Congratulations to the newest members of District 2-S3 and
their sponsors. District Governor Len Heimer
Dripping Springs Lions Club
Doug James Marsh sponsored by
Chris Nuccio
sponsored by
Kevin Pata
sponsored by
Walter B Smith Jr.
sponsored by
Gregory Jordan
Les Kubena
Sharon Goss
Bryan Hollingshead
New Braunfels (Noon) Lions Club
Fausto Meza
sponsored by
Ashly Woodward
New Braunfels Evening Lions Club
Glenn H Herman
sponsored by
Ashly Woodward
Wimberley Lions Club
David Seaton
sponsored by
NB Breakfast Lions
Great Texas Outdoor Expo
By PDG Mike Smith
This event is scheduled for May 9th and 10th 2015 at the
Comal County Fairgrounds in New Braunfels, Texas. I hope
all the Lions in our District
take note and put this first annual event on their schedule
to come visit.
Our club still needs volunteers to help with the gate if you
would like to volunteer please go on our website and sign
up. If you know of a vendor have them go here for info:
Sponsorships are also coming in at a different pace, we are
looking for local businesses to help us out with some sponsorship. For those levels and what you receive for your
donation please go here:
A Memorial
To A Lost Lion
David J. Albright - New Braunfels Evening Lions Club
At the Thursday morning, April 30th,
legislative session in the Texas State
Capital, the Texas Senate met for a
little Austin Downtown Lions Club history making. The Austin Founder Lions were sitting in the Southeast corner of the gallery to be recognized by
our own Lion Senator Kirk Watson...
Got vest? It was time for the Austin Downtown Founder Lions to take it off the hanger and get their Lion pride on! Austin
Downtown Founder Lion boss Lillie Gilligan
has drummed up a lil ole bill to honor the
oldest continuously operating Lion's Club in
the world on the occasion of their upcoming 100th charter day - January 18. Since
the legislators only meet every other year,
we got an early start on the celebration.
One or two extra vests were on hand for those not having a vest.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
USA/CANADA FORUM - WHAT IS IT?: Gathering of Lions Leaders from throughout North
America for three full days of training, sharing and fellowship.
Lisa Whelchel: Surviving the Facts of Life
You most likely know Lisa Whelchel, the Friday lunch keynoter at this year’s USA/
Canada Lions Leadership Forum (“Forum”). Many grew up with Lisa Whelchel in her
role as Blair Warner on the TV show Facts of Life. From 1979 to 1988, she weekly
came into American homes as a student at an all-female boarding school. With her,
we learned “you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you
have the facts of life…” For nine seasons, new ground in television was broken as a
young female cast shared growing up.
Lisa’s career really started as a “Mouseketeer” on the New Mickey Mouse Club. From
there she was cast as the rich and very rebellious teenager on the Facts of Life. In
that series, “Blair” changed as both Lisa and her character grew-up. Famously, Lisa
refused to allow her character to lose her virginity in a late episode of
the series. The writers re-wrote the eposide for another character, and “Blair" did
not appear at all in the episode.
Lisa’s character was not without romance. In one scene she kisses a handy-man played by a then-not-so-famous George
Clooney. Lisa says, except as seeing it on YouTube, she really does not remember it. ""I am all for repressed memories, but why
I repressed that one, I don't know.… I pulled it up on YouTube and it's Blair pretending to be his fiancee, and she comes in and
lays one on him. I've since watched that several times."
Lisa focused on raising her three children following her time on television. A deeply committed mother, she has written several
books on motherhood and faith.
In 2012, Lisa returned to the public eye as a contestant on CBS’s hit reality show, Survivor. Although she did not win, she did
make it to the finals. Ironically, most of her fellow contestants did not know her teen-star status, being too young to have
watched the show in the 80’s. Her star-status was revealed to the jury by a fellow contestant at the final tribal council.
This may be why she did not win the final vote, but she did win the fan-favorite vote. The Spirit Player award is decided by the
viewing audience.
Lisa got more than just the spirit award from her time on Survivor: she contracted
the West Nile Virus. The effects of the virus were so extreme that it took her a
year to fully recover.
Lisa’s most recent project was a movie made for the Hallmark Channel. “For Better
or For Worse” is about a widow who takes over the family wedding business, but
she encounters an unexpected challenge when a divorce attorney opens his practice next door. Further problems develop when her son begins a romance with the
attorney's daughter. Check it out: the next showing on the Hallmark Channel is
May 30, 2015 at 6:00pm/5:00c.
Lisa’s presentation on Friday at the Forum will focus on servant leadership: leading
by reaching out. Outside her TV career, Lisa has made giving back to family and
community a priority. Her story is one of harmony with community—sounds like
Lions Leadership!
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Garden Ridge Presents Scholarships
The Garden Ridge Lions Club presented $750.00 scholarships to twelve New Braunfels Canyon High School graduating seniors at
their regular Lions meeting on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. The clubs selection committee consisted of Lions Laura Ochoa
(Chairperson), John McCaw, Kerry Ledford, and John Mitzel. The twelve recipients are Kaitlyn Anderson, Christine Basse, Courtney
Campbell, Brianna Rose Gaetz, Ritt Givens, Hayley Brooke Hadlock, Kaitlyn Hatfield, Rafael Herrejon, Richa Patel, Phillip Ross,
Joshua David Rider and Hailey Smalley.
Scholarship Presentation Dinner held at the Forest Waters Duck Blind on April 22, 2015. Eleven of the twelve recipients were present to receive their $750.00 scholarship.
Milano Evening Lions Club - EARTH DAY
On April 22, 2015, the Milano Evening Lions planted a tree at the Milano ISD campus in observance of Earth Day. One Agriculture class and several elementary classes participated in the hole preparation, planting and watering of the tree.
Photo Left: Some of
the elementary students putting the final
touch to the planting.
Photo Right: Superintendent and Lion Robert Westbrook and
Lion Brenda Pruett
planting the tree.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
3rd Annual Lago Vista
Trash Off
By Lion Ken Wheeler
Every two months the Lago Vista Lions Club heads a group of
volunteers who willingly pick up trash on Lions adopted stretch
of Lohmans Ford road from Boggy Ford to 1431 an approximate 3 miles. In April they co-ordinate the date to join many
groups in the community to assist in the City of Lago trash off
day organized by the city and KLVB. Saturday April 11th fourteen Lions showed up to fill seventeen large trash bags in this
endeavor. The rain held off and spirits were high.
Wimberley Lions
Teacher & Student of the Month
The Wimberley Lions awarded Outstanding Teacher and Student of the Month for Wimberley High School at the April 7th
meeting. Outstanding teacher Sheila Parker teaches English,
PE, and coordinates the UIL program. Outstanding student
Brandon Bakka is an honor student in the top 10% of his
class, and a UIL competitor.
Road warriors for this event were Lions: Rick and
Michelle De Wine, Mike Beal, Bob Mc Carty, Frank Robbins,
Gene Cargil, Pat Evans with grandson Jack, Keith Hamrin, Gary
Ladner, Patricia Sabre Marroquin, Ron and JoAnne Smith.
Shown left to right are Lion Boss Russell Cox, Sheila
Parker, Brandon Bakka and Assistant Principal Roz
New Braunfels Noon
White Cane Day
White Cane Day, Saturday, May 16th this year, is a major fundraiser for New Braunfels Noon Lions Club. All funds donated go
one third to the Lone Star Lions Eye Bank, and two thirds to programs addressing local vision needs. You already know about
the over 7,000 children in 33 local public and parochial schools we screened this past school year. These screenings, starting in
pre-K, are vital in identifying children whose vision issues make schoolwork and their lives in general more difficult than they
need to be. In addition to vision screenings, the New Braunfels Noon Lions Club supports eyeglass recycling, service to the blind,
eye exams and glasses for qualified
persons, and work with Guide Dogs
of Texas.
Left: Lions Dan, Dennis and David are out there raising dollars
for charity during White Cane
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May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
New Braunfels Noon Lions - Donations
Secretary Tom Call, First Vice Mike Smetanka, Second Vice Lee Ambrosino, President John Creswell and Treasurer
Skip Stem present a check for $500 to Judith Markelz, Director of the Warrior and Family Support Center at Fort
Sam Houston in San Antonio. The facility is described as a “Garden of Eden” with its manicured paths, water falls,
picnic areas and playgrounds for the kids.
The Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) provides coordinated services to patients, next-of-kin and extended family
members with a primary focus on wounded Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Warriors. Wounded Warriors and their family members visit the WFSC to maintain contact with other military members or extended family members, to
receive emotional support, answers to their questions, and to extend their rehabilitation away from the hospital. The rehabilitation
involves learning to cope with war-related disabilities as individuals, as couples, and as families.
Family Promise
of Greater New Braunfels
Right: Sarah Dickson, Family Promise of Greater New
Braunfels, receives a check for $500 from New Braunfels Noon Lions President John Creswell.
In addition to providing shelter, meals, housing, and jobseeking support, Family Promise develops programs for transitional housing, childcare, and homelessness prevention.
Nationally, programs like Just Neighbors and Family Mentoring have been added.
In 1992, Family Promise was awarded one of 21 Points
of Light, out of a field of more than 4,500 nominees, by
President and Barbara Bush.
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Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Georgetown Noon Lions - Pancake Supper
Details and a final report are still forthcoming, but you might be interested to know that there were 176 tickets turned in at the
food lines, which would include volunteers. Only 21% were “take-out,” so folks stayed and enjoyed the camaraderie and drawings. Fewer than 15% took seconds (potentially an area of early concern). And 83% of our patrons had purchased tickets in advance, so door sales were a little down.
Below: Lions Gearl & Betty
Sue Koonce promote great
syrup, while Lions Nancy
Rister and Ashley Faulkner
have juice and iced tea
Above center: Lion Becky Linam, PDG Frank Kinald,
PDG Mort Sheffloe, and Lion Ben Powell gather in the
lobby for last minute preps before crowds start. Above
Left: Lions Jimmy Wilson and Marquise Patton check
the temps on the brats. Above Right: Jan Green joins
Lions JoAnn Steinfort & Maureen Kinald in setting up
the serving line .
Above: Waiting at take-out station for patrons--volunteer Florence Winkler (in pink) and [L-R]
Lions Jimmy Wilson, Jackie Johannes, Becky Linam, Jim Greer,
Annette Voelter (seated center),
Betty Sue Koonce, & Marcie
Left: finishing up the first batch
of brats are (L-R) Jerry DeHaven,
Lion Gene Chapman, Justin Steinfort, PDG Gary Cocanougher, Lion
David Voelter.
Below: Volunteers Allen
Hughes & Robin Morales
(Starbucks Rep) with
Robin’s children (l-R)
Emily, Matthew, and
Below: Lion Linzy Bandy
at left speaking to Lion
Gearl Koonce.
Page 15
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
ADFLC Extends Early-Bird
Registration for Sporting Clay Shoot-out
Early Bird registration for the Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club’s charitable Sporting Clay Shoot-out tournament
has been extended. The event is scheduled for June 19 at Capitol City Trap and Skeet Club. Register through May 15 and
save $100 per team!
The primary beneficiary for the second consecutive year is Austin’s Center for Child Protection. This year, the Austin Chapter of the National Football League Alumni Association, which supports projects to benefit children, will join ADFLC in
presenting the event.
Teams of four will shoot at 10 different stations. Participants must provide their own guns; only 12- or 20-gauge shotguns
are allowed as all shells are provided. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams in each class using Lewis Class scoring. Dead
Last winners also will be recognized. Participants will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with NFL legends in attendance.
The $750 entry fee includes breakfast, lunch, drinks/snacks and shotgun shells for all team members. Register early through May
15 and save $100. Online registration is available at http://
ADFLC also is selling tickets for the chance to win a Browning Citori Lightning
Model Over/Under 12 Gauge shotgun, valued at $1,900. Tickets are $25 each or five for
$100. For information and tickets, contact Raffle Chairman Lion Larry Najvar at 512/2410049 (work) or 512/699-3093 (cell).
For sponsorship and additional information, please contact Lion Jim Overton,
Shoot-out chairman, at 512/627-8092.
Page 16
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Page 17
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Page 18
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Page 19
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Lago Vista Presents Lion Awards
Beal Shepard Fellowship
Lion Mike Beal Shepard Fellowship award from the
Lone Star Lions Eye bank.
President’s Appreciation Award
Lions Ron and Jo Anne Smith : Presidents Appreciation award for outstanding service.
Lion of the Quarter
Exceptional LEO Advisor
Lion Linda Jameson Presidents Appreciation award
for outstanding service. Linda also received on behalf of LCI President Joe Preston a certificate for
"Exceptional Leo Advisor"
We had a very successful Golf tournament this Quarter raising a record amount of funds and having terrific member participation. Several lions were recognized by you for their mammoth efforts in the event.
However the LOQ award goes deservedly to the Golf
Tournament Chairperson Lion Gary Ladner for his
outstanding leadership and hard work.
Presented by Lion President Pauline Wheeler
Page 20
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Keep members happy
and coming back!
Start a club in
your district!
Invite a friend, a
relative or neighbor
to join your club!
Wimberley Lions Club Grants
The Wimberley Lions gave grants to deserving non-profit organizations in the Wimberley area at their
April 7th meeting. Shown far left is 1st Vice President Lion Bob Shipe, Chair of the Grants Committee,
with the happy recipients.
Page 21
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Texas School for the Deaf Presents
Program at May 14th Meeting
Representatives from the Texas School for the Deaf Culinary
Bowl Team shared highlights of their recent competition
where they won First Place in the dessert course. Two students along with TSD interpreters and Culinary Arts Instructor
Lori Taylor re-capped the competitive event. First Vice President Rob Wheeler presented the TSD Principal of Career and
Technical Education Daniel Viet with a $1000 donation from
the Point Venture Lions Club.
Lakeside Singers Entertain
PV Lions April 29th
The Lakeside Singers began years ago under the direction of
the late Lion Rich Witmer, a former college music director and
Point Venture Lion. Having disbanded after Rich’s death, the
group has re-formed under the direction of William Parcher, a
retired opera singer. They include: First tenors: Jack Tyler
and Roger Wise, Lead tenors: Alan Price and Sam Snow, Baritones: Rambie Briggs, Dale Mitchell* and Kurt Tessnow,*
Basses: Tom Gardner, Dan Olson* and Dan Yannitell.*
*Lago Vista Lions
New Lion
Denise Langford
Installed as New
PV Lion.
Bond Issue Reviewed
Point Venture Lion and WCID Board President presented information on the upcoming Referendums on the May Election
ballot. Lion Fred explained the referendum to ask residents
to fund water and sewer improvements. Questions were
Denise Langford
Denise Langford has been participating in PV Lions projects
and service projects for months, and it was time for her Lions’ induction. Membership chairman Debbie Conger officially installs Denise at a recent meeting.
Page 22
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Schertz-Cibolo Lions Club
We at the Schertz-Cibolo Lions Club held our 6th Annual Casino Night on April 24th with wonderful results. We
sold over 250 entry tickets and 28 table sponsorships. This along with additional games throughout the evening
we were able to give away prizes and auction off some fantastic music/sports memorabilia, a ten day African
hunting trip and a trip to Las Vegas. Just to name a few. Our event has grown each and every year to the point we
may be searching for a larger venue. Our Casino Night event is one that receives great attendance and recognition
by our local television news media. This year we raised over $20,000.00 and are very excited to be able to further
assist our Senior and Youth programs in our community. It's a GREAT day to be a Lion!
Page 23
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Garden Ridge LC
Boys State &
Girls State
The Garden Ridge Lions Club selected three Canyon
High School girls and four boys to attend Girls State
at Texas Lutheran University and Boys State at
University of Texas respectively. The total cost to
the Garden Ridge Lions Club was $1,125.00 for
Girls State and $1,000.00 for Boys State.
Pictured above: Lion John Mitzel
with our three Girls State representatives. Pictured Left: President Harvey Bell with our four
Boys State representatives.
Lago Vista’s New Lion - New Ideas
By: Lion Pauline Wheeler Kathrin Luce who recently became the bloodmobile chairperson sat outside
the bloodmobile at CVS on Saturday April 25th with 2 Lions from the Point
Venture Lions Club greeting blood donors. When they exited the bloodmobile she handed them a fresh tulip and a little gift box of candy as a thank
you for potentially saving two lives. Attached to the gifts was a “what does
a Lion do?” brochure with contact information for anyone wishing to find
out more about our organization. Great idea Kathrin!!
Anyone sponsoring a Lion this year will be receiving a Sponsorship pin from
District Governor Len Heimer.
Page 24
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
New Braunfels Evening Lions Club
A roaring group of New Braunfels Evening Lions
discussing district business at the District 2-S3
New Braunfels Evening Lions Club President Larry Kunkel presents a check for $550 to Mac McDonald of American Legion
Post 35 in New Braunfels. This will be used to send two boys
to Boys State this summer.
Lion Jack Hicks welcomes Lion Skip Nolte, as he
helps with registration of members attending
the District 2-S3 Convention.
Above: Lions Bobbie Hasert and President
Larry Kunkel cut framing pieces for the interior wall sections of the TLC children’s gym.
Right: Saturday, March 28th, a work group
from the New Braunfels Evening Lions Club
are shown after a day of installing finished
sections to an interior wall of the Texas Lions
Camp children’s gym. Members (L to R) Skip
Nolte; President Larry Kunkel; Treasurer Jeff
Kunkel; future Lion Garrett Kunkel, and Bobbie Hasert.
Page 25
May 2015
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
Page 26
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue
Lago Vista Honors Lions
The Melvin Jones fellowship was created in 1973 by Lions International as the highest form of recognition a club can bestow on
one of its members and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the purpose and nature of Lionism. The recipients of this
award become a model because they exhibit the exemplary service to their club and the community that we all serve.
The members that the Lago Vista Lions Club has honored at their April 7th meeting epitomize the motto of “We serve”. Their contributions to our great city, Lago Vista, and our club are many.
Lion Bob McCarty has been a member since August, 2009.
He has held the Board positions of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Vice President and finally, President. He has also held the Director position. He currently holds the post of Essay Contest for our Leos
and is in charge of Concession Events. He’s been heavily involved over the years with the BBQ team, golf tournament,
Texas Lions Camp and working with the trash pick-up team.
Lion Mike Beal has been a member since December, 2007.
He has held the Board positions of 3rd, 2nd and 1st Vice President and finally, President. He has also held the Director position. He was appointed to the Lions Eye Bank in 2013 and
continues in that position currently. He has been chair of the
Budget and Finance Committee. He has been involved on the
BBQ team, Golf Tournament, Lions Health Fair, and Texas
Lions Camp.
Lion JoAnne Smith has chaired and Co-Chaired the Membership Committee, she was instrumental in the origination of the
KIdSight Program in our Club and has worked as co-chair,
Publicity Chair and is currently the club photographer. She
works consistently with the Bloodmobile. She has entered the
District Environmental Contest and won in District 2S3 (First
Place) and took second place in Multiple District 2 in the fall of
Lion Connie Zschoche has been a member of Lions Club
since July of 2006. She has served the club as Assistant Secretary from 2007 through 2010. She has worked for several
years as the work scheduler for the BBQ team as well as keeping detailed records of donations by the public to our golf tournament. Even though she works full time part of the year, she
makes time to volunteer and many of the Lion fundraiser and
charitable events.
Page 27
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue
28 New Lions Chartered
Lions Club at Texas State University!
Charter Night, Friday, April 17, 2015 was
a big deal...and if we tell you a hen dips
snuff, you can look under her wing!
(Translation: we are telling the truth!)
The 'southern' phrases with translations are
he spoke during his speech.
You might not know how big a deal it is
to found a new lions club, until you're
there. Last year our club sponsored the
founding of the Lions Club at The University of Texas...this year, two of our
members--Secretary Leonor Marques
and Past Pres Tommy Cowan--were
"Guiding Lions" in founding the Lions
Club at Texas State University. Other ADFLC members on hand to cheer them on were PDG JP Kirksey, former chancellor of the
university system Lamar Urbanovsky, PDG Shirley Dillman, and piano lion Terry Heller. District Governor Len Heimer was also on
hand to add shine and generally elevate the proceedings.
Tommy and Leonor gave the new Texas State Club Lion Boss Whitney Pyle a gavel for bringing her new lions to order--and it was
gratifying to note a few moments later that the gavel worked just fine. Past International Director Lion Joe Al Picone was the distinguished guest speaker with introductory remarks that were full of old country sayings that charmed and mystified and delighted
the multigenerational gathering. He advised the new lions to "Put the food one the wagon, the hogs are loose!" [take care of their
new treasury] and to be the best that you can be "even if it hair-lips every mule in Texas" [be determined].
And many congratulations to the San Marcos Noon Lions Club for sponsoring the new club and for starting them out in the black
with a check for $500, which DG Heimer matched with a gift from his official funds. The whole affair was a ROARing success.
The hum you might hear in the background is the centennial committee cyclone churning away every other Monday night or so in
a meeting at a member's home. Actually there is a one-woman hurricane going on. Ann Ward, who single-mindedly has generated
a draft of a strategic plan for more than just the gala next January (still got your calendar out? January 9th--at the Bullock Museum, draw a red box around that date -- we will ALL be there, 100% for the 100th!). Ann's been writing down some of the things
that have been suggested to celebrate "100"-- a list of service projects that would benefit the Austin downtown community. Here
are some ideas:
 100 trees planted to improve our environment
 100 new members by January 18, 2016
 100% member participation in service to the Texas Lions Camp (whether helping
with a picnic at the camp, or making a donation, or simply making a phone call
or writing an email)
 Vision screening 100 children--in 100 days (per quarter)
 100 pairs of shoes for the homeless
 100 books either donated or read (or both!) to children in our "lion" schools
(2015 & 2016 summer program project?)
 100 hours of service sacking up nonperishable food at Meals on Wheels
These are only a few of the ideas thrown out on the table...what are 100
ways in which we can provide a service and make a difference in our community? Let's hear it!
Page 28
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Lago Vista LEO Highlights
By: Leo Lily Jameson Your Lago Vista Leo District officers braved the thick fog and rain April 11th and headed to New Braunfels. Despite our GPS getting
us major lost somewhere in Central Texas with no cell phone towers available to allow a call anywhere, we finally made the meeting! On the upside, we saw some of the most beautiful bluebonnet fields ever! One had white horses running through it and all we
could all do was sit and stare in amazement before coming back to reality! Each one of these District meetings our club attends,
marvels and says upon leaving, "That was the best meeting ever!" We had the pleasure of meeting and working with new Leo
members as well as Lions both from Canyon Lake and New Braunfels. Our community service project was to plant small pecan
trees to celebrate Earth Day, even though our Lago Leo's did not make that portion of the meeting, we did get the opportunity to
sit down and talk one on one with the other Leo's. One important topic was how our sponsoring Lion's club members mentor us
and encourage us to go above and beyond what is expected. The Lago Vista Leo's were eager to let everyone know how Lago
Vista Lion's stand behind, stand beside us Leo's and how both clubs come together and work side by side. We understand the old
saying, "There is strength in numbers" and we as a club firmly believe Lago Lions are our backbone and make us a strong club.
We discussed our successes and our shortcomings as a club. Each one of us,
Madeline, Cheyenne, Jocelynn and myself each spoke of our favorite community services functions and shared ideas with the new Leo's in the room. We
all brainstormed about future projects we could perhaps work together on.
One idea was to help a children's foster home. We thought it would be so fun
to go and actually engage them with a fun activity as well as donate some
things they may need. We realize they are kids just like us and probably have
some of the same likes and dislikes and
would enjoy hanging out. We could have
gone on more with our discussions, but we
were all anxious to get onto our next activity which included making a tie dye T shirt!
Some of us had more experience than others and we all helped each other with our
Lago Leo's are gearing up for the Ma y 2
Lion District meeting in New Braunfels. The new Leo District cabinet will be installed and those
running for office from Lago Vista will be there! We are so excited! We will also have a Leo table
to showcase pictures of all Leo Clubs in the District of all of the outstanding events everyone has
done throughout this past year. Lion Liz Bumguardner, MD2 Leo Chair and Texas Leo Council
Advisor wants all Lion's clubs in our District to see what the youth do. Lago Leo's will be taking
our fabulous scrapbook with us to showcase and we will also be available at the meeting to answer any questions Lion's may have. Please stop by and say hello!
Our final event of the Leo Year will be our MD2 State awards program in College Station. Several
of our Lago Leo members will be running for office and the new officers will be
installed at this meeting. We will also plan our next Leo Year and complete a Leo
service project. Lago Leo's will be assisting in the leadership training also. Wish us
luck as we have entered all the Leo contests! We believe in the Leo club and support its vision and work hard to accomplish our goals at providing service to our
Page 29
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
New Braunfels Noon LEOs - Relay For Life
Ninth-grader Amery Torres was the
lone Leo car parker Saturday at the
District 2-S3 Conference at NB Presbyterian Church, then stayed on to
help inside. Thank you, Amery.
Leo Amery Torres
In spite of the rain and thunder storms, many of the hearty cancer survivors
and their supporters turned out for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for
Life held Friday evening, 17 April, at Canyon High School. Other than being a
cool 68 degrees, the field and track were dry, and the music was blaring. The
more astute among us will recognize our own cancer survivor, Juanita Wells,
at the forefront in Lane 3.
Oak Run Middle School LEOs, with advisor Kim Stroud
in the center.
New Braunfels High School LEOs tent.
Bumguardner is MD2
Leo Chair. She
knows of what she speaks
concerning Leos, and she is
very complimentary of our
Leos clubs and the activities they initiate and participate in. Well done, kids,
— from the top!
Page 30
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
New Braunfels Noon - LEOs
Secretary Tom Call awards Kaitlin Alston-Sichtgen, NBHS
Leo Club President, the Leo President 100% Award for the
2014-2015 school year. The award is earned only after a
stringent list of duties, activities and accomplish-ments is
fulfilled, demonstrating the club president has her/his club
on the path to growth and continued success.
Relay For Life - Leos living up to the pledge.
At long last Oak Run Middle School Leo Advisor
Kim Stroud receives a Texas Lions Camp Work
Day t-shirt, an Outstanding Leo Advisor Certificate and a $100 check for Relay for Life from New
Braunfels Noon Lion President John Creswell.
Scholarship Awards 2015
Scholarship award winners from New Braunfels
High School are Kaitlin Alston–Schintgen, Madeline Moss and Rebecca Zeitler, who submittied
this selfie. Scholarship recipient at Canyon High is
Claudia Skolaut (with regrets, no photo available.) The John Stallman Scholarships, presented
to outstanding USMC JROTC seniors as selected
by Lt Col Mark A. House, go to Keelann Brannan,
Robert LoBello and Matthew Schwarz. Congratulations to all these fine young scholars and citizens. Our best wishes go with you in all your future endeavors.
Page 31
May 2015
Our 7th Annual Kocurek Memorial Golf Tournament
was a great success--thanks to all who took a swing
at it!
Here's the deal. Mulligans make the world go 'round. Did you
know you can make a lot of money off of people who will pay
for a second try (or third, fourth…to infinity, we kid you
not) at putting a very small ball into a little hole in the
ground? It looks like we scored almost $1,000.00 selling mulligans. We should look into selling eternal mulligan tickets at
the corner store - imagine the giant market for life's little doovers out there.
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
talented and good-willed people wearing shiny yellow and
purple vests with a gazillion pins and award patches? Like
Hells Angels only different? They were all there last Saturday,
celebrating the year's achievements in the district--not the
least of which was DG Lion Len Heimer's leadership in adding
more membership and new clubs to the pride than anyone
can remember. It was a stellar year. PID Lion Dr. Gary Anderson was the motivating speaker who lived up to his stature as
a giant at the world organization level, and then some; we
are not even kidding, he was about 6'8' something. And we
are HUGE fans of our favorite university clubs (UT & Texas
State) who managed to be there in New Braunfels--on a Saturday when they had 6 other service projects going AND finals, which makes the rest of us too tired for words even to
think about what all they are up to out there.
Mobile Meals: Meal delivery service to area residents who
are homebound and can not prepare meals on their own.
Texas Lions Camp: We sponsored 2 youth with disabilities
for the Texas Lions Camp, summer session.
Projects: Aluminum cans are still our largest funds source
so be sure and remind your friends and neighbors to save
their cans. The Chamber of Commerce has asked us for can
collection bins for the Lavender Festival since most beer will
be sold in cans this year. We should probably make some
more bins.
Mac Ragsdale's team (featured pic above, Ragsdale is far left,
faked nonchalance with razor sharp raptor-like attention
on Leal Anderson's putt of the century) actually tied for first,
and then snatched second in a flip for it (the trophy was just
as hot - actually there wasn't a bad trophy in the lot…who
knew Tommy Cowan was such an artisan with balls and club
parts and purple paint.
The real winners? - Children all across Texas who benefit
from our several charitable efforts. Thanks to committee stars
like Paul Snider--who, among a 1000 other things, made the
hero's trip to the store when 300 bottled waters went missing, and Jim Overton--who, among a 1000 other things,
fought every blue tent into a taut and upright and secure
position, and Leonor Marques--who, among a 1000 other
things AND with Mia our Mascot in tow, sorted out Cowan's
teams/money/laundry and made registration TOTALLY HAPPEN…on and on…this thing was a whiz bang success.
DISTRICT CONVENTION – New Braunfels: Recall that
we were enthusiastic about the district convention if for no
other reason than you get to sit in a room full of incredibly
Membership: A personal invitation to attend a meeting could be an effective tool to recruit new members.
Get new member information sheets from Lion Tom to give to
prospective members. This should be our highest priority project in order to keep the club viable. April was Membership
Growth Month.
LEOs: The LEO Club has been very busy during the month of
April. Our members have volunteered at 4 events this month:
Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt, Wild Woman Weekend, Blanco
Trash-off, and the Blanco VFD Fish Fry. We also had a bake
sale and came home with $233.00! So far this year we have
captured 711 volunteer hours. Great job LEO Club!!!
Youth Basketball: Canyon Lake Noon Lions sponsored a
local Spurs basketball team, consisting of 9 and 10 year olds,
at the local Recreation Center. We participated in the season's
closing ceremony, where each child who participated received
a trophy. Lions were proud to be part of this year's program.
Pictured is the plaque awarded to CLNL and President Norm
Schaule and Lion Bob Gaynor with Rec Center directors Kristi
and Andi.
Page 32
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
Last Chance Forever: Last Chance Forever provides health
care to wounded birds of prey and nurses them back to
health. Canyon Lake Noon Lions help support their work with
an annual donation.
Operation Comfort: Operation Comfort provides services
to wounded warriors. Lions donate annually to this nonprofit.
Recycling: The Elgin Evening Lions Club recycles clothing
from the thrift store.
Lone Star Lions Eye Bank: The Elgin Evening Lions Club
gave money to the Lions Eye Bank.
Texas Lions Camp: Florence Lions Club is so excited to be
able to sponsor two wonderful children for the 2015 Texas
Lions Camp this summer. We look forward to hearing all
about their camp experience.
Lion Carmen McCaw, Chairperson, performs the eulogy at the Memorial Service.
Spring Bake Sale: D-Boone’s Country Store was kind
enough to allow the Florence Lions Club to have a Spring
Bake Sale in front of their store on April 26th.
Scholarships: Twelve scholarships were presented to seniors from local area high schools at our regular membership
meeting on April 22nd; each scholarship was for $750.00, for
a total donation of $9,000.00.
Boys State: We sponsored four New Braunfels Canyon High
School Seniors at $275.00 each, $1,000.00 total, to attend
Boys State at the University of Texas, Austin, June, 2015.
Lone Star Books: We contributed $267.95 towards purchasing the Lone Star children’s book collection for the Garden Ridge City Library.
District Convention: President Harvey Bell and Lions Carmen and John McCaw, Randy Maschek, Jim Newbold, Noelle
Czerniak, and Pam ands Ray Pitzen attended the District 2-S3
Convention, Saturday, May 2, 2015. Lion Carmen McCaw
(Chairperson), John McCaw, Randy Maschek and Jim Newbold
performed the 2014-15 District Memorial Service.
Lion Randy Maschek, John McCaw and Jim Newbold –
2-S3 Memorial Service.
Pancake Supper: With scores of hours put into the event,
the April 16 Pancake Supper, didn’t quite have the crowd we
expected. Perhaps it was because of the menu (either pancakes for supper or brats with pancakes), or because a storm
was brewing (even hit parts of Georgetown hard)—or some
other reason. But those who came thought the food was
great, enjoyed the night, and even won some door prizes.
The brats turned out very well, and the Voelters’ cinnamon
applesauce received rave reviews. 21 Lions and nine other
volunteers did the work!
New this year were written procedures for each station that
were to help standardize and provide pre- and postinventories, as well as more effective organization of supplies
into marked containers and tubs. This should help keep things
clean and avoid hours of inventory and sorting prior to each
next event. Thanks to Lions JoAnn and Annette for their work
on these areas. They will certainly become more helpful as
members get more accustomed to them.
Lion Noelle Czerniak and Lion President Harvey Bell.
Contact Lion JoAnn or Lion Annette if you’d still like some
uncooked bratwurst or flavored syrups (butter pecan, straw-
Page 33
May 2015
berry & blueberry)—plenty left over.
General chair (and Printing Coordinator) Lion David Voelter’s
“coordinator team” included Lions Carol Hopper (stellar job on
placemat ads, which set a new records), PDG Gary Cocanougher (set up, take down, loading, etc), PDG Paul Steinfort (PR, Dining Room coordinator, and procurement gofer),
JoAnn Steinfort (procurement, standardizing procedures,
serving coordinator), Annette Voelter (food preparation and
storage), and Becky Linam (tickets).
KidSight: On April 19, the Georgetown Noon Lions KidSight
Team joined with several partners in the community to bring
vision screening to the Quail Valley Area of Georgetown. This
was our first collaboration with the Quail Valley Mission of the
First United Methodist Church, the Salvation Army and CATRAC to provide vision screening while others provided health
screening, food, games and community building.
Our thanks to Laura Spradlin, Service Center Director for the
Salvation Army; Randy O’Dell of the Salvation Army Canteen;
Rev. Ron Swain, First United Methodist Church, Mission Ministries; Bob Kalka, Quail Valley Mission; and Ilka Vega, SW University student who helped with translations. A special thank
you to Dave Reimer, P-EMT who heads CATRAC (Capital Area
Trauma Advisory Council) and who loaned us a trailer to be
able to provide the proper screening environment.
It was a beautiful day for an outing and we screened 22 children and made 3 referrals. We hope to join up again with
these fine folks to increase the availability of screenings to
this area. It’s all about partnerships.
Thanks as always to the team---Paul and JoAnn Steinfort,
Annette and David Voelter, Frank and Maureen Kinald, and
Marcie Ramm who adjusted beautifully to this new approach
and did a great job.
Eyeglass Recycling: According to Lion JoAnn Steinfort,
Eyeglass Recycling Chairperson, we shipped 2,060 pairs of
usable, used eyeglasses to Midland (TLERC) in early April via
Southwestern Motor Transport. But in the last newsletter she
had reported that we sorted 1420 pairs at our recycling party
April 2 which included 18 readers for a local mission group.
What explains the discrepancy? Turns out Lion Ashley Faulk-
ner, who couldn’t attend the recycling party because of a
child emergency, went ahead on her own and sorted a bunch
of the glasses she picked up at work (Walmart). Since her
525 pair didn’t quite fill two extra boxes, we quickly stopped
by a few close-by locations and picked up enough to fill the 6
boxes for shipping (inset).
Thanks, Lion Ashley, and thanks Lions for your efforts. We
get regular emails and calls asking for recycling sites. The last
emailer shared that “he heard Lions are very active in
Georgetown.” What a great reputation to have!!
Also, to help promote our recycling efforts for the LCI
“Environmental” initiative, members of our club also turned in
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11
used ink cartridges for recycling at the Georgetown Public
New Board Members: Newly Elected Officers for the year
2015 – 2016 l-r Lion Paul Magrone, Lion Tamer, Lion Mike
Beal, Director, Lion Jo Anne Smith, Director, Lion Mike Zaydel,
Treasurer, Lion Kurt Tessnow, 3rd VP, Lion Scott Daglish, 2nd
VP, Lion Don Zscchoche, 1st VP, Lion Anita Burke, Membership, Lion Carl Spoto, President.
2015 Scholarships: The 2015 Scholarship Applications
have arrived! The Scholarship Committee, which is made up
of Dorothy McCarty, Frank Robbins, Ellen Spoto, Vice President Carl Spoto, and Sheryl Speckmann, reviewed them and
found some wonderfully talented and intelligent students getting ready to graduate from Lago Vista High School!
The interview sessions were scheduled for May 11th, 2015,
and the awards ceremony for May 20th, 2015. Lion President
Pauline Wheeler and Vice President Carl Spoto were scheduled to present the scholarships at the ceremony in the high
school Performing Arts Center.
Thrill of the Hill 5K Run/Walk: 5K Run/Walk held in the
spring each year to raise money for our charities.
Club Meeting, 4/9/2015: We picked Arielia Signorelli as
our Thump Queen Candidate, we discussed some upcoming
projects and did some brain storming.
Club Meeting, 4/16/2015: Guests: Jacqueline Cullom and
Nita Allen. Jacqueline Cullon, who is Assistant City Attorney
of San Marcos, gave a very interesting program on the work
of the city attorneys and what they get involved in on a daily
basis. She talked about how to obtain public information, and
what you have to do to ask for that on anyone. Garrett Gieser presented a request for glasses. Lion Elliot Richmond
made a motion to pay for the request, seconded by Lion Kristen Holcomb and passed by all present. A Fair meeting is
Page 34
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
scheduled tonight at South Side Club House at 5:15 pm.
Club Meeting, 4/23/2015: Guests: Charlee Williams and
Darby Wright. Charlee Williams and Darby Wright presented
the program. They are from Servpro and presented a
slideshow on what they can do to restore a property back to
original condition after a disaster like fire or flood, etc.; it was
a very interesting and informative presentation. A Country
Fair meeting is scheduled tonight at 5:15 PM at the South
Side Club House.
Club Meeting, 4/30/2015: Guests: Arielia Signorelli and
Father Juan. Arielia is our Thump Queen Candidate. Our
queen candidate gave a short speech on why she wants to be
Queen. She gave us her thoughts and answered some questions from the club members. Gloria Maloer requested help
with an eye exam and glasses. Lion Elliot
Richmond made a motion to approve, seconded by Lion Joe
Tetley and passed by all present. The scholarship committee
presented their picks for scholarships this year; they presented 5 students. Lion Fred Buchholtz made a motion to accept
the picks as presented; seconded by Lion Elliot Richmond and
passed by all present. The bill for Charles Wrights funeral
was presented for payment. Lion Elliot Richmond made a
motion to pay it, seconded by Lion Lisa Gaspard and passed
by all present; the bill for $64.95 will be paid. We will decide
on the amount for the scholarships next week at the business
meeting. We have a Fair meeting tonight at 5:15 PM at the
South Side Club House.
Club Meeting, 5/7/2015: Lion Kristen Holcomb presented
the financial report and Lion David Gieser reviewed the
minutes for last month. Randy Moya presented a request for
eye exam and glasses; Lion Elliot Richmond made a motion to
accept the request, seconded by all present. Lion Elliot made
a motion to award $1,200.00 for each of five scholarships this
year. Lion David Gieser seconded the motion and it was
passed by all present; $6,000.00 will be set aside for scholarships. Lion Lisa Gaspard made a motion to reimburse Lion
Rick Carter for what he spent to fix the lawn mower; seconded by Lion Elliot and passed by all present. We will put flags
out on the 15 th for when the Wounded Warriors pass
through town. Lion Fred is on top of getting the trailer ready
for putting out flags; lets give him a big hand. A County Fair
meeting will be held tonight at 5:15.
Early Childhood Vision Screening: Provide early detection of vision problems in pre-school age and as young as 6
months old children.
Weekly Public Bingo: 4/02/15 - Public Bingo, 4/9/15 Public Bingo, 4/16/15 - Public Bingo, 4/23/15 - Public Bingo,
and 4/30/15 - Public Bingo.
Tree Planting: On April 22, 2015, the Milano Evening Lions
planted a tree at the Milano ISD campus in observance of
Earth Day. One Agriculture class and several elementary classes participated in the planting, and watering of the tree.
Reading Program: The Milano Evening Lions were asked to
participate in a reading program entitled "Read to Them" on
April 27, 2015. The specific project is "Texas Reads One
Book", the night began with Dallas Cowboy's coach Jason
Garrett reading the first chapter of "The World According to
Humphrey" to the assembled crowd via video. Two Milano
Lions participated in this event and were available in the library to continue reading with students and parents following
Membership Chair-elect (and pretty much everything else)
Dennis Heitkamp receives his Senior Builder Pin from the
The Senior Builder Pin is awarded to those stalwarts who
have recruited at least 15 new members over the course of a
career, though Dennis’ totals are reportedly way higher than
that. Well done, Dennis.
Vision Screening: The New Braunfels (NB) Noon Lions Club
has pursued its Signature Service Project of Vision Screening
for a number of years. Texas law required that all children
attending a Texas school for the first time and all Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students have their visual acuity checked within the first 120 days of the school year. In
addition, all 1st, 3rd and 5th grade students must be similarly
checked before the end of the school year, but preferable also
within the first 120 days. Fulfillment of this mandate falls
squarely on the shoulders of the school nurses. The NB Noon
Lions assist the school nurses by screening virtually all of
those elementary school children. Coordination of this Hercu-
Page 35
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
lean effort falls to Noon Lion Ralph Koch and its success reflects greatly on his skill and dedication. Contacting School
Nurses and setting up Training is now underway for 2015 2016 school year.
Collection of Used Eyeglasses: Collection of eyeglasses
from numerous optical facilities as well as schools and other
collection boxes.
Girls State: We sent one girl to Girls State.
District 2-S3 Convention:
President Larry Kunkel, Treasurer Jeff Kunkel, future Lion
Garrett Kunkel, and Bobbie Hasert traveled to the Texas Lions
Camp Work Day session on March 28 th; they installed finished sections to an interior wall of the TLC children’s gym.
Aluminum Can Pick Up: Put out collection can and picked
up aluminum cans at New Braunfels Swap Meet.
Earth Day: We cleaned up trash in city.
Early Vision Screening: Provide early detection of vision
problems in pre-school age and as young as 6 months old
children. This easy computer assisted screening has resulted
in saving of some 16 kids eyes in the last 2 years. Clubs will
advertising the screening and get with the local daycares to
get the word out about the screenings. special screener from
the ROATX operate the actual screening of the child.
Early Vision Screening: A display table with brochures and
handouts about our Texas Lions Camp was set up at our
Round Rock Police Department to screen persons ages 6
months and old. 102 screenings were conducted with 17%
referral. A three year old was referred that requires specialized testing. A pediatric optometrist will partner with our Lions
Club at a reduced rate.
Lion Betty Schilling and Sue Hasert received awards
for their planning and preparation for the District Cabinet meeting and Convention.
Scholarships: Two Lions screened 13 senior applications in
3 different local high schools to determine one in each school
that had the greatest need, excellent grades, volunteerism,
neatness and interview. We deep regretted that we can only
provide 3 scholarships as the need is great, but our funds
Family Fitness and Pushup Challenge: Our Lions Club
partnered with our Round Rock Police Department to use
their classroom for 22 vendors promoting blood pressure,
stress, samples of healthy foods, plus mini exercise classes
and BBQ and a 5K walk with or without Fido were held outside.
Recycling Eyeglasses: Two Lions worked to sort, read
prescription, clean, and label mostly single prescription used
eyeglasses that will be used in October for a medical mission
to Guatemala.
Lions Mac McDonald (N.B. Breakfast Club), Herold
McCown, and Bobbie Hasert help with decorations for
the District Convention.
Boys State: President Larry Kunkel presented a check for
$550 to American Legion Post 35 in New Braunfels to send
two New Braunfels High School boys to Boys State this summer at the University of Texas in Austin.
Texas Lions Camp – Work Days:
Members Skip Nolte,
Scholarships: Annually, our Club awards $500 scholarships
to graduating seniors from among the four local high schools.
We are continually publicizing the scholarships and this year
we received more applications than in the three prior years
combined. Our scholarship committee reviewed all applications and scored them based on community service performed by applicants (pictures and write-ups were required),
a short essay about the applicant and the applicant's need.
This year, four scholarships were awarded to students from
Page 36
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
three of the four high schools.
a generation of young energetic students on their campus,
Friday, April 17, 2015.
Casino Night: Our Club held our 6th Annual Fiesta Night on
Friday April 24, 2015. This event continues to grow larger
each year. Those attending receive dinner, unlimited beverages and casino chips for use at 16 gaming tables. A Mariachi
band played and 250+ attendees had a great evening. At the
conclusion of the evening, attendees converted gaming chips
into tickets which were placed any of 36 prize buckets. A raffle was conducted for a $500 Visa card and a hand gun. One
attendee won a trip to Vegas for two and another won a
home gaming party. We also had a silent and live auction for
numerous signed sports and entertainment memorabilia, guns
and an African Safari. More than $33,560 was received from
the purchase of event tickets, table sponsors, raffle tickets,
50/50 card games and auction items. All of the money raised
will be used for programs supporting children, youth and seniors in our community.
Easter in the Park: Each year our Club sponsors Easter in
the Park at the local community park. For the event this year
we filled 5,500 Easter eggs with candy and prizes. There were
five Easter egg hunts, based on age group. Various other
prizes are awarded. Numerous community organizations set
up tables providing games and prizes for the children, as well
as various cultural and sporting demonstrations and an animal
adoption booth. We also perform vision screening at the
event. This year we screened 80 children and 11 were referred for follow-up care. The Easter Bunny was on-site
throughout the event as well. The event was well publicized
in local magazines, on billboards, on signs positioned across
major roads, and on small handouts and large posters that
were distributed to all local day cares and schools. Attendance
increases each year and the community has come to anticipate the event.
Early Childhood Vision Screening: In conjunction with
our annual Easter in the Park, we set up a vision screening
booth to provide early detection of vision problems in preschool age children. We screened 80 children and 11 were
referred for possible issues.
Pedernales Fire Department Crawfish Boil: We donated
$500 to assist Pedernales fire Department Auxiliary to put on
a Crawfish Boil.
Lunch for Ronald McDonald House: Providing (preparing
and cooking) lunch for 25 guests at Ronald McDonald House
in Austin. Parents and family stay here when their children
are in Dell's Children Hospital.
Charter Night: District 2-S3 is proud and excited to announce that Lions Clubs International has chartered our newest Lions Club on the Texas State Campus in San Marcos,
Texas on March 9, 2015. The Charter Celebration welcomed
The University of Texas Lions Club is something. When they
put on a little banquet they do it with a lighted tent on the
LBJ plaza under a full moon. This was their 3rd Lion
"birthday" and they honored their graduating seniors with
panache (the theme was "The Great Gatsby" - somewhere
between flappers and Bonnie & Clyde) as well as installing a
new lineup of officers. Trish Wilson (Bonnie) from the Texas
Lions Camp and Tommy Cowan (Clyde) from the Austin
Downtown Founder Lions Club put in great performances as
Page 37
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
May 2015
Volume 12, Issue 11
inspirational speakers. The video of the year's accomplishments was exhausting evidence of what young Lions can do-almost 3,000 hours of service and about that many miles totaled up just going to and fro. They've done everything from
planting trees (Tree Folks honored them as their volunteers of
the year) to forming an orchestra (9 instruments!) and playing for local senior centers to painting over giant walls of
graffiti to clearing out a hundred yards of bamboo along a
creek bank (bamboo! have you ever tried to hack through
that stuff?). Like we said – exhausting; and exhilarating, apparently. Their executive committee led by Prez Darren Tan
has some pretty big plans for next year.
We held our club’s annual election of officers for 2015-2016
during our first meeting of April. Lion Bob Shipe will be President for the 2015-2016 year. Bob will do an excellent job as
he has been in our club for a while and knows how things are
done. It is hard to believe that this Lion year is coming to an
end. Time really flies by when you are busy and are making
things happen in your community.
April also had us recognizing outstanding Teacher and Student of the Month from two local schools. Our Scholarship
Committee met several times to decide who would be awarded scholarships from local seniors who had applied. It is quite
a process and a BIG Lions roar goes out to everyone that
served on the committee.
As we look ahead to May, we will have our 3rd Market Day of
2015. Our second meeting in May will be our annual Job Fair
where Lions sign up to be on different committees for the
year. Without these committees, nothing would get done for
Market day or many other Lion activities. We have around 32
different committees in our club, so there should be something that interests you. Step up, sign up and try something
new. You might just like it, and learn something new, or at
least something you didn’t know about your organization.
Until next month, be safe and thank you for being a part of
the largest service organization in the world.
Lion Boss, Russell Cox
University of Texas Lions
Capital Area Food Bank: Our Lions went to Austin's Capital Area Food Bank where we helped discern food eligible for
donation from food that is not eligible. We packed the food
that was passed into boxes, and disposed of the rest. In the
first photo, you can see our group of Lions being briefed on
what to do, in the second photo, you can see one of our
members proudly packing some food.
Program Speaker: The evening program for the April 21,
2015 meeting was on Ground Water and Aquifers and was
presented by Geologist, Douglas A. Weirman, P.G. He spoke
about surface water and ground water, and how faults cause
portions of a river or creek to go underground only to surface
again downstream (screen slide in background shows water
being sucked down through a fault below the surface). We
learned that our aquifer is going down 4 to 6 feet per year,
most likely because of over-pumping, and that we all should
take steps to conserve water. He also challenged the Lions to
buy meters that gauge water usage and pass them out in our
President’s Letter for April, 2015: It is truly hard to believe that April is almost over. It was a busy month for all of
us, during which we had our second Market Days of the year
which turned out to be an average Market Day.
April 18th was EmilyAnn’s Annual Butterfly Day. Many Wimberley Lions volunteered to help this organization put on their
annual Butterfly Day event. We had Lions everywhere, running concessions, counting money, cutting brisket, wrapping
sandwiches, cooking hot dogs and any other job where help
was needed. It was a busy day for us all and the event turned
out to be one of the best Butterfly Day’s ever for EmilyAnn
Theatre. Our KidSight Vision Screening team setup at Butterfly Day’s and screened around 95 school age kids, along with
a few adult parents. It was a big hit.
Shown are Lion Boss Russell Cox and Doug Weirman.
Page 38
May 2015
Food Handling: Following the April 21st meeting, our own
Lion Kyle DeHart gave a Food Handler’s Class to Lions that
needed to renew their FH Card for concession work during
Wimberley Market Day.
Early Childhood Vision Screening: The Wimberley Lions
KVS team screened 95 kids at the Emily Ann Butterfly Festival. There were also several parents tested. There were 11
referrals to an eye care physician. Pictured are Wayne Orlosky, Past President Michael Murphy, Glenn Fisseler, Annette
Higdon and Bill Higdon. Not pictured is Lion Harold Tannahill
who assisted all day.
Motto: “Together We Can Achieve Success!”
Volume 12, Issue 11