7on7 - Edina Public Schools

Potenza Sports
7 on 7 play
Wh at is i t?
Starting April 4th, High
School players from around
MN will be given the
opportunity to play in 7 on 7
open gym sessions.
Potenza Sports 7 on 7 open
gym sessions will attract a
variety of athletes from MN.
Players can come to the 7 on
7 open gyms as an individual
or with a team.
These open gym sessions will
be once a month starting in
February and will go until the
High School football season
For more information please
contact us at
[email protected]
April 4th at
Braemar in
Edina, MN
Be ne f i ts
• Train during the off
season getting prepared for
the upcoming High School
• Maintain relationships with
players on the football team
and create new bonds
• Improve speed, timing,
endurance, defensive and
offensive skills
• Build confidence
• Exposure to scouts