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the request is documented, the Service
Request Center will forward it to the
proper department for necessary review,
action or enforcement.
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Neighborhood Resource Center
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Cut weeds, Repair sub-standard housing, Trash/debris Junk, abandoned and
untagged cars, Potholes/street repair,
Missed trash, pick-up Loose dogs, Zoning violations
Neighborhood Resource Center
Indian Springs Marketplace
4601 State Avenue, Suite 85
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
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The Code Enforcement Division
of the Unified Government in its
continuing effort to reduce blight
and enhance the appearance of
our city is continuing its mission
to educate the public about code
violations. The purpose of this
brochure is to educate and encourage voluntary compliance toward the abatement of structural
and environmental problems.
Violation of these ordinances
could result in a fine ranging from
$100.00 to $2,500.00 or possible
jail time.
According to the Kansas City Kansas
Code of Ordinances, Sections 8-336
and 8-337, unsecured structures, garages, and other outbuildings create an
attractive nuisance to children. All such
structures should have windows intact
or boarded up, and doors should be
secured against unauthorized entry.
In addition, unsecured structures allow
access to trespassers, drug users,
prostitutes, and vandals. This often results in fires and damage to the property or adjacent properties.
Well-maintained properties provide a
safe and healthy living environment, as
well as contributing greatly to the City’s
residential neighborhoods.
Defacement of public and private property through the application of graffiti
upon walls, rocks, bridges, buildings,
fences, gates, other structures, trees
and other real and personal property
the corporate boundaries of the city
constitute a blight on this community,
and, in the interests of health, safety,
and general welfare of the residents
and taxpayers of the city, immediate
steps must be taken to remove this
Ordinance 8-1(a, b, and c) states that:
All single family, two-family, multifamily, commercial, industrial and institutional structures, and mobile homes
shall display numerical addresses upon
the faces of structures and mobile
homes. Such display shall meet the following requirements:
Arabic numerals shall be at least
three inches in height, and shall
contrast in color with the background upon the structure where
they are placed.
The numerical address must be
clearly seen from the street and free
from vegetation.
Numerical addresses should be located at least three (3) and no more
than twenty (20) feet above ground
level on the face of the structure.
All multi-family structures in addition
to the numerical address shall be
required to have an additional number or letter designating each unit.
Mobile homes in mobile home
courts shall display the individual lot
number on the face of the mobile
The following conditions in Code Section 8336 – 8-337 make the following a violation:
those premises on which an accumulation
of weeds, vegetation, junk, dead organic
matter, debris, garbage, offal (hide trimmings), rat harborage, stagnant water, combustible materials, discarded appliances,
old furniture, brush piles, and similar materials or conditions that constitute fire, health,
or safety hazards. Such items must not be
stored on the front porch, in the front yard,
or at the curb while waiting for trash pick-up
day. Rather, they should be placed in
proper containers and stored in rear or side
yards of your residence.
Under the Kansas City, Kansas Code of
Ordinances, Sections 8-336 and 8-337,
stuffed furniture designed for indoor use,
when left in the yard or on the porch constitutes a nuisance. Because soft materials
absorb rain and other moisture, and because it also provides harborage for insects, snakes, and rodents,
can proCaption
picture or graphic.
mote an unhealthy environment
in addition
to a blighting effect. Consequently, use of
such materials and/or stuffed furniture outdoors is against the law.
Penalties for violating these and other ordinances under the Kansas City, Kansas
Code of Ordinances range up to $2500 and/
or up to 90 days in jail.
Well-maintained properties provide a safe
and healthy living environment, and contribute greatly to the appearance of the City’s
neighborhoods, thus raising and maintaining property values, and driving up the demand for residential property in Kansas
City, Kansas.
8-574; 8-575, It is unlawful for any property owner, representative, tenant, or other
person with control, occupancy, or possession of real property to allow excessive
growth of vegetation. Vegetation in violation would be that which is in excess of
eight (8) inches in height on any lot or parcel of land within the city. This includes any
area between the property lines of said lot
or parcel and the centerline of any adjacent
street or alley, including but not specifically
limited to sidewalks, streets, alleys, easements, rights-of-way, and all other areas
public or private.
To ensure you are not cited, keep your
property and vacant lots nicely trimmed at
all times throughout spring, summer, and
Under Kansas City, Kansas Code of Ordinances sections 8-336 and 8-337, Owners
are required to maintain all buildings in a
reasonably weather tight condition. A building will meet the definition of faulty weather
protection under any/or all of the following
Peeling paint, Lack of paint, Damaged exterior siding, Leaking roof, Broken or missing doors and/or windows, and Faulty guttering. Also considered substandard are
broken, rotted, split, or buckled exterior
wall or roof coverings.
8-162, Maintenance; Fences in all districts
of the city shall be maintained in good repair and shall be kept vertical, uniform, and
structurally sound. Fences constructed of
wood or metal shall be uniformly stained,
pained, or otherwise treated to prevent
weathering or deterioration.
8-163, Sight Distance At Intersections;
All corner lots shall provide two- (2) sight
distance triangles, the short leg of which
shall be twenty (20) feet and the long leg
shall be one hundred forty (140) feet
measured along the curb line or edge of
the pavement. Such area shall remain free
of shrubbery, fences, or other obstruction
to vision more than two (2) feet high measured from the roadway.
8-182, Fences Enclosing Swimming
Pools; Every outdoor private, public, or
semi-public swimming pool with the capacity to contain a depth of two (2) feet or
more of water shall be enclosed by a fence
of six (6) feet in height and made of sturdy
non-climbable material. All gates or doors
opening through such enclosures shall be
six (6) feet in height and equipped with self
-enclosing and self-latching devices to
keep them securely closed at all times.
8-198, Prohibited Materials; Barbed wire
fences, electrically charged fences, or
fences constructed of any materials which
are liable to snag, tear, cut or otherwise
injure anyone coming into contact with
them shall not be permitted on residentially
zoned properties, excluding those used for
agricultural purposes.
It is a violation of Kansas City, Kansas Code
of Ordinances Section 8-336 and Section 8337 to own and/or maintain a vehicular nuisance in Kansas City, Kansas.
A nuisance is defined as, a motor vehicle,
which is not currently registered or tagged
pursuant to applicable state law, or which is
in a condition of being junked or
wrecked, is wholly or partially disabled and/or
dismantled, or is parked on an unimproved
If a vehicle is placarded with a Ten-Day Tow
Notice and then towed, a ticket will be issued
to the Property Owner and/or any other responsible party.
To ensure you are not cited, keep nuisance
vehicles off your property and vacant lots.
Or, keep them stored within a totally enclosed structure such as a garage at all
times. Privacy fence does not qualify as an
enclosed structure.
those premises on which there is an accumulation of weeds, vegetation, dead organic
mater, combustible materials, and similar
materials constituting fire, health, or safety
hazards are deemed a nuisance pursuant to
sections 8-336 and 8-337 of the Kansas City
Kansas Code of Ordinances. All dead trees,
shrubbery, or dead parts of trees within or
that overhang public or private property must
be promptly removed.
Such materials should not be accumulated in
piles ahead of time in anticipation of the burn
Neighborhood Resource Center
Indian Springs Marketplace
4601 State Avenue, Suite 85
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
Tel: 913-573-8790