Create, Collaborate, Conquer This company is looking to hire a

Create, Collaborate, Conquer
This company is looking to hire a software engineer to help
Building 22, Room 219
take over the world! That’s right; we are working on a new
1 Grand Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA
line of open sourced robotic super soldiers that will have
huge military potential with very little downside risk.
The position reports directly to senior engineers and the right individual must be efficient, open
minded, and able to work under very little supervision.
Required Skills
Expert C programmer
Expert Java programming
Driver debugging experience
Familiarity with Linux based systems
Experience using Excel, Word and their open source equivalents
Additional Skills
Ability to work on a team if needed
Ability to adequately document code libraries
Ability to communicate well and persuasively
Ability to work with specialized code versions
Exceptional Skills
 Experience working with nuclear powered robotics
Here at Enfenete Enterprises, we work free and with one goal in mind making our company
the most powerful in the world through technological advances and employee devotion and
dedication. The company provides full transportation to and from our inconspicuous
laboratories and provides meals based on the college diet in order to ease the pain of
transitioning into the real world environment. We hope you can help us be the greatest
company in the world. Together we will revolutionize what it means to be a corporately run