ECEN 405 Power electronics project 2015 Worth: 30%

ECEN 405 Power electronics project 2015
Worth: 30%
The objective is to design and build a class D amplifier to power a sub-woofer speaker to
the following specifications:
100 Watts into 4 Ω
10Hz to 200Hz bandwidth
Input sensitivity of 1V for maximum output
Maximum costs: $50 per person
What do YOU need to do?
1. Read the provided material (on Wiki)
2. Research around to get more information you need
3. Document any important information you come across
4. Design the circuit
5. Prepare a proposal outlining the design and submit by deadline (See below)
6. PCB layout and construction
7. Testing and document the results
8. Prepare report
9. Submit
The report will need to be written describing:
The circuit and why particular design elements were chosen
Justification for the components used
Performance measurements
Physical design
The assessment will be based on:
1. The proposal (2.5%)
2. The quality of the report (5%)
3. The performance of the amplifier (efficiency, bandwidth, distortion) (5%)
4. The design process (10%)
5. PCB layout and construction (5%)
6. Presentation (2.5%)
An initial design proposal should be completed by the 2nd of April and a document
submitted for approval to advance to the construction phase. This document should give a
brief outline of the design, a costing of the components required and details of the power
supply requirements. Note: only the power amplifier section is to be designed, a suitable +DC supply will be provided for testing.
Start-line: Friday the 6th of March – Form Groups, decide responsibilities, outline the
design of your project
Proposal Due: 2nd April 9pm
PCB submission to Techies: 20th April 5pm
Project deadline: 1st June
Presentations: 3rd June
Report submission: 15th June 9pm