Dr. Nasser H. Al-Uwaishiq General Director of Content Standards

Dr. Nasser H. Al-Uwaishiq
General Director of Content Standards and Assessment
Tatweer for Educational Services Company (T4edu)
Dr. Nasser Al-Uwaishiq joined the Tatweer for Educational Services
Company (T4edu) in January 2015 as the General Director of Content,
Standards and Assessment, where he hold responsibly for the
development of all printed and digital content, standards and assessment. Dr. Al-Uwaishiq have
a broad experience in the areas of curriculum and content development; he has worked for ten
years in Obeikan Education as the Director of K-12, where he successfully completed huge longterm projects in curriculum development and professional development in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. Prior to that, the he was the Mathematics Development
Manager, in the same company, where he led and participated in editing, translation,
localization and editing of more than 250 textbooks. He also led the development of the
Mathematics Framework and Standards, and the development of standardized tests as a part g
an assessment project for the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS). During that
period, Dr. Al-Uwaishiq held many professional development and training programs, and
presented papers in conferences in the areas of curriculum locally and globally.
Prior to joining Obeikan, Dr. Al-Uwaishiq spent twenty years in the Ministry of Education in
Saudi Arabia, where he began his career as a Mathematics teacher in different grade levels in
Riyadh, and then as an educational supervisor, then moved on to work in the Curricula
Department of the Ministry of Education, and became the head of Mathematics Curriculum
Dept. During that period, he participated in developing the Mathematics curriculum framework
in K-12, also participated in the development and modification of the math textbooks for the
elementary and intermediate schools. Then he became an adviser for the Undersecretary for
Educational Development in the Ministry, where he participated in development of the Leading
Schools Model. He also participated in the preparation of the KSA educational development
framework. He participated in many committees and conferences of local, regional and
international in-relevant field of his work, and attended multiple training programs inside and
outside the Kingdom.
Dr. Al-Uwaishiq hold a PhD degree in Curriculum from the King Saud University, a Master
degree in Mathematics Education, and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the same university. He
also attended many advanced professional development programs in the fields of Leadership
and Education at INSEAD, London Business School, the University of Columbia, and Melbourne
Dr. Al-Uwaishiq has interests in his field, such as; Mathematics Education, Problem Solving,
Teachers’ Professional Development and eLearning.