Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go Product Manual Cue Cards

Product Manual Cue Cards
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
52 Passion Positions
Item 3090 • Item 3090C
Fifty-two illustrated flash cards give you a romantic position to play with every week of the
year. Step by step instructions included.
• 52 illustrated flash cards
• Step by step instructions
• Handy carrying case
• Experiment with a new position every week
• Keep lovemaking a regular activity
• Encourages communication
Rev. 10/08
Blossom Bliss
Item 1157 • 1157C
These petals are designed to please. Hands-free vibrator with removable bullet and
multi-speed dial. Waterproof. 3” length, 3/4” diameter. Four LR44 batteries required. Eight
• Removable bullet
• Multi-speed dial
• Waterproof
• Eight watch batteries
• 3” length, 3/4” diameter
• Soft and pliable
• Hands-free pleasure
• Can be used in tub or shower
• Good beginner toy
Companion Products:
• Revelation Lubricant
• Ultra Glide
• Toygasms!
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
Item 1005 • 1005C
Low effort, high impact orgasms. This powerful pleaser should be a staple in every woman’s
toy box. Two AA batteries required.
• 2” long and 1” diameter.
• Separate control pack.
• Multi-speed controls.
• Portable and quiet.
• Highly flexible, for small places and tight positions to ensure you get the sensation you
are seeking.
• Select the intensity you desire.
• Small and discreet enough to bring it along anywhere.
Companion Products:
• Passion Parties® Toy Cleanser
• Revelation® Lubricant
• Any Bullet Sleeve offered by Passion Parties®
• Super Deluxe Smitten
• Ultra Glide
Rev. 12/09
Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser
Item 7019 • 7019C
Keep it clean. The most impressive toy cleanser on the market. Simple and safe to use.
• Antibacterial
• Convenient spray bottle
• 8 ounces/240 ml
• No mixing required
• Convenient and easy to use
Companion Products:
• A must have for any Passion Parties toy
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
Item 1207 • 1207C
Sleek and streamlined. The ergonomic shape of this dual action vibrator exhilarates, while
its powerful, yet whisper-quiet, three-speed motor ensures a mind altering experience.
Waterproof. 8” length, 1 1/2” diameter. Requires two AAA batteries.
• 7 1/2” length, 1 1/4” diameter
• Dual action
• Butterfly clitoral stimulator
• Three-speed motor
• Waterproof
• Quiet
• Streamlined design is exhilarating
• Powerful motor
Companion Products:
• Revelation™ Lubricant
• Slip ‘n Slide
• Clean & Simple™ Adult Toy Cleanser
Rev. 03/10
Item 4003 • 4003C Original Gigi (pink)
Item 4014 • 4014C Glow-in-the-Dark Gigi
Top-selling, lifelike pleasure sleeve. Modeled after a real vagina. extremely stretchy to
accommodate men of all sizes. Couples toy or solo fun. 5” length, 2” diameter.
• Modeled after a real vagina.
• Pleasure ribbing on the inside.
• Extremely stretchy to accommodate all sizes snugly.
• Warms to the touch and quickly becomes as warm and as soft as the real thing.
• Ribbing generates amazing sensations.
• Gives a woman a way to participate if she is not prepared to have sex; maintains intimacy
between couples.
Companion Products:
• Passion Parties Toy Cleanser
• Revelation Lubricant
• Ultra Glide
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
Item 8216 • 8216C
Nibble-licious! Passion Parties’ best seller, Nipple Nibblers, is now an easy-to-apply lip and
body balm stick.
• Strawberry Flavored
• Contains menthol.
• Packaged in a convenient applicator tube
• Very sensual flavor is extremely tasty to the “nibbler.”
• Sensitizes the nipples in some women.
• Moisturizes and plumps the nipple.
• Dual usage as a lip gloss.
Rev. 05/10
Item 1156 • 1156C
Increase your ability for simultaneous orgasm. Slip over erection and experience six levels of
vibration, pulsation and escalation. Nub-studded pouch transmits gratification for her. Three
AA batteries required.
• Soft Jelly material for maximum comfort
• Can be worn up for clitoral stimulation, or down for scrotum stimulation
• Six settings including vibration, pulsation and roller coaster
• Increase ability for simultaneous orgasm
• Relationship enhancer for couples
• Easy to clean
Companion Products:
• Passion Parties Toy Cleanser
• Revelation Lubricant
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go Pac
Pure Instinct Roll-on
Item 4627 • 4627C
Inspire desire. Unisex scent and powerful attractant. .35 oz/10.35 ml.
• .35 oz / 10 ml
• Unisex, woodsy, citrus scent
• Roll on applicator
• Potent attractant
• Subtly attracts the attention of others
• Attractive fragrance
• Perfect for traveling
Companion Products:
• Pure Satisfaction®
• Soft & Silky Duo
• Alluring Body Lotion™
Rev. 12/09
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Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel
Item 2095 • 2095C
Get aroused. A dab of Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel activates your sexual sensitivity.
Designed for men and women. Discover for yourself why this is our #1 selling product.
1.7 oz/50 ml.
Women: Apply a small amount of the gel in and around the clitoral area, making sure to massage
the gel into the soft tissue on the underside of the clitoral hood. For more lubricating benefits, apply
Pure Satisfaction around the vaginal area. Use daily to improve response results by increasing clitoral
Men: Apply a small amount of Pure Satisfaction directly to the head and in the opening of the penis,
making certain to massage the gel into the tissue of these areas for one or two minutes.
Note: Your first use of Pure Satisfaction may require the pump be primed up to ten times to activate it.
This is normal and subsequent uses should not require this.
Response varies from person to person and may require several applications to achieve desired
results. This product is not intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose any disease or sexual
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
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Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel
• Gel formula in an aloe-vera base.
• Contains L-arginine.
• Contains peppermint oil.
• Can be used effectively by both men and women.
• Completely safe to use, it can even be ingested safely.
• Works quickly.
• Packaged in pump container.
• Assists women in achieving orgasms, and achieving them more quickly.
• Assists in achieving more powerful orgasms, and multiple orgasms.
• Tingling peppermint is highly arousing, and begins to work immediately.
• Contributes to, and stimulates additional natural lubrication.
• Can be spontaneous.
• Convenient bedside pump means it’s always available.
Companion Products:
• RT Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel
• Simply Irresistible Solid Parfum
• Personal Finger Smitten
Rev. 12/09
Revelation Lubricant
Item 2207 • 2207C
Enjoy all-night passion. Non-staining and long-lasting. Water-based, but feels like silicone.
Reactivate with just a few drops of water. 4 oz/120 ml.
• Condom compatible
• Water-soluble.
• Non-staining.
• Pull-up cap.
• Greatly enhances sexual intercourse.
• Cleans up easily with just water.
Rev. 03/10
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
RomantaTherapy® Alluring Body Lotion
Item 2070 • Item 2070C
Item 2071 • 2071C
Green Tea
Make your skin supple. Non-greasy lotion glides on. 8.4 oz/250 ml.
• Contains aloe vera
• Exclusive to Passion Parties
• Pleasantly, but lightly scented
• Soothing to the skin, and helps skin retain moisture
• Easily dispensed with no waste
Companion Products:
• Super Deluxe Smitten
• RT Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel
• RT Soft & Silky Shaving Crème
• RT Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist
Rev. 12/09
RomantaTherapy® G-Spot Crème
Item 2031 • 2031C
Discover the thrill of G-spot orgasm. Passion Parties’ exclusive G-Spot Crème produces a
titillating effect for sensual excitement in the G-Spot. Water-soluble, condom friendly and pH
balanced. 1 oz/30 ml.
• Exclusive to Passion Parties
• pH balanced to a woman’s body
• Water-soluble and condom-friendly
• Pump dispenser for easy use and no spills
• Promotes a higher awareness of sexual sensitivity
• Assists the exploration of the elusive G-Spot
• Perfect for sensual exploration with a partner
• Tingling effect
Companion Products:
• Any Passion Parties G-Spot toy
• Pure Satisfaction
• Finger Smitten
• Complete Guide to Sexual Positions
Caution: As each woman is
unique, individual results may
vary. If sensitivity or irritation
occurs, discontinue use.
Physician should be consulted
if irritation persists. Avoid
contact with eyes. If contact
occurs, immediately rinse
with water. If eye discomfort
persists, consult a physician.
This crème should not be used
by women who are allergic to
aspirin, on prescribed blood
thinners, pregnant, nursing
or have an STD. Keep out of
reach of children.
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
RomantaTherapy® Hand Cream
Item 2087 • 2087C Green Tea
Item 2086 • 2086C Plumeria
Keep your romance hands-on. Soothing and nurturing ingredients make your hands seductively soft. Choose
from two fragrances: Plumeria or Green Tea. 4.1 ounces/116 g.
• Sexy fragrance
• Nourishing ingredients
• Passion Parties exclusive
• 4.1 ounces/116 g
• Soft hands are seductive
• A new addition to the Passion Parties exclusive RomantaTherapy line
• Plumeria fragrance is the fragrance of love while Green Tea fragrance creates a Zen-like tranquility.
Companion Products
• RomantaTherapy Alluring Body Lotion
• Green Tea Bath Experience
• Plumeria Bath Experience
Plumeria Ingredients: Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate, Purified Water, Stearic Acid, Mineral Oil, Carthamus
Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben,
Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Triethanolamine, Fragrance,
Carbomer, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Blue 1, Red 33.
Green Tea Ingredients: Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate, Purified Water, Stearic Acid, Carthamus Tinctorius
(Safflower) Seed Oil, Mineral Oil, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben,
Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Triethanolamine, Fragrance,
Carbomer, Blue 1, Yellow 5.
Rev. 11/09
RomantaTherapy® Soft & Silky Shaving
Item 2061 • 2061C Green Tea
Item 2062 • 2062C Unscented
Item 2064 • 2064C Plumeria
Be silky smooth and seductive. Soft & Silky UniSEX Shaving Crème is aloe vera-based.
Three scents: Plumeria, Unscented, Green Tea. 4.1 oz/116 g. For best results use with Soft
& Silky After Shave Protection Mist.
• Light fragrance
• Nourishing formula prevents bumps and razor burn
• Aloe vera based
• Makes skin smooth
• Use anywhere to remove hair – face, legs, bikini area
• Designed for men and women
Companion Products:
• RT Salt Glow Body Scrub
• RT Sensuous Bath Salts
• RT Alluring Body Lotion
Rev. 12/09
Passion Fantasies Party-To-Go
Super Deluxe Smitten
Item 2414 • 2414C
Like a hundred butterfly wings tickling your skin. Thick massaging nubs.
• Made from very flexible but durable purple vinyl
• Firm nubs on one side, long ticklers on the other side
• Can be used in the tub or shower
• Very soothing to the skin, especially when used with a massage lotion
• Conforms to the hand inside for a tactile sensation
• Can fit almost any size hand, even men with large hands
• Can accommodate a Mini Bullet
Companion Products:
• Mini Bullet
• Any Passion Parties® Massage Lotions or Oils
• Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel
Rev. 12/09