Finance Minor Worksheet

FINANCE MINOR WORKSHEET**Not available for Economics first or second majors.
(Offered by the Economics department; effective Fall 2012)
STAT 111 or STAT 130 or STAT 210 or STAT 230/MATH 230 or STAT 250/MATH 342D or BME 244L
MATH 222 or MATH 216 or MATH 212
ECON 101, Economic Principles1
ECON 372, Intermediate Finance
Three electives to be selected from among the following (others with approval of the DUS ):
 Econ 305S: History of International Monetary & Financial Crises
 Econ 324A: International Finance (Duke in New York only)
 Econ 353: Financial Institutions
 Econ 368: Behavioral Finance
 Econ 370: Global Capital Markets
 Econ 373: Corporate Finance
 Econ 376A: Financial Markets and the Global Economy (Duke in New York only)
 Econ 377A: The Economics of Fin Derivatives & Fin Engineering (Duke in New York only)
 Econ 378: Financial Risk Management
 Econ 379: Emerging Markets
 Econ 390: Internationalization of Finance
 Econ 390: Inside Hedge Funds
 Econ 390A: Financial Crisis and Globalization
 Econ 413: Forecasting Financial Markets
 Econ 455: International Finance
 Econ 461/490S: How Markets Work: Theory and Evidence
 Econ 471: Financial Markets and Investments
 Econ 480S: Spring Honors Research2
 Econ 486S: Fall Honors Research2
 Econ 490S: Goodner Equity Research Project
 Econ 512: Equity Valuation and Financial Analysis
 Econ 513: Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions
 Econ 514: Fixed Income Markets and Quantitative Methods
 Econ 673/Math 581: Mathematical Finance
 Econ 674/Math 582: Financial Derivatives
 BME 385: Introduction to Business in Technology-Based Companies
Students with credit for both Econ 21/AP Macro (4 or higher) and Econ 22/AP Micro (4 or higher) may receive credit for
Econ 101. Certain international standardized exams may also be used as credit for Econ 101. Please visit for more information.
Certain Independent Studies and Honors Seminars may be used to satisfy the Finance Electives requirement, with
advance approval of the DUS.
Revised 04.27.15
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