Technical Data Sheet
Nano-Steam is a coating material for synthetic surfaces with anti-condensation and antistatic effect.
Areas of application:
Glass and mirrors in the interior of the vehicle, wind deflector plates of motorbikes, visors
The use of gloves is recommended. Nano-Steam dries the skin. The application should be checked at an
inconspicuous spot or a sample. Not to be applied at temperatures below +5°C.
Quantity to be applied:
Processing temperature:
Storing and durability:
approx. 10-15 ml per m²
approx. 1-2 minutes at least
+5°C to +25°C
refer to safety data sheet
refer to safety data sheet, imprint on bottles;
to be protected against direct insolation and frost,
to be stored well closed in the original container
Before applying the coating, the surface has to be cleaned carefully from dust, grease and other dirt. It is
recommended to use Nano-Cleaner. Then it should be rinsed intensively with clear water.
Put a small portion of Nano-Steam on a dry, fluff-free towel and apply it regularly to the surface, so that
a thin fluid coat arises, which will dry up slowly.
Within a short time period (approx. 1 min) the coating is dry. If after drying reams become visible, too
much of the product was used. A repetition of the coating using less product takes out the reams and
ensures high visibility
Influence of the environment:
Do only coat small surfaces at temperatures above 25°C.
Cleaning of the coated surface:
The surfaces coated with Nano-Steam can be cleaned with mild cleaners (for example Nano-Cleaner). It
is recommended to carry out a re-coating, as described above.
The information on this data sheet is based on the current status of technical development as well as
our experience with the product. However, the information provided on this data sheet shall in no way
diminish the responsibility of the user to ensure with due care that our product is suited for the
intended purpose, surface and application conditions. Note in particular, that we accept no liability in
cases where we have not explicitly stated application purposes and types of use.