Liquid humic fertilizer with "EleGum" trace elements

Fertilizers of universal and special composition are prepared by enriching
humic peat extracts by various microelements sets and ratio
Assigned for non-root feeding of vegetating agricultural crops. Improve mineral nutrition, produce a complex
stimulating effect on plants growth
processes, decrease morbidity, increase cultivated crops yield and
plant growing produce quality
Biologically active growth-stimulating humic
matters, (mass concentration of humic
matters in a fertilizer– 10 g/l) microelement, stabilizing additive
Marks of fertilizers:
“AleGum Copper–Manganese” – 2 marks by
25 or by 33 g/l element each;
–“AleGum Copper Zinc” – by 25 g/l element
“AleGum Boron –Manganese” – by 25–50 g/l
of manganese and 50–100 of boron;
“AleGum Boron – Zinc” – by 50 g/l element
“AleGum Boron –Copper “ – by 50–100 g/l
of boron and 25–50 g/l copper;
“AleGum Zinc–Manganese” – by 20-30 g/l
element each;
“AleGum–Complex” of humic matters concentration as 0,5-1 g/l and copper,
manganese, zinc and boron content
from 0,8 to 2,5 g/l.
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