Solar Eclipse Quick Reference Card

Solar Eclipse
Quick Reference Card
For Solar Eclipse Users with Release 9.0 and higher
User Control Panel
Lock Solar
Access the Help menu including online help and Solar information.
Use the User Controls menu to lock the Solar window
when sharing a terminal or other workspace.
Access Solar Preferences, menu button sizes, and widget information.
Minimize, Maximize, and Close the main window.
Launch the User Job Queue for the logged in user. The red badge indicates how many
trackers are ready for your review.
Launch the Report Queue (Your Hold Entries). The red badge indicates how many new
reports are waiting for your review.
Launch the Message Queue. The red badge indicates how many new messages are
Display the user menu to currently logged in session, start Eterm, login as a different
user, change printer or locations, change profile images, or check the error log.
Your uploaded user profile image. This image displays in Eclipse Messaging and
Eclipse Mobile.
Main Menu Format
The Main Menu reflects the standard root menu assigned to your user. When you select a menu, the menu changes to display the
submenu options. Arrows indicate a submenu is displayed.
Recent & Open Windows and My Favorites
My Favorites: For frequently-used windows, right-click and add to your My
Favorites list. Only Main Menu items can be added as a favorite.
Recent Windows: Solar auto-tracks your 10 most recently visited windows
and provides a quick-access list.
Open Windows: Display thumbnails of the windows you currently have open
including which record you may be working with.
Shortcut Keys
From the Solar Desktop use the Alt key to display the shortcut keys for each menu item. This keeps you mouse-free to access windows!
Use F2 to display the My Favorites.
Use Esc to go back a menu.
Once you click in a window or on a widget, the
shortcuts disengage. Press Alt to display them
again. Use your arrow keys to navigate.
Check this out!
All the standard shortcuts from
previous releases still work.
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Widget Category Toolbar and Solar Desktop
Define categories or groups to separate the widgets you create by area, such as Reports or Month End. This cleans up your Solar
desktop and displays only those categories you want to use at the time.
Widget Category Toolbar
Solar Desktop
Add a widget—Right-click on the Solar desktop. Select Add Widgets.
Refresh Widget data—Right-click on Solar desktop. Select Refresh Widgets Now.
Arrange widgets—Right-click on the Solar desktop. Select Arrange Widgets to
have the system auto-arrange widgets. Drag widgets to any location on the
desktop. Right-click and select Save Widgets.
Create a Category—Click Add Category, then enter a name,
select an icon, and click OK. Note: Create the widget in the
category in which you want it to display.
Switch categories—Click the Category icon on the Category
Delete, Edit, and Refresh
Use the
icons on
the top of each widget to delete,
open the icon info in Widget
Maintenance, or refresh your
widget data.
Editing Widgets
Trash Can—Deletes widget
Pencil—Opens Widget Maint
Arrows—Refreshes data
Use the Edit icon to access the widget properties. Widgets have basic size parameters programmed. If a widget size is unavailable, then the
information the widget should display will not work for that widget size. Select from the widget sizes in the drop down list.
Titles—Change your widget title to read something meaningful to you or add the shortcut for easy reference.
Sizes—Adjust the size of the widget to display what you
need to see.
Colors—Change the widget background color to be most
readable for you.
Flashing—Indicate if you want the widget to flash when
information changes.
Icons—Pick an icon from a defined list to associate with
the widget.
Categories—Select a category in which the widget should
display. These are categories you have already created
with the Add Category feature.
The main tabs in Widget Maintenance remain the same from
previous releases: Widgets, Main Menu Shortcuts, and Queue
Menu Shortcut. All the functionality is still there!
Eclipse Messaging Options
Change how, where, and for how long your messages display
on your desktop through the User Preferences Messaging tab.
Check this out!
Your terminal, printer and release info
are handy on the main Solar Desktop:
Access the Online Help
Press F11 from the Solar Desktop to launch
the online help or use the User Control panel
and select Help Home Page.
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