our guide to calculating stallion contributions.

Guide to calculating EBF Stallion
Contribution 2015 covering season
To assist stallion owners in ensuring that they are paying the correct
amount to the EBF, the following guide has been drawn up.
1 The EBF contribution is based on the average value of nominations sold, NOT the advertised fee.
If mares have been covered but no nominations have been sold, the minimum fee of £300/€450
(£100/€150 registration fee + £200/€300 balance) is payable.
To calculate the average value of nominations sold:
• Total value of nominations sold on 1st October terms, multiplied by 70%
• Total value of nominations sold on Live Foal terms (including SLF, NFNF, etc. terms)
multiplied by 60%.
• Divide grand total by the number of nominations sold (NOT number of mares covered)
This will give the average value of nominations sold for the Standard Contribution
• If the total number of mares covered is 65 or more, use the Graduated Payment Scheme to
determine the amount due to EBF:
65-85 mares
x 1.5 Standard Contribution
86-120 mares
x 2 Standard Contribution
121+ mares
x 3 Standard Contribution
If you require any assistance in calculating the amount due for your stallion,
please contact this office on 01638 667960 or email [email protected]