Automated FX Trading
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Brief Overview
No investment to third parties – your money is your money - always
Averaging 10 to 50% + per month (compounding)
100% automated meaning no effort from you
Minimal and defined risk
Outstanding growth opportunities
No long term commitment – leave anytime
Limited opportunity
Dedicated expert (10 years) managing trading systems
Dedicated customer support and trading diary blog for VIP clients
Ability to help in charity work
Suitable for Self Managed Super Funds
Can have multiple accounts for family members
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Keith Nielsen (see bio below) has been dedicated to developing and analysing automated trading in
the forex market for the past 10 years and is currently one of the world experts in this industry.
He knows all the pitfalls and understands the markets, trading systems and money management
better than most.
Recent times have given Keith access to literally thousands of trading systems that he can use. Of
course, most are hopeless but there are quite a few gems out there and these are what he uses to
create a trading account like this… Your account will be trade copying our MASTER ACOUNT.
Here is our brand new MASTER ACCOUNT using the latest and best
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Here is a REAL MONEY account following our strategies
Here is our new HERO ACCOUNT which ticks every box for long term
profits and low risk
Note: all of the above are live trading accounts running on 100% automatic mode.
We use a mixture of the best trading signals in the world as well as our own
manual trading to create a master account that your account will be trading
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How do we choose our trading systems?
We use a mixture of external automated trading signals as well as manual intervention if required
for both capital protection or increased profits.
Trading signals are simply other peoples trading accounts that we can Trade Copy so that all their
trades are traded on our account instantly.
There are currently over 2000 trading signals that are available on the site to choose
There are also hundreds of other private signal providers available as well as some of our own expert
Our job is to locate the best ones and then input these into our MASTER accounts that we use to
trade our real money accounts. We review this list every week.
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You don’t have to do anything!
We have built a sophisticated back end system on dedicated high end servers that will manage your
trades seamlessly.
All of our signals go into one MASTER account. From there, whenever a trade is placed from any of
our signal providers or manual trading, it will AUTOMATICALLY send a signal to place that trade on
your account – in milliseconds. It is a streamlined process and ensures that your account will look
exactly the same as ours.
Of course, you can also place your own trades on your account if you want to. It won’t affect our
Account Size
As all accounts will be different sizes, our system will change the trade sizes accordingly. Eg if the
MASTER account is $50K and yours is $25K, then trade sizes will be half the original trade size.
As your account grows, your trade sizes will adjust accordingly.
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Here are the 7 key criteria for the best and safest automated trading strategies:
Low Drawdown
Capital Protection
High trade accuracy
Diversification of currency pairs
Excellent money management
Reliability of service
Good, consistent profits for the long term.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yet to get all of these requirements together requires special trading
techniques. We can now do this.
Let’s look at each component individually:
Low Drawdown
It goes without saying that we don’t like to see our account in negative territory. Sure, it has to
happen sometimes as that is a reality of trading but it would be much better is we don’t see a
drawdown at all, and if we do, only very small ones.
Capital Protection
Capital protection is paramount. At times, we will forego potential large profits if it looks like
affecting our account too much. We also have inbuilt failsafe systems to protect most of your
account in case of a disaster.
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Accurate Trades
When we trade, we would all like to see a winner every time. Generally though, all systems will get it
wrong sometimes but we like to see at least most of our trades winning from the get go.
Diversification of Currency Pairs
Diversification is one of the major keys to risk management. Our autobots can trade up to 28
currency pairs at once.
Excellent Money Management
Money management simply means preserving your capital. We require all trades to be managed
properly so that we take profits quickly as well as take (small) losses quickly. There is an old saying
that says “the first loss is the best loss”. What this means is that by taking a small loss occasionally,
you will still have most of your capital to trade again asap. If you don’t take a loss and move on you
can be stuck in a protracted drawdown for long periods of time. In short, we require tight stops to
preserve capital and be ready for the next trade which could be anytime. We don’t want to be stuck
in bad trades and miss out on the next good ones.
Reliability of Service
Automated trading is delivered via an Expert Advisor (EA) or by a trading signal service. It is
imperative that the trades get placed when they should. There are a variety of factors that can affect
reliability but by using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with high speed connections, this negates nearly
all of the potential issues.
Good, Consistent Profits
Goes without saying really. The whole goal is to make profits on a long term basis without any major
scares along the journey. As long as we incorporate nearly all of the above criteria, profits will follow
on a regular basis – no matter what the market conditions are.
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We choose some of the best traders from around the globe and use these as inputs to our own
MASTER account(s). We still never rely on just one signal - we use them in a portfolio in our MASTER
Here are some examples of real money accounts that we can choose – all 100% verified as being
true and correct and all using real money.
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*** Past results are no guarantee of future performance
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Yes, you can sleep easy at night as trading is managed, monitored and as accurate as possible with
very good money management.
Complete application form (below)
We sign a simple legal agreement that makes the arrangement crystal clear
Open up a trading account with Pepperstone
Fund account with your capital
Allow trading access to your account to install trading systems
We connect your account to our MASTER systems and monitor it for you
Approximate time frame from beginning to trading is 1 week.
Note: We can never access your funds. They are held in your Australian broker account and regulated via ASIC and APRA.
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About Keith Nielsen
After a 2 year forced break from business due to health issues he is now returning to business with
new enthusiasm and increased knowledge.
During this break he has constantly worked in his forex development and research work. This is his
Keith was the CEO of The Inside Trader, a long running stock market research company. He is the
author of 2 published books, has had his own radio show and was a regular contributor to many
newspapers and magazines. The Nielsen Supply Demand and Smart Money Indicators were his
invention. He has always had a long running passion for trying to solve complex problems and the
unique tools he has developed have proven themselves through all markets.
Some of his previous work…
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Want to know more?
Here are the bare basics of the deal so we can all benefit:
Profit share arrangement only – your capital is your capital – ALWAYS!
Minimum investment is $25K (but this is your money in your account – we can’t touch it)
Fully managed account based on our continuous research and testing
Money management is paramount and pre-determined
Profit share starts at 50/50 and decreases as capital increases
Fully transparent 24/7. It is designed to be a win/win scenario.
Your investment $25K (min) into your own trading account
NO Joining fee
Increase your investment anytime at no extra cost
Profit share arrangement on monthly profits
No commitment – Leave anytime
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YES, I am interested in joining your managed trading service in a profit share arrangement
Please send me the agreement so I can see further exact details:
Please email application form to [email protected]
Contact Keith Nielsen directly
Ph: 0439451616
Email: [email protected]
please use subject line: Profit Share Proposal
NOTE: This is only available until for 5 people. After that, the offer is closed permanently.
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This profit share agreement is a private agreement between 2 entities and does not constitute financial advice of any kind at all. It is a
software management system using our Intellectual Property (IP) whereby we manage the backend of your account using our extensive
experience in this field.
Currency trading offers amazing profit potential, but includes also large risk potential. Currency trading on margin is may not be suitable
for all individuals. The high leverage offered in the currency market can work against you as well as for you.
Before you get started with trading in the foreign exchange market you should consider your investment goals, objectives, trading
experience and your personal risk appetite. You should be also aware of the possibility that you could lose some or in the worst case, all of
your equity. For this reason, we recommend that you invest only funds you can afford to lose. Only discretionary money should be used for
currency trading. Make yourself aware of all possibly risks associated with trading currencies on margin. If you have any questions or
concerns you should contact an independent financial advisor.
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