Easton Soccer Spring 2015 Travel Coach Fact Sheet final

Spring 2015 Travel Coach Fact Sheet Thank you for your willingness to invest your time coaching our young soccer players. Our children are fortunate to have such positive, committed role models. Without you, our parent volunteers, we would not be a most successful organization. The Spring season is intended to be a fun, developmental, and competitive soccer experience for your team. Standings are kept and there is post-­‐season play for U12 and above. Easton Soccer expects each of our teams to demonstrate the sportsmanship and competitive behaviors that have become the hallmark of our well respected program. Our teams will be playing in the South Shore Soccer League. We will have a coaches meeting prior to the start of the season as well as clinics throughout the season. There are many resources available to coaches which will be discussed during the coaches meeting. COACHES MEETINGS th
Coaches meeting – Tuesday, March 10 at Maplewood ROSTERS AND PASS CARDS Rosters will be distributed at the Coaches meeting and an alternative date will also be arranged. You will receive a laminated roster. When you receive your roster, please verify that it is correct. You will need to make 20+ copies of your roster because at each game, you will need to provide the referee with 2 copies, along with the laminated roster. The referee keeps one copy and gives the other to the opposing coach. If a players number is incorrect on your roster, you may correct the number by crossing out the number and writing in the correct number. Please correct the number on a paper copy and provide the paper copy with the corrected number to the referee prior to each game. Pass cards will be distributed with the rosters at the Coaches Meeting. All coaches will receive a pass card and coaches on U12 and older teams will receive pass cards for all of their players. Please note that if you are coaching multiple teams, you will only receive one coach pass card. The player pass cards typically come in sheets that contain multiple pass cards, so the coach will need to cut the sheets into individual player pass cards. COACHES – the South Shore Soccer League, (SSSL), only allows two coaches on the sideline with the team and each must have a coach pass card. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR PASS CARD, THE REFEREE WILL NOT LET YOU BE ON THE SIDELINE WITH YOUR TEAM. PLAYERS -­‐ the SSSL only allows players who are on the roster and who have pass cards (u12 and above) for that team to be on the sideline with the team. Easton Soccer recommends that the coach hold all of the player passcards so that they will have them for each game. Pass cards are presented to the referee prior to the start of the game. The referee will hold the passes during the game and return them to the coach at the end of the game. Make sure you get all player and coach passes from the referees at the end of the game. Take extra care if one of your players arrived late and presented his pass card to an assistant referee rather than the referee. If a coach passcard is misplaced, no pass card means you will not be allowed on the sideline with your team and if a player passcard is misplaced, they will not be allowed to play. CLUB PLAYERS We are required to identify and report all multiple rostered players to SSSL. Please review your roster to confirm that all club players have an “*” next to their name on the roster. Please also remind your parents that if their son or daughter joins a club team, they need to notify you and provide the required information immediately. This information must be submitted to SSSL prior to the next game in order for that player to be able to play. Failure to identify club players may result in fines and potentially cause a team to forfeit games and/or be ineligible for playoffs. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AND CODE OF CONDUCT The League has a strict no tolerance policy and coaches; players and parents simply must abide by it (www.southshoresoccer.com). Easton Soccer has developed a Code of Conduct and attached it as the last page of this document. Again, we expect full compliance by coaches, players and parents. In fact, we encourage you to share this Code of Conduct with your parents. SCHEDULES AND RESCHEDULES A rescheduled game shall be defined as a game whose site, time and/or date are changed in advance of playing. All reschedules for U12 and above must be completed and the reschedule form submitted to the SSSL by 3/20/2015. The Reschedule Form is available on the SSSL website on the Schedule page. Here are the scheduling and rescheduling details: st
The spring travel schedules are now available. The U10 schedules are posted for the 1 3 weeks and the Friendship games. The st
remainder of the season for U10 will be posted after the 1 3 weeks of the season are complete as teams may be moved between divisions based on results. From the SSSL website, (www.southshoresoccer.com): 1. Click on the Game Schedules tab in the middle of the home page. 2. Click on Boys and Girls Spring Soccer 2015 to get to the schedules. Please review your schedule and confirm the dates with your team, as soon as possible. You have until March 20th to reschedule games. You will NOT be allowed to reschedule games after March 20th, so please check with your teams and make sure you will have enough players each week that you play. Also, remember that the 4/18-­‐19 and 4/25-­‐26 weekends are during the school April vacation. U12 and above rules to reschedule To reschedule a game, please see the instructions on the attached reschedule form. The form is also available on the SSSL Game Schedules page. You must contact the opposing coach and arrange some times for your reschedule. If it is a home game, please contact Wendy Cross for field availability. Please email her at: [email protected] Once all of the details are worked out, submit the reschedule form and fee to the SSSL at the address on the form NO LATER THAN th
MARCH 20 . U10 reschedule Coaches can reschedule any game as long as the coaches agree. You must contact the opposing coach and arrange some times for your reschedule. If it is a home game, please contact Wendy Cross for field availability. Please email her at: [email protected] Once the details are worked out, notify the Town referee assignor, Jodi Meade at [email protected] Also notify Paul Golder (SSSL scheduler) at [email protected] once change has been made. Coach contact information is available on the SSSL website on the Coaches Corner page. MAKE-­‐UP GAME A Make-­‐Up Game shall be defined as any game that could not be completed due to unsafe natural conditions. Unsafe natural conditions shall read as those conditions occurring naturally, such as, but not limited to, thunderstorms, hail, and non-­‐playable fields. Please note: A COACH CANNOT CANCEL A GAME OR CLOSE A FIELD. This can only be done be done by the town president, (or his delegate), prior to the game or by the referee at game time. To reschedule home games contact Wendy Cross at [email protected] for field availability. Then confirm with opposing coach. Once details are worked out, notify the SSSL age group coordinator (see Contact information on SSSL website) and Paul Golder (SSSL scheduler) at [email protected] once change has been made. For away games, the opposing coach needs to handle the details. Games must be rescheduled within 2 weeks of original game date. RULES OF PLAY We also recommend that you read the Rules of Play along with the U10 and U12 modification, if they apply to your team. They can be found on the SSSL Bylaws/Rules tab. PRACTICES Easton Soccer requires that all coaches at practice be a registered Easton Soccer coach. You need to have a valid CORI that has been submitted with MYSA/EYSL, even if you have done one for another organization. We request two practices per week and require one. While everyone (parents, players, coaches) enjoys the games, US Youth Soccer studies reveal the optimal practice to game ratio to be 3:1. Training materials are available in the Coaches section on our website including age appropriate materials and references to additional resources (http://www.eastonsoccer.com/default.aspx). John Barata, Director of Coaching, is available to join your training for at least one session during the spring season. Please contact Coach Barata to share your training schedule and discuss how he can assist with your team training. John will be available to assist you in preparing sessions as well as participate in your team training. FIELDS PLEASE SHARE THE FIELDS WHILE PRACTICING. NO ONE TEAM SHOULD USE AN ENTIRE FIELD. FIELD AVAILABILITY FOR PRACTICE/PLEASE ALSO CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR UPDATES: EYSL Fields • Easton Soccer Fields are available with the following exceptions when they will be used for League programs: o Tuesdays beginning April 7th from 3:30 – 5:30 o Weds beginning April 8th from 3:30 – 5:30 OAHS Fields • The JV Field is available when high school activities are complete, usually after 5:15pm. • The Wall Field is NOT currently reserved for EYSL Parkview School Fields • Upper Parkview is available when school activities are complete, usually after 5:00pm Edwin Keach Fields on Chestnut Street • We are currently waiting for the schedule and will provide an update as soon as available Please check the Easton Soccer website for field closure notices. The website will be updated daily during the season with specific field closure information. SATURDAY FIELD SET-­‐UP A set up and clean up schedule will be sent out prior to the season. We are strongly encouraging all coaches to ask parents on your team to share in the field set up on Saturday mornings, on the day assigned to your team. ONLY 2 parents from each team are needed. To expedite the cleanup process, we ask that all trash is picked up by your players after every practice and game. As the home coach hosting the game, it is your responsibility to monitor the trash situation of the visiting team. Please keep the field clean, as it’s both courteous and a reflection on our league. Please check the Easton Soccer website for field closure notices. The website will be updated daily during the season with specific field closure information. Three important reminders: • Do not practice in any wet or muddy areas, or goal mouths that are wet. • Do not move the nets on the Easton Soccer fields. • Under no circumstances should a player (or players) move a net, as this is a serious safety issue. GAME SCORE REPORTING The South Shore Soccer League requires Easton Soccer to report scores to them. This applies to all divisions from U10 to U18. Please use the form below to email the score to [email protected] by 7 pm the evening of your game. If your game is rescheduled or postponed we need to know so please send an email with the relevant information. All scores must be reported the day of your game by 7pm. 1. Create an email message to [email protected] 2. Copy this grid into your email message. 3. Please fill in all information for every game 4. For the team name, please use the team name on your roster 5. Send the email to [email protected] EYSL Head Coach Division Date Scheduled Date Played Team played Score Winner of game # of REFS THE SOUTH SHORE SOCCER LEAGUE FINES TOWNS FOR LATE SCORES! Please help us avoid unnecessary expenses, by reporting scores, on-­‐time. If you are unable to report the score by 7 pm, please have your assistant coach or a parent to do it for you. If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected] Please report game scores to [email protected] by 7pm on the day of your game. TOURNAMENTS We encourage teams to consider a Memorial Day weekend tournament. Easton Soccer teams have enjoyed a positive experience at many tournaments (see attached list). Please consult with John Barata (Director of Coaching) before enrolling in a tournament if you have any questions/concerns about team placement and competitiveness. We’ve also included a section on the website that lists the well-­‐run local tournaments. Please see: http://www.eastonsoccer.com/Coaches/CoachCorner.aspx You should also determine whether the tournament you are participating in is a Patch Tournament. If you are unsure, contact the tournament director and ask. Should you need patches, please contact Peter Kilmartin at [email protected] with the tournament name, the number of players on your tournament roster and the number of games you will be playing. Sufficient, advance notice is required to ensure you have the right number of patches in time for tournament day. THUNDER AND LIGHTNING SAFETY If you see lightning or hear thunder, suspend your practice or game and get to safe shelter immediately. Safe shelter is defined as a fully enclosed vehicle with the windows up or a substantial building, e.g. a school or a home. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed lightning or thunder before resuming activities. Please see http://www.lightningsafety.com/nlsi_pls/ncaa.html and http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/sports.html for more details. INJURIES If one of your players is injured, please notify Peter Kilmartin at [email protected] and he will provide further instructions. Easton Soccer: Coaches’ Code of Conduct To clarify expectations of coach conduct, we jointly expect all coaches to conform to this Coaches’ Code of Conduct. • Before, during and after the game, be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit. • Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee. • During the game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough for him/her to calm down. • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents of your players. It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting. Encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team. Discourage them, and you may need to be forceful and direct, from yelling at players and the referee. • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of spectators rooting for your team. • During the game, do not address the referee at all. If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game. • During the game, handle blow-­‐outs (winning or losing) in an appropriate manner. Be smart about the way you deal with the unfortunate situation and always remember that we are dealing with kids who are developing as both players and human beings. • If you have a major complaint, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, report your opinion to your League. Your reactions will be taken seriously if they are presented objectively and formally. • After the game, shake hands with the other team, thank the referee and ask your players to do the same. • Always provide a safe environment. Before any practice or game, inspect the field to ensure it is free of any hazards. Goals must be properly secured and players will never move goals or any large objects. We stress three points: 1. Referees -­‐ especially young and inexperienced ones -­‐ are like your players and yourself, in that they need time to develop. You can play an important role in helping them to improve by letting them concentrate on the game. You can help by encouraging them, by accepting their inevitable, occasional mistakes and by offering constructive post-­‐game comments. On the other hand, you could discourage and demoralize the referees by criticizing their decisions, by verbally abusing them and inciting -­‐ or even accepting -­‐ your own players' overly aggressive behavior. 2. Your example is powerful, for better or worse. If you insist on fair play, if you concentrate on your players' enjoyment of the game and their overall, long term development, and if you support the referee, your players and their parents will notice. If you encourage (or allow) your players to play outside the rules, if you're overly concerned about results, and if you criticize the referee harshly, your players and their parents will also notice. 3. You are representing Easton and Easton Youth Soccer. You are not a nameless, faceless club. Rather, you compete with our town name, Easton, displayed on our jerseys against our friends, neighbors, co-­‐workers and relatives. We are a league that prides itself on creating a positive soccer environment that nurtures player development, sportsmanship, and high quality play. Regardless of the outcome, we must leave the opposing team with the impression that we play hard, we play fair and, above all else, we respect the game. Bottom Line: Think about what you're doing during a game! Uphold the Spirit of the Game! If you follow the expectations described above, the spirit of the game will be alive and well both within Easton and wherever we play. That spirit will grow, along with the enjoyment of all involved. Coaches who don't follow the expectations described above will be disciplined or removed.