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Drinks Menu
Soft Drinks
Coke/Diet Coke/Lemonade - £1.50
Orange, Cranberry, Tomato, Pear or Apple - £2.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit or Blood Orange - £2.20
San Pellegrino Water, 500ml bottle Still or Sparkling - £1.80
Fitzpatrick s Vintage Cordials Blood Tonic or Lime and Lemongrass - £1.25
Tea & Coffee
Pot of Brew Tea Co. tea for one - Breakfast, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Green, Berry - £1.70
Chai Tea - £1.70
Espresso / Double Espresso - £1.50/£1.80
Macchiato - £1.80
Americano - £1.80
Latte - £2.20
Flat White - £2.20
Cappuccino - £2.20
Mocha - £2.60
Coco Baroque Hot Chocolate £2.70
Chai Latte - £2.40
Extra Shot - £0.60
Syrup - £0.60
Soya Milk - £0.25
Bakehouse Choice Winelist
We personally import high quality wines from small scale, award wi nning, family-run vineyards
in New Zealand and Italy.
Cortese -- Azienda Agricola Filippa, Piemonte, Italy 2013
The cortese grape is used to make Gavi, one of the best white wines of Piedmont. This
example of cortese is straw yellow in colour with a fresh and delicate scent that develops into
a rounded dry finish.
175ml £3.70
250ml £5.10
Bottle £14.95
Chardonnay- Azienda Agricola Filippa, Piemonte, Italy 2013
Made from 100% chardonnay fermented in stainless steel tanks for up to 50 days, it is pale
yellow in colour, with aromas of ripe fruit and a honey after taste. The well balanced acidity
gives it a long and persistent finish.
175ml - £4.75
250ml - £5.90
Bottle - £16.25
Jealous Sisters Sauvignon Blanc, Gladstone vineyard, Wairarapa 2012
This wine is crisp and fresh with restrained elegance, a nose of granny smith apples, green
capsicum and lemon peel. Winner of a bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge for
its 2014 vintage.
175ml - £5.50
250ml - £6.35
Bottle - £22.95
Sweet White
Dolcelu Moscato Azienda Agricola Cocito Dario, Piemonte, Italy 2013
This low alcohol (just 5%) zesty sweet white wine is a real thirst quencher any time of day.
Made from the moscato grape it is golden yellow in colour with a distinct citrus smell. It is
smooth, clean and fruity without being cloying.
175ml £4.60
250ml £6.05
Bottle £16.95
sti - Azienda Agricola Alessandro, Piemonte 2012
A vivid and dry rosé wine with a floral smell and distinct notes of blueberries and
175ml - £3.85
250ml - £5.25
Bottle £14.95
Elisa Rosata - Azienda Agricola Cocito Dario, Piemonte, Italy 2013
A quaffable medium bodied rosé made from a blend of local red grapes with a subtle bouquet
that leads to a delicate and persistent finish. Great on its own or with lighter dishes.
175ml £4.60
250ml £6.05
Bottle £16.95
Poderi Rosso Giovanni, Piemonte 2012
Made from 100% Barbera this wine has a pleasant nose of red berries, new leather and spice
and is a medium bodied dry red.
175ml - £4.70
250ml - £5.90
Bottle - £15.95
Poderi Rosso Giovanni, Piemonte 2013
Picked from the oldest vines at the heart of the estate, this wine is matured partially in oak. It
has an elegant nose of blackberries with a rich, warm finish and smokey tones.
175ml - £5.50
250ml - £6.75
Bottle - £18.75
Jealous Sisters Pinot Noir Gladstone vineyard, Wairarapa 2013
Black cherry and dark plum come forward on the palate, with a softness and suppleness of
ripe tannins giving a rounded structure and lasting aftertaste. Some bright red berry
flavours are balanced with a subtle spice that enhance and lengthen the palate. International
Wine Challenge Gold medal winner.
175ml - £7.25
250ml - £9.40
Bottle - £29.00
Mirafiore Barbaresco, DOCG - Piemonte, Italy 2004
Made using Nebbiolo grapes, the same as Barolo, this is a classic rich, aged red wine, dark
ruby in colour with a fruity palate and a very dry finish. Perfect with gamey meats.
175ml - £6.00
250ml - £7.45
Bottle - £24.95
Special Import Red Wines
Introducing Villa Giada, Andrea Faccio, Piedmonte, Italy. Located close to the village
of Camellia between Asti and Alba our guest vineyard and winemakers, established in
1934, produce a stunning range of white and red wines from the oldest slopes of the
Novenove, Merlot, 2012
An excellent Merlot grown on the southern slopes of Agliano Terme. It has rich scents of
violet and smooth warm taste with elegantly balanced tannins.
Bottle £24.95
Gamba Di Pernice, 2011
The oldest grape variety of the area found only in the commune of Calosso. It is a ruby red
wine with purple reflections, made carefully from these historical grapes. It has a wide
bouquet of underbrush and spices, is dry and warm and withstands long ageing periods.
Bottle £32.50
Treponti, Nebbiolio, 2011
Made from the same grape as Barolo, fermented in stainless steel then aged in oak. This
interesting wine has a perfume of blackberries, spices and cocoa. It is intense, elegant and
well balanced. Perfect with game and meat dishes.
Bottle £42.00
Gancia Prosecco F.LLI & C, Piemonte
Made in the premium Valdobbiadene region, this Prosecco is very fresh with delicious apple
notes and a sherbet softness. Perfect as an aperitif.
125ml - £5.25
Bottle - £19.95
Gancia Prosecco Rosé F.LLI & C, Piemonte
A fresh but subtle prosecco with notes of raspberry with a floral bouquet and a lasting finish.
A perfect toasting wine.
125ml - £6.00
Bottle - £22.95
the fermentation process which creates bubbles is done in the bottles and not in large tanks.
After 40 days fermentation they are cellared for 18 months before release.
Gancia Metodo Classico Brut NV F.LLI & C, Piemonte
Light straw in colour and with a sweet bouquet of vanilla, yeast and mature fruit, this is a
stunning wine. A rich dry and creamy taste with a long finish.
Bottle - £29.95
Gancia Metodo Classico Rosé NV 18 F.LLI & C, Piemonte
A light pink wine with aromas of roses and berries with a smooth dry, characterful finish.
Bottle - £34.95
To finish
Dessert Wine
Azenda Agricola Domenica Serra, Cerisa, Barbera Passito, Piedmont, Italy
A sweet red passito made with the Barbera grapes, it is a wonderful alternative to port and
a rich and interesting way to finish your meal.
Served as half bottles £20.95
Beer and Ales
Peroni, Beer, 5.1% - 330ml - £3.25
Peerless Brewing Company, Birkenhead
Award-winning microbrewery on the Wirral
Storr, Pilsner Lager, 4.8% - 500ml - £4.25
*Guest Beer* Knee Buckler IPA, 5.2% - 500ml - £4.25
The Liverpool Craft Beer Co, Liverpool
Local, forward thinking brewery and curator for the annual Liverpool Craft Beer Expo
West Coast Pale Ale, 6.2% - 330ml - £3.95
White Fox, IPA, 6.3% - 330ml - £3.95
Love Lane, Pale Ale, 4.7% - 330ml - £3.95
Mad Hatter Brewing Co., Liverpool
Boss beer made in the Baltic Triangle
*Guest Beer for the Spring season* Hoppy Spring, Beer, 5.8% - 33oml - £3.95
Grey Goose Vodka, 25ml/ 50ml - £3.50/£4.75
Courvoisier Brandy, 25ml/50ml - £3.40/£4.40
Woodford Reserve Whiskey, 25ml/50ml - £3.50/£5.00
Mount Gay Rum, 25ml/50ml - £3.00/£4.25
Disaronno Amaretto, 25ml/50ml - £3.00/£4.50
Bombay Sapphire Gin - £3.00/£4.50
Mixer - £1.00
Premium Liverpool Organic Gin and Fever Tree Tonic - £6.00