Candidates for the 2015 round elections of the EAFE board

Candidates for the 2015 round elections of the EAFE board
In the following pages, you will find the applications of 3 candidates for the 2015
Regular members:
Stefano Vanin (pp. 1-2)
Damien Charabidze (pp 3-4)
Associate member:
Thiago De Carvalho Moretti (pp. 5-7)
The elections will take place electronically between april 13th and april 26th. An e-mail
wil be sent shortly with the procedure.
Dear president of the EAFE,
Please receive my application as a board member (European Membership): I am
interested in offering my service as a EAFE board member because I believe in the
importance of an “active, sparkling and scientific based” European Association able to
enhance the specific richness of each country in Forensic Entomology (experiences,
cases, bio-geography, specific field of research, different legal systems) but also able
to create a common approach (standardisation) to this discipline. In addition because
the experiences of these last years I am convinced about the importance of creating a
strong support to the students, in order to have soon a summer school where under
the EAFE supervision students can growth and create new collaboration. I think that
the annual/biannual meeting is an important event in the life of the association but, I
think that it is the moment to develop” summer schools” to prepare the future
“European” generations of Forensic Entomologists. I am still working in this direction.
At the moment I am Reader in Forensic Biology at the University of Huddersfield,
where I am teaching at the BSc and MSc in Forensic Sciences (Accredited by the
Forensic Science Society), and I am also working as forensic consultant both in UK
and in Italy. Since January 2015 I am the president of the Italian Association for
Forensic Entomology (GIEF). I have been member of the board from 2012 till 2015
and I am organizing the 12th meeting of our association in UK.
Before obtaining my PhD in Evolutionary Biology I got a MSc in Biology at the
University of Padova (Italy). In order to improve my knowledge in Ecology,
Entomology and Evolution during my MPhil I spent one year at the University of Paris
XI as an Erasmus student. Since 1994, working at the lab of Prof. M. Turchetto, I
have had the opportunity to initiate my own forensic studies, participating in
biological evidence collection at the scene crime and/or during the autopsy and from
1998 I have started to provide entomological expertise for different Institutes of Legal
Medicine in Northern, Central and Southern Italy. In the period 2000-2012 I have
worked in more than 200 cases. During my PhD I spent several months at the
Biological Station of Roscoff (France) to improve my knowledge of Molecular Biology
and Molecular Phylogeny and at the University of Georgia (USA) to improve my
competence in Molecular Biology and Biophysics. After getting my doctorate I worked
as a researcher in Entomology for the National Centre for Biodiversity (CNBF-CFS). I
had a first contract as an Assistant Researcher in Physiology and a second as
Assistant Researcher in Genetics at the University of Padova, Department of Biology.
My main research fields in Forensic entomology are: use of Forensic Entomology in
burned remains, species molecular identification, post mortem injuries and crime
scene alterations performed by insects and application of the Forensic Entomology to
old, cold and archaeological cases (WWI, WWII, mass graves).
I would like to use my time as member of the board to promote
International/European teachings (workshops, summer schools, practical trainings)
and to revise the operational standards in our field at the European level. For this
purpose I will work in order to find European grants for developing relationships and
allow exchanges of knowledge... or better of people.
Taking in account my interest and my CV I hope that you will consider my application
as a board member (European Membership) of the EAFE.
Yours Sincerely
Dr Stefano Vanin, PhD, FHEA, MFSsoc, FRES, FLS
Reader in Forensic Biology
Department of Chemical & Biological Sciences,
School of Applied Science, University of Huddersfield,
Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH, UK
tel. +44(0)1484 47 3179
mobile (UK) +44(0)7766970830
mobile (Italy) +393332877885
web site:
- Statement about important goals for the EAFE and the future
development of the EAFE
I believe that the main role of the EAFE and the responsibilities of board
members should be:
1/ to facilitate the sharing of ideas and results among the FE
community, especially by organizing annual meetings,
2/ to improve the skills level of members by organizing
trainings, certification and workshops,
3/ to help students and new FE to design experiments, to analyze and publish
their results, and to set up new teams.
I participated to every EAFE meeting since 2005 and also attended several others
meeting (ethology, entomology, forensic science, etc.). I organized the 2014 meeting in
Lille and I am the administrator of the ForenSeek website.
- Current affiliation: Univ Lille, Forensic Taphonomy Unit, FRANCE
- Education (degrees, certificates, date of): Ph.D in Biology (forensic entomology), Univ.
Lille, 2008
- Professional career: lecturer in forensic entomology since 2010 (Univ Lille)
- Forensic experience (reports, testimonies): Court-approved expert in forensic
entomology, with an average of one judicial requisition/month.
- Research interests, especially in relation with forensic entomology: my research mainly
focused on the behaviour of necrophagous species, and especially Blowflies adults and
- Scientific publications (peer reviewed, reviews, book chapters)
- Aubernon, C., Devigne, C., Hedouin, V., Gosset, D., Charabidze, D.
In Vitro Effects of Household Products on Calliphoridae Larvae Development:
Implication for Forensic Entomology
(2015) Journal of Forensic Sciences, 60 (1), pp. 226-232.
Charabidze, D., Hedouin, V.
A safe, free and efficient way to control Nasonia vitripennis, a common pest in
forensic entomology laboratories
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Use of larder beetles (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) to deflesh human jaws
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Charabidze, D., Colard, T., Vincent, B., Pasquerault, T., Hedouin, V.
Involvement of larder beetles (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) on human cadavers: a
review of 81 forensic cases
(2013) International Journal of Legal Medicine, pp. 1-10.
Boulay, J., Devigne, C., Gosset, D., Charabidze, D.
Evidence of active aggregation behaviour in Lucilia sericata larvae and possible
implication of a conspecific mark
(2013) Animal Behaviour, 85 (6), pp. 1191-1197.
Delabarde, T., Keyser, C., Tracqui, A., Charabidze, D., Ludes, B.
The potential of forensic analysis on human bones found in riverine environment
(2013) Forensic Science International, 228 (1-3),
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(Diptera Calliphoridae) larvae
(2013) Journal of Insect Physiology, 59 (3), pp. 325-331.
Charabidze, D., Bourel, B., Gosset, D.
Larval-mass effect: Characterisation of heat emission by necrophageous blowflies
(Diptera: Calliphoridae) larval aggregates
(2011) Forensic Science International, 211 (1-3), pp. 61-66.
Charabidze, D., Bourel, B., Hedouin, V., Gosset, D.
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Charabidze, D., Bourel, B., Leblanc, H., Hedouin, V., Gosset, D.
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terraenovae larvae (Robineau-Desvoidy) (Diptera Calliphoridae)
(2008) Journal of Insect Physiology, 54 (3), pp. 529-533.
- Damien Charabidze, Mathias Gosselin (Eds). Insectes, cadavres et scènes de
crime – DeBoeck, 2014.
- Damien Charabidze & Emmanuel Gaudry, History, Accomplishments, and
Challenges of Forensic Entomology in France in Tomberlin, J. K., & Benbow, M. E.
(Eds). Forensic Entomology: International Dimensions and Frontiers, 1 edition.
CRC Press, 2015.
Regular reviewer for Forensic Science International, Journal of Forensic Sciences and
Systematic Entomology
- Extension and miscellaneous publications (e.g. Congress presentations and unpublished
case reports)
Dear EAFE President and board members,
This letter is to inform of my interest in serving
as the associate member representative in the
EAFE board. Please see below information on
my scientific profile.
Focus of my application
As the associate member representative, my
main goal will be trying to strength the communication between EAFE and people
working with forensic entomology in Brazil and other South American countries. I think
that this closeness could result in significant exchange of experience. In addition, I think
that the accomplishments of Europe on standardization of practices and protocols may
be used as a reference for implementing our own standards related to the use of forensic
entomology in real criminal investigations.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Sincerely yours,
Thiago de Carvalho Moretti
Current affiliation
Department of Animal Biology Institute of Biology University of Campinas, São Paulo,
Main research interests
Biology, ecology and behavior of arthropods of forensic, medical and veterinary
importance (especially Diptera and Hymenoptera).
Current job
Post doctorate in forensic entomology, University of Campinas
Current main project: Behavioral and interactive dynamics, and intraspecific variability
in the social wasp Agelaia pallipes (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Polistinae). Description:
Despite the reports on the great abundance of Agelaia pallipes at vertebrate carcasses,
and the aggression shown by this wasp towards carrion flies - aspects that highlight that
A. pallipes may be much more important in carrion decomposition than previously
thought - very little is known about the actual forensic importance of this social wasp,
whose records at carrion are mainly based on evidences of anecdotal nature. The
present project study is aimed at elucidating the possible forensic utilization of A.
pallipes. To this end, we will examine systematically the behavioral dynamics and the
relationships among A. pallipes and other species of insects regularly found at
decomposing vertebrate carrion in tropical environments. We will also analyze and
compare the cuticular hydrocarbon profile of A. pallipes from different geographical
localities, aiming to establish patterns of intraspecific variability.
Graduate Education
Doctorate in Zoology, São Paulo State University, 2011
Master's in Parasitology, University of Campinas, 2006
Undergraduate Education
B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Campinas, 2002
Ad hoc referee
Neotropical Entomology • Revista Colombiana de Entomologia • Revista Brasileira de
Entomologia • Health Security • Journal of Forensic Research • Universitas Scientiarum •
Selected peer reviewed publications (n=10)
For a comprehensive list of my scientific publications, please refer to my profile at
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Selected congress presentations (n=10)
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