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Live Big
By: Randy Anderson
L – Love What You Do
Pursue your life s passion relentlessly!
I – Improve in some way everyday
It is a wasted day that does not, in some way, bring
you closer to your full potential!
V – Velocity (The pace at which you run)
- PLUS E – Endurance (Perseverance to finish the race )
You must find a speed at which you can run the
marathon of life. Too fast and you ll burn out.
Too slow and you won t cover enough ground.
B – Be the Best that YOU Can Be
Never compare your effort to someone else s effort…
Potential is not a relative factor!
I – Influence Others for Good
You must be what you want your team to become.
G – Gain a Long-Range Perspective
Never let your To-Do list take precedent over your ToBe list.
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