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Powerstar provides the main power
Palace of Westminster
House of Keys-Isle of Man
Welsh Assembly
All Cabinet Office Buildings
London City Hall
Western Australia Parliament
Why Voltage Optimization?
Voltage optimization is
needed to purely correct
supply issues caused by
the HV infrastructure.
What does voltage optimization do?
What does voltage optimization do?
The Table above is been extracted from ANSI C84.1
(American National Standard for Electric Power and Equipment).
It clearly shows that although the Nominal Voltage is 480V, motors are designed
for 460V. With an average voltage of 493V, the specific savings in terms of energy
and reduction in maintenance costs by providing a regulated 455-460V supply
could be significant.
How is the voltage in the USA?
The equipment in the USA should operate from 418V to 509V (ideal voltage is 455V-460V)
and the voltage at this installation is 485V to 497V.
The Green line is the fully electronically regulated output of the Powerstar MAX system.
Basically we take the voltage from the electricity authority, we chop the excess and we send back to them
(the electricity authority) the amount we don’t need.
This creates negative power which goes towards the supply and reduces the electrical consumption of the site.
70%-80% of the savings come from
the negative voltage feedback and
20%-30% from equipment efficiency
What do the Universities say?
Powerstar Virtue harnesses the induced
negative power generated by the Powerstar
technology to charge a storage medium
Energy generated during periods of low
demand can be stored locally and used when
Powerstar Virtue allows users to become a
virtual power station, reliably forecasting how
much will be available at all times and make
informed decisions on how and when stored
energy should be used
Maximise savings by storing electricity locally
Reduce costs by coming off grid at times of high tariff
Eliminate risk of network interruption
Guarantee stable and reliable power at all times
Make your facility grid independent at any time
Integrate with onsite renewables to maximise cost benefits
Eliminate user of inverters on renewables
Reduce costs of renewable installations
Full site UPS support capability for up to 2 hours
Become a virtual power station and participate in grid incentive schemes
(Is worth to $200,000 per year per MW in the United Kingdom)
Reduce maintenance costs of onsite electrical equipment
100% savings guarantee from the Powerstar system still applies
Electricity profile before Virtue
Electricity profile after Virtue Installation
Electricity profile of a site with a solar installation before
Electricity profile of a site with a solar installation after Virtue. The
Virtue system has been configured to completely remove the store
from the grid at peak times only and remove the site from the grid for
4 hours a day
Electricity profile of a site with a solar installation after Virtue.
Virtue has been programmed to completely remove the site from
the grid at peak times and never allow the site to exceed 100 kWh
of demand.
Virtue +
e Solution,
can be
as a single
Why is it important to optimize site voltage?
In addition, VO helps with Targets, obligations, pressures…
Reduce kWh
Reduce CO2
Reduce maintenance costs
Save money
Why is it important to optimize site voltage?
Worsening Power quality issues, including:
Phase imbalance
Poor power factor
A number of these issues (harmonics, transients) are significantly on
the increase mainly due to energy efficiency and renewables.
Optimizing voltage and affects on harmonics
Improves Harmonics
The graph below shows the Harmonic Levels before and after VO installation.
Optimizing voltage also improves power factor
Improves Power Factor
The graph below shows the power factor before and after VO installation in a supermarket.
How does Voltage Optimization help?
Reduces kWh Consumption
Name-plate rating for 3-phase motors is commonly 480V.
NEMA stipulate that a motor should operate normally for:
- Voltage range +/- 10% of the nameplate voltage
(see label above 440V to 480V)
Effect of voltage variation on motors
Voltage unbalance
Winding insulation life is approximately halved for every 10 Degrees Celcius
in winding temperature
Motor losses increase 25% with a 4% unbalance voltage
Savings of 3 Phase 30kW Motor with Powerstar for US & UK Supply
No Load
Energy Savings (%)
- 50%
- 70%
Lightly Loaded
- 90-95%
Heavy Loaded
Tap 3
Tap 2
Voltage Reduction (%)
US Supply
UK Supply
Tap 4
Optimize at LV side
High voltage side
Low voltage side
Optimize at the HV side
High voltage side
Low voltage side
Do you own your HV/LV Transformer?
The choice should be clear. The reason you want to optimise is to remove the
problems created by the HV infrastructure
Unless your HV/LV distribution transformer is brand new, correct the issues at
source. Optimise the voltage at the HV supply. Simply replacing the existing,
inefficient HV/LV transformer with the super low loss Powerstar HV MAX.
* Chart from the USA
department of energy 1993
Real time monitoring
The Powerstar HMI (Human Machine Interface) can be viewed online and/or through an internal
network and is IP addressable. In addition the system stores the following information every ten
minutes and has a huge storage capacity:
Display of energy savings
Current per phase
kVA per phase
Total kVA
kWh per phase
Total kWh
Voltage per phase
KVAr per phase
Power Factor per phase
Harmonics (both Voltage and Current)
Installation (LV)
ASDA Walmart
Powerstar HV MAX Savings
5.4% savings due to the replacement of the
transformer with the super low loss amorphous core
Powerstar HV MAX
Additional 13.8% savings when low voltage was activated
Warranty & Guarantee
Powerstar comes with up to 10 years warranty
Our warranty includes parts and labor
We guarantee the minimum savings as per our proposal
If minimum savings are not achieved we will provide payment to
compensate for the difference between your actual savings and the
guaranteed savings
You have nothing to lose as your payback is always guaranteed
Case studies and
An American healthcare company
HV MAX installation into healthcare company with primary operational focus on products to treat
haemophilia, kidney disease, immune disorders and other chronic and acute medical conditions
Average consumption by half hour comparing pre
and post Powerstar HV MAX install
• Savings (kWh)
• % Savings
• Annual savings
• Payback period
Total daily emissions (CO2) pre and post
Powerstar HV MAX installation
3 years
• Following the installation annual electricity consumption was reduced by 8.3%
• 189.8 tonnes of carbon emissions were reduced per annum following installation
London City Hall
Home of the Greater London Authority accommodates the Mayor of London,
the London Assembly and 600 or so permanent GLA employees..
% Savings: 13.6%
London Stock Exchange
After a comprehensive review of the
existing voltage optimization systems sold
in the UK, the London Stock Exchange
chose Powerstar to power their critical
% Savings: 13.6
Guoman Hotels Group Ltd – Thistle Hyde Park
• Total before (kWh) (24 days)
• Total after (kWh) (24 days)
• Savings (kWh)
• % Savings
• Annual savings based on 8p/kWh
“So far the Powerstar installations in our hotels have
achieved as much as an amazing 26.1% saving in total
electricity consumption at our Thistle Hyde Park Hotel and
elsewhere, never less than an 11.5% saving.”
David Hannah, Head of Property, Guoman Hotels Group Ltd
Department for Business Innovation & Skills
Seven Powerstar units were installed into BIS, the results of five
of these installations are shown below. Two of the units currently
have no data for savings as BIS changed the meter and have not
had data since.
Annual energy consumption reduction and cost savings
• Unit 1:
• Unit 2:
• Unit 3:
• Unit 4:
• Unit 5:
24.7% reduction / $13,562 saving
11.3% reduction / $5,700 saving
13.65% reduction / $7,627 saving
8.59% reduction / £11,092 saving
6.2% reduction / $13,792 saving
NHS – Ashworth Hospital
The hospital were looking for a reliable system to
effectively reduce high energy costs and consumption
caused by lighting, plant & IT equipment in the hospital.
Following the installation of four Powerstar units the
hospital is benefiting from the following savings:
• Savings (kWh)
• % Savings
• Annual savings
• Payback period
3 years
NHS - West Middlesex University Hospital
West Middlesex University Hospital have reduced their energy
consumption by 8.4% on the two transformers fitted with the Powerstar
voltage optimisation system.
The energy saving equates to 163.6 tonnes of saved carbon dioxide.
University of Surrey
The University of Surrey has held sustainability at the heart of its
CSR agenda for over a decade. The campus is home to 17,900
students and 2,597 staff and views investing in sustainable
technology as a critical component.
• Savings (kWh)
• % Savings
• Annual savings
• Payback period
3 years
Charles F Stead
Charles F Stead is one of the most respected tanners of suede leather
in the world today.
Post install, electrical equipment at Charles F Stead is running more efficiently and
impressive savings have been achieved.
Year on year savings present a 20.74% kWh energy reduction.
The Co-operative Group
Powerstar voltage optimisation systems have been successfully installed into a number of
Co-operative Food group stores, providing substantial savings. Plymouth is the first ‘All VO
City’ with all Co-Operative food stores benefiting from Powerstar.
A summary of the benefits can be seen on the table below:
Whitbread Group Plc
“As a responsible hotel and restaurant business, we need to
ensure our customers enjoy a good nights sleep and great
tasting menus served in a relaxed atmosphere. We found
Powerstar to be both professional and proactive in their
awareness of the installation requirements during business
operational hours, which ensured minimum disturbance for
our guests. We have now installed more than 400
Powerstar systems in our estates and the carbon savings
are fantastic. It is the equivalent of removing the emissions
of 24,000 UK households from the National Grid. A great
result for our company, and the environment.”
Chris George, Head of Energy and Environment at
Whitbread hotels & restaurants
“We have been very pleased with the quality and
workmanship from the team at EMSc (UK) Ltd –
the energy savings have been higher than
forecast and we are expecting to run a phase 2.
EMSc have been very flexible in scoping, design
and working around our operational units to
ensure full services were maintained. I have no
hesitation in recommending Voltage
Optimisation (Powerstar) from EMSc (UK) Ltd
and we are pleased with the full service EMSc
Stuart Harris, Head of Energy and Carbon Operations, BT Technology Service & Operations
ASDA – Walmart Supermarkets
“Powerstar voltage optimisation has been a
major part of our comprehensive energy
efficiency programme.
It is perhaps the simplest and most effective
way to instantly save energy and therefore
we would highly recommend Powerstar
Mark Orpin, Head of Energy Management, ASDA Supermarkets
RWE npower
“We arranged a test of the Powerstar unit, utilising a 3rd party company to measure the claims of EMSc (UK)
Ltd against one of our buildings. The tests were carried out over a 6 week period and during that time EMS
Powerstar’s estimated savings were not only met but surpassed. We also measured the harmonics and
power factor and again they surpassed expectations. We now have Powerstar installed across the majority
of our larger office portfolio and are showing savings every day.
One other thing for me was the working relationship and technical advice that we received from EMS
Powerstar. Both myself and the company I used to collect and analyse the test data thought EMS Powerstar
an excellent company to work with, providing clear and prompt advice on savings, installations and
The icing on the cake was the fact the equipment was all UK manufactured and it was custom built for our
older sites which had restricted space in our distribution rooms. We have also looked at EMS Powerstar’s
domestic systems which potentially could help many of our customers reduce their energy bills.
Dave Horton, RWE npower, Sustainability and Capital Investments Manager
Powerstar are npower and EON selected partners.
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