Fatcow Hosting Review Without an effective

Fatcow Hosting Review
Without an effective online web presence, your business is limited to a certain geographical
area. If you want to make more customers and spread your business throughout the globe, you
need to make sure that you not only have an attractive and efficient website, but also a good
hosting service platform. Your online success depends totally on these two most important
components; one without the other is meaningless.
In the presence of so many hosting service providers for your website, putting your hands on a
single one can be a daunting task, especially if all of them claim that they are the best and the
cheapest. The best way to narrow them down is by reading some of the genuine reviews, and
today this review is written for fatcow hosting service provider site, with an aim that it is helpful
to someone looking for a great hosting service for their website. Let us start by knowing about
the company and the things that make it different from the rest.
About Fatcow
Ever since Fatcow opened its doors to the outside world back in the year 1998, it witnessed
steady growth. As the news about the great customer service, best technical support, most
affordable rates and availability of latest hardware equipments spread, people from across the
globe started switching their hosting platforms and shifted to Fatcow’s best hosting services.
Today, Fatcow enjoy millions of satisfied clients and the numbers keep on increasing with the
passage of time. Thanks to their great customer service team, technical experts and business
planners who have done a great job in providing their clients what they actually deserve.
Some Facts about Fatcow Hosting
If you do not have enough time to read full reviews about Fatcow hosting services, the following
facts can help you have a birds eye views about what to expect:
Reliable & Friendly
24/7 Toll-free customers support
Tutorials and FAQ library
Unlimited Bandwidth
Easy to Install Blogs and Forums
24/7 Server backups
Unlimited Disk space
For launching Personal or Business websites
Great technical support and uptime
Unlimited POP email mailboxes
Free Google Credits (worth $100)
Free Yahoo & Bing Credits (worth $25)
Free Facebook Credits (worth $50)
Better speed and high service availability
Free Website Builder
Highly optimized WordPress hosting
Great plans
Best possible rates
VPS & Dedicated Servers
Money Back Guarantee (30 days)
Echo friendly
Free Cloud Storage (1 GB)
These are some of the major services, which you will be able to enjoy, once you make the wise
decision of selecting Fatcow as your hosting service provider for your business or personal
The Packages
Without mentioning details about the various hosting plans that you can avail at Fatcow, my
fatcow hosting review will be incomplete. So, lets us have a quick look at the four different types
of hosting plans that you can select as per your requirements and your budget.
The Original Fatcow Plan – the company feels proud to still offer the original fatcow plan
to its new as well as old customers so that they can benefit from some of the great
features of this plan for an unbelievable price. Starting at just $40/year, which comes out
to about $3.33/month, you get unlimited Domains, Unlimited Disk space and Unlimited
Bandwidth. In addition to that, you get everything you need to host and manage your
personal or business website for years to come. In order to make sure your site runs
effectively and is not under attack from various online threats, SSL secure server protects
your site. If you want to run a business website, various e-commerce applications are
there to help you attract more customers and provide them a secure and effective mean
to perform their financial transactions. Various e-commerce tools like, PayPal integration,
online shopping carts, discount coupons and much more are there to assist you and you
customers have a good online shopping experience.
WP Hosting Plan – Fatcow offers two options if you are interested in going for the
WordPress hosting plan – the Starter Plan and the Essential Plan. You can enjoy some
great-handpicked WordPress themes to enjoy the great powers of WordPress. With the
Pre-installed Plugins, you can make your WP website even more attractive and effective.
The presence of a customized C-Panel gives you the freedom to edit your WP website
any way and any time you want. Besides the monthly charge difference, the only other
difference in the two WP plans is the technical support. You enjoy technical support from
the WP Experts when you opt for the WP Essential Plan and it costs you only
$6.95/month, whereas the WP Starter Plan starts at $3.75/month.
VPS Server Hosting Plan – if you are aiming for high-performance hosting, this is the
plan you need to get. Starting at only $19.99/month, you can enjoy increased control,
Cloud Based Flexibility, Semi-private Resources and a World Class Customers/Technical
support. A free domain name, a free customized email address, some free marketing
credits and 24/7 customers support are some of the great features that you enjoy with
this plan besides increased RAM, Storage and Bandwidth.
The Dedicated Hosting Plan – the dedicated hosting plan at Fatcow is the best of the
best. For enhanced security and maximum speed, this is the ultimate plan to go for. You
will be given access to the full resources of the latest servers to setup your website and
run it in the best way possible. You will also be able to enjoy dedicated technical support
at all times so that you have no problems at any stage of your website management. This
ultimate plan starts at $119.99/month and offers you everything you need to make your
small business a success. Perfectly suited for e-commerce websites, as it offers you
everything you and your customers need to have a healthy relationship in a better and
more secure business atmosphere.
Pros & Cons of Fatcow Hosting
Various attractive hosting plans to choose from
Latest Servers
Full Backup Support
Fast internet Uploads/downloads
Fast & Secure Data Transfer
Constant upgrading and maintenance of Servers
Sever Backup Support
Round the Clock efficient Monitoring System
Peak Performance 24/7
Highest Standards of customer care
Fully professional and instant technical support
More than 15 years of proving A-class hosting services
Global Outreach
Option of upgrading your plan
So many freebies
Free tutorials
Eco friendly
Free e-commerce tools
The monthly charges may not remain the same once the first year has completed. You
may be able to enjoy those attractive prices for the first year only.
Some customers have reported problems in managing the C-panel.
Some customers have experienced other hosting issues
The Bottom Line
With so many benefits at great prices accompanied with great customer and technical support,
you and your website will surely enjoy hosting services provided by Fatcow. Once you start
using it, you will be able to enjoy the great benefits offered by the company. Give your business
website everything it needs to make a bold statement in the online world.