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A Structured Server Approach
your organization today. By allowing a single server to host multiple operating system images and
applications, you can reduce the number of physical servers required in your datacenter, which translates
to streamlined IT maintenance, consolidated infrastructures, enhanced security and better utilization of your
IT assets. By matching business and technical constraints we can make recommendations and action plans
to meet your goals. Turn to Dynamic Systems and virtualization when you’re ready to:
Streamline IT Management
Increase Security
Reduce Power & Cooling Costs
Managing a smaller number of servers
and supporting a small, core set of
enterprise operating systems not only
cuts IT costs, but also dramatically
reduces complexity. Plus, with a
smaller number of more powerful and
cost-effective servers, you can reduce
capital and operating expenses without
sacrificing speed, security or reliability.
With virtualization, all data is stored
on the server so individual clients are
not subject to security breaches, and
the risk of valuable data being lost or
stolen is limited. Attempted downloads
can be easily monitored and controlled
by IT staff. Two or three-factor Java™
Badge user authentication with biometric
identification capabilities ensure you
always know who has access to your data.
Reduce your power and cooling costs
and increase server utilization by
sharing resources, deploying multiple
applications onto a single server and
reducing wasted CPU cycles. Sun
Ray thin clients and Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure Software offer superior
security with added flexibility, and their
efficient power usage and maintenance
requirements provide immense savings
in total cost of ownership.
Balancing Datacenter Demands
With desktop virtualization solutions from Sun and Dynamic Systems, you can
move data, applications and processing away from desktop PCs onto secure,
cost-efficient virtualized network resources, replacing expensive PCs with
virtualized thin-client computers, and saving big on energy and maintenance costs.
Save energy by allowing a single system to host multiple desktops, server images,
or storage and reduce the number of physical systems required, while significantly
increasing utilization of each system. Virtualization can increase hardware
utilization by five to twenty times, allowing you to dramatically reduce the
number of power-consuming servers in your datacenter.
Simplify Complex
IT Infrastructures
Increase Data Center Efficiencies
Reduce IT Costs
Overcome Power and
Space Limitations
Improve Overall Performance
of Desktop, Server and
Storage Systems
Optimize Existing Technology
Dramatically Reduce
Your Systems Footprint
A Structured Server Approach
Dynamic Systems provides
technology solutions that make
data management simple. We work closely
with our clients to understand current
challenges, long-term goals and budget
Why Virtualize?
Gartner Consulting estimates the three-year cost of providing electricity to a
server will soon exceed the server’s sticker price! It’s time to trim excesses in
order to balance the space, cooling and power demands of your datacenters.
But how are you supposed to integrate multiple heterogeneous computing
environments, reduce power costs and still meet increasing demands to deploy
mission-critical applications? The answer is Virtualization.
requirements – then combine best-in-class
Virtualization helps you:
hardware, software and support to streamline
maintenance and optimize performance.
• B
uild lean, green and mean datacenters that deliver higher service levels
at lower cost.
Since 1991, Dynamic Systems has built a solid
• C
ut energy consumption by centralizing computing and storage on a single
server platform (like Sun Fire™ x64 Servers or Sun Blade™ Servers).
reputation as the IT experts of choice with
a relentless focus on customer satisfaction
and strong understanding of our clients’
core requirements. Our cleared resources,
• Put an end to managing multiple distributed PCs.
• Improve IT efficiency and cut the total cost of lifecycle services.
• Increase storage resource utilization.
financing options and contract vehicles make
it very easy to work with us, particularly for
our government and education customers.
As a small, minority-owned business with
enterprise-class resources, partnerships and
state-of-the-art facilities, we provide the IT
consulting, product advice and training you
need to succeed.
Contact us today to learn how your business
can see more green as you green the
datacenter to better meet today’s priorities
and overcome tomorrow’s challenges. Let
the experts at Dynamic Systems show you
how easy it is to cut costs, enhance security
and optimize IT assets with virutalization.
Visit us online at www.DynamicSystemsInc.
com or call us at 310.337.4400 to learn more
about virtualization.
Dynamic Systems builds system, multi-system and storage level
virtualization solutions that deliver energy-saving computing.
Virtualization can increase hardware utilization by five to twenty times
and allows organizations to reduce the number of power-consuming
Because data is not stored in offices or on individual machines, remote
office backups are not necessary and you can maintain tighter control of
your valuable data assets.
Labor costs for upgrades can be drastically reduced. Installing new
operating systems across the enterprise— a process that can take several
months on PCs — can be done in a matter of hours.
Moves, adds and changes are unnecessary. With a Java Badge,
individuals can transport personal desktops to any location. And, if a thin
client breaks, unskilled staff can simply plug in a new one with no data
loss or service interruption.
Compared with PCs, the volume costs for thin clients — including
purchase price (Sun Ray 2 Virtual Display Client is listed at $249),
server per user and storage — are dramatically lower.
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