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Specialized Digital firm for pharmaceuticals and healthcare,
D Yellow Elephant, launched in India
31st March 2015
Singapore: ‘D Yellow Elephant’ (, a full service
digital agency with a focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare industry
initiated its operations today in India and Singapore.
Led by a team with extensive experience in the Pharmaceuticals and
Healthcare industry, ‘D Yellow Elephant’s’ mission is to create meaningful and
measurable interactive web marketing for
the world’s largest health & pharmaceutical
brands and corporates.
The new firm counts 3 offices and
approximately 20 staffers across the globe
with operations in the United States, Europe
and Asia. The initial focus in the Asia Pacific
region will be in India and Singapore, the
two main pharmaceutical hubs in Asia. The
pharmaceutical industry is an important
sector that offers synergy between the two
countries. While the India office would focus
on country specific operations, the regional
campaign would be led through Singapore, a
trusted location to access global markets
that offers the advantage of an efficient probusiness environment.
D Yellow Elephant fulfils the
need for specialised digital
firm focused on the
Pharmaceuticals and
Healthcare sector.
Formed by a team armed
with 2 decades of
pharmaceutical experience,
a team that understands the
sensitivity of the industry
Ensures that pharmaceutical
companies understand what
health communities want
and then use digital
technologies to reach
patients with information that
meets their demand, also
taking into account
applicable regulations in the
The creation of D Yellow Elephant was
spurred by the desire of the Aman Gupta,
Co-Founder and one of the most respected names in pharmaceutical
marketing, to build a truly global and integrated digital firm focused on
delivering groundbreaking work in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
“D Yellow Elephant is an interaction firm, not a communication firm,”
Said Aman Gupta.
He further added, “We have been the experts in Healthcare
communications for more than 2 decades now and while digital
communications have always been a part of overall structure, a need
was felt to leverage our best capabilities through a medium which is
bound to bring change in the coming future. D Yellow Elephant was
created to respond to the need of specialized firm catering to
Pharmaceuticals sector and fill in the gap with expert led, digitally
oriented marketing ideas. With D Yellow Elephant, we can address
Connect with D Yellow Elephant:
Twitter @DYellowElephant Facebook: DYellowElephant
not just advertising, but all points where consumers and brands
come together, no matter what the channel or platform”
The firm spent a full year aligning the global services structure, company
cultures and delivery model.
D Yellow Elephant develops solutions across a full range of digital media
including mobile, web, television, out-of home, tablet, touch, online
advertising and social media, bringing together technology and creativity in
new ways that drive business growth and consumer interest.
About D Yellow Elephant:
D Yellow Elephant is a Full service Digital firm, with a specialized focus on
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry. The firm service offerings are
spread across key verticals of Web Strategy, Design, Development and
Information. D Yellow Elephant is focused on addressing the need for expert
led healthcare communications designed to go beyond the traditional
conventions to help engage the audience in a long lasting manner.
Headquartered in India, with key offices in US and Singapore, D Yellow
Elephant helps Pharma go beyond the Pill, with the Go Digital Philosophy.
For more information please contact:
[email protected]
Connect with D Yellow Elephant:
Twitter @DYellowElephant Facebook: DYellowElephant