Deck of Adventures

A New Home - Science Fantasy (Aliens)
An alien civilization's world was destroyed. This
planet is perfect for them—if the sun is blocked out.
Getting the PCs Involved:
• A PC notices it is the 18th cloudy day in a row. The
low clouds touch a mountaintop nearby.
• A group of wizards contact the party's wizard and ask
the party to investigate the cloud cover, which
continually touches a nearby mountain.
• While preparing/leaving, the party may notice a
group of people who don't quite fit in. (Clothing,
mannerisms, unusual facial feature, etc.)
• The climb to the mountaintop is arduous and the
weather harsher than usual.
• The aliens brought unusual guard-creatures with
them which block the mountain pass.
• Alien sensors can detect the party's approach within
a few hundred yards.
• When the PCs are detected, a battle commences.
• Many of the aliens' devices would have self destruct
mechanisms or be difficult to decipher.
• Do any of the devices call home? Or perhaps
another group investigates the missing ship.
Make it Straight Fantasy:
• The aliens are a group of evil wizards intent on remaking the world the way they want.
• Aliens & sensors are monsters & magic.
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Joyride - Science Fantasy (Robot)
A giant robot is laying waste to the countryside. A
couple of children are missing.
Getting the PCs Involved:
• The house of a friend of a PC is attacked by the
robot; the friend fetches the PC(s).
• The PCs see a strange beam of light. They hear
metallic noises from one (the robot) end.
• The robot is difficult to defeat. Its possible, but the
PCs should realize there is a better approach.
• The PCs notice a green magical energy beam arcing
from the robots head to a distant point.
• The PCs can follow the robot's path. There will be
victims to heal.
• The PCs may have to stop others from attacking the
robot—the battle would go badly.
• Or the PCs can follow the energy beam to a tower.
• The tower was cloaked, but that technology has
failed. A few kids found the tower and the robot's
control center.
• The kids may have have fun with the tower defenses
when the party approaches.
• The party shuts the robot down.
• The party now may have access to a giant robot.
• Who was the owner of the robot & tower?
Make it Straight Fantasy:
• The robot is a magically controlled golem.
Deck of Adventures, Swords & Sorcery and Science Fantasy © 2015 Inkwell Ideas
Always Be Wary - Swords & Sorcery (Undead)
The PCs are crossing the plains and spot a old tower
at dusk. The tower has recently been taken over by
an undead lord—its guards are now undead warriors.
Getting the PCs Involved:
• There are no other defensible places to rest.
• It is known to be held by a friendly lord who will
assist traveling mercenaries.
• The PCs approach and seem to be waved at by the
bowmen guards atop the tower. Small chance to
notice something is not right with the guards.
• When the PCs are within medium bow range (or
when the PCs seem to notice something's up) the
archers open fire. There is no cover.
• The PCs may flee and take an alternate route or
perhaps wait until dusk and use stealth. However,
the undead guards are still very likely to see anyway.
• The PCs get to the tower (either by ingenuity, taking
out the archers from a distance, or just running for it).
Then they get to clear out the undead lord's guards
in the tower as well as the lord himself.
• If most or all of the undead lord's guards are cut
down, the undead lord will make a show of his power
and convince the PCs to work for him. If they won't,
he flees; if they do agree, he'll double-cross them.
• The PCs may contact someone to hold the tower.
• The undead lord may become a recurring enemy. 31
Deck of Adventures, Swords & Sorcery and Science Fantasy © 2015 Inkwell Ideas
Temple Shift - Science Fantasy (Space/Time)
A massive and ancient temple is legendary for warping
reality. The temple is actually a reality-warping
spacecraft propulsion system that is melting down.
Getting the PCs Involved:
• Creatures are terrorizing the local town. Some are
from the distant past, others are not recognizable.
The townsfolk are outmatched.
• The clergy of a local church speak gravely of the
temple they only visit for pilgrimages. They'll pay for
an escort for their high priest to reach the site safely.
• The party runs across a pack of dangerous
dinosaurs, really out of place.
• On the way to the temple, they battle confused
• In the temple itself, meet the metal guardians; the
temple was built around a crashed starship.
• The high priest knows a ritual passed down as a
secret of the priest class, and can shut it off at the
control panel. Otherwise it must be smashed, with
unpredictable results for reality.
• Even if the engine is turned off neatly, there will be
many creatures stuck here out of time & place.
• If it was not shut down neatly, anything may happen!
Make it Straight Fantasy:
• The temple is to a forgotten god who wants to
emerge in the modern day & bring a new dark age. 54
Deck of Adventures, Swords & Sorcery and Science Fantasy © 2015 Inkwell Ideas