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Community Outreach
Duke Robotics is a proud sponsor of local teams. We work with middle school and high school teams to
ensure that they can work at their best potential and succeed in their robotics competitions. We share
both knowledge and materials so that our younger peers can focus on learning and innovating.
Duke Robotics is proud to be a mentor and founding partner of Durham Academy’s Robosharks. In
the RoboSharks’ pilot 2014-2015 season, they approached Duke Robotics, hoping to form a strong
mentorship. Duke Robotics graciously agreed and helped transform the RoboSharks into a force to be
reckoned. Select Duke Robotics members joined the RoboSharks on a weekly basis and helped them
strategize, build, and program the robot. This support helped the RoboSharks achieve success quickly
and decidedly. The RoboSharks claimed the Core Values award in the Regional Championships and
the Best Robot Design in the State Championships. As a rookie team, they out-performed many of
the more established teams. Looking forward to the next season, the RoboSharks hope to extend
their first year successes and become national contenders. Duke Robotics completely support the
RoboSharks and look forward to once again helping them succeed.
Duke Robotics is also a proud sponsor of FRC Team 900 Zebracorns! Duke Robotics gladly supports
the Zebracorn’s quest for World Championships by providing more platforms and materials for
practice, testing, and debugging purposes. Duke Robotics congratulates Team 900 for reaching the
2015 World Championships, and we hope that our further partnership can result in success for both