Urban A griculture Regional Training Center

Duke Farms inspires
visitors to become
informed stewards of the
land, through sustainable
agricultural practices,
renewable energy, ecological restoration
and sustainable operations.
Growing Power is a
national nonprofit
organization and land
trust supporting people
from diverse
backgrounds, and the
environments in which
they live, by helping to provide equal
access to healthy, high-quality, safe and
affordable food for people in all
CityFood Resources
is a “triple bottom line”
vertically integrated
sustainable green
business consulting
firm and incubator
focused on developing urban
agricultural facilities, fostering traditional
and urban farm relationships,
infrastructure and logistics for local food,
and economic development in the
context of traditional and socially
conscious investment.
2015 Training Sessions:
Workshop #1 June 6-7
Workshop #2 August 22-23
Workshop #3 September 12-13
Each Two-Day Workshop: $150
Email [email protected]
to register.
Duke Farms is located at 1112 Dukes
Parkway West in Hillsborough, between
Route 206 and Roycefield Road.
Duke Farms
1112 Dukes Parkway West
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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Urban Agriculture Regional Training Center
The Duke Farms Urban Agriculture
Regional Training Center is a result
of a partnership between Duke Farms,
Growing Power, Inc. and CityFood. All
three organizations are passionate about
building community food resources:
Growing Your Community
Food System
Growing Your Community Food System
We are proud to partner with Will Allen
and Growing Power to bring the Urban
Agriculture Regional Training Center to
Duke Farms in Hillsborough, New Jersey.
We work with CityFood Resources, an
L3C organization to reach urban
community groups in Northeastern New
Jersey to encourage individuals and
organizations to apply to the training
Workshops are intensive, hands-on
trainings offering diverse groups and
individuals the opportunity to learn,
plan, and develop community food
projects. Project participants leave the
workshop with improved skills that they
can take back into their communities and
pass on to others.
Composting & Vermiculture: Learn how
to build compost systems and how to
build and maintain a worm bin.
Do you lead a group that is interested in
urban agriculture?
We encourage you to bring several
members of your group or organization to
these workshops if you are interested in
multiple topics; this is especially helpful if
you are a member of a training or outreach
organization. These workshops put
organizations, projects, and food producers
in touch with each other to help to build
collaborations and long-term, sustainable
partnerships. Scholarships are available.
Please contact [email protected]
for more details.
Micro-green Production: Learn how to
mix soil, seed, harvest, wash and
package sprouts and proven strategies to
sell products.
For more information on these
workshops please visit:
The workshops cover the following
Mushrooms: Learn how to raise oyster
mushrooms and other profitable
Hoop-house Construction: This
workshop demonstrates how to erect a
hoop house and discuss strategies for
2015 Training Sessions:
Aquaponics: Learn how to build an
aquaponics system and use it to fertilize
a variety of crops and herbs.
Community Project Planning: Develop
the skills needed to plan your own
community agriculture project.
Workshop #1 June 6-7, 2015
Workshop #2 August 22-23, 2015
Workshop #3 September 12-13, 2015
Each Two-Day Workshop: $150
The workshop price includes
continental breakfast, lunch on both
days. Lodging is not included.
Email [email protected] to