Membership form (2015)

Membership form (2015)
(This information will be kept confidential and only used for member administration. They won’t be distributed to
third parties)
B.S.C. Duitenberg
Bastille kamer 307
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB Enschede
:_________________________________ Initials: __________
First name
:__________________________________________Zip code:__________
Place of residence :___________________________________________________________
Phone number
Private e-mail
Student number
I’m interested in the following activism:
Investment committee (BC)
ICT committee
Study trip committee (SC)
Activities committee (AC)
Only membership
The undersigned wishes to join B.S.C. Duitenberg and hereby authorizes Duitenberg to write off the annual
membership fee of his/her account. The regular fee of EUR 12,50 is authorized in mid-May 2015.
Bank account (IBAN)
: ___________________________
B.S.C. Duitenberg Bastille kamer 307, Drienerlolaan 5, 7522NB Enschede,
email: [email protected],
The rights and duties of a member mentioned in the statutes and bylaws, which can be obtained from the secretary.
Terms & Conditions:
1 How do you become a member of B.S.C. Duitenberg?
You become a member if you have submitted a completed membership form with signature, so you BSC Duitenberg
authorizes the subscription of your account to write off;
This form can be mailed to the address of Duitenberg, located at the front of the form or you can hand in the form in
the Duitenberg room, Bastille 307.
As long as you're not a member, you can’t participate in a committee of BSC Duitenberg and you will not receive
periodic ‘Duitenplein 5', the quarterly paper of BSC Duitenberg.
Changes of address must be in writing and addressed to the Secretary.
2 How do you remain a member in the coming years?
Membership runs for an indefinite period of time. The membership fee will be automatically debited from your
account every year. The association year coincides with the calendar year.
3 How do you become a member-off?
Termination of membership by the member shall be by written a e-mail/letter to the Board. You will receive in eight
days a confirmation of your enrollment. When a member write off in writing after the third week of December in
year N, the member remains the dues owed to the association year N to N + 1.
If the front-mentioned member fails to meet its financial obligations, the board may be forced to take steps.
B.S.C. Duitenberg Bastille kamer 307, Drienerlolaan 5, 7522NB Enschede,
email: [email protected],